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Why do I need a VPN?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) can be a very helpful tool to those who want more privacy online. It can be imagined as a virtual tunnel that connects a device of your choice (computer, smartphone, or a tablet) to the Internet. This metaphorical tunnel is much more private than your regular connection – the best feature is that nobody but you can access it and it is impossible to track your online activity.

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Express VPN
IP Vanish VPN
Boleh VPN
Nord VPN
Vypr VPN
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ZenMate VPN
TopGuard VPN
Ulimited VPN
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Download 83.15 82.67 72.17 14.33 74.48 84.46 47.36 41.36 53.83 37.36
Upload 35.18 43.19 33.09 48.18 35.88 40.30 23.81 5.81 49.31 15.62
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Top VPN products
Express VPN
IP Vanish VPN
Boleh VPN
Nord VPN
Vypr VPN
VPN area
ZenMate VPN
TopGuard VPN
Ulimited VPN

That is because all the data is encrypted when you use a VPN, and it cannot be seen even by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). However, usually, it is not our ISP that we hide from. A Virtual Private Network can serve as a great tool to keep your information secured from hackers who might want to steal it.

For example, it is not advisable to use public WiFi because it is often the target of cyber criminals.

A VPN, however, will not allow any criminals access your data, making public networks a great choice for you.

Another great feature is cyber freedom. You see, many countries block certain websites because of various regulations. Sometimes it becomes impossible to watch Netflix when traveling or visit even the simplest Western websites when living in China. With a VPN, it is possible to visit any site you want as you connect to a server from a different country, having a different IP. Even the government can’t know which sites you access.

Also, when it comes to P2P sites, it is strongly advisable to use a VPN. It makes the usage safer and much more private.

When choosing the best Virtual Private Network, consider your needs and look through the features carefully.

We have a lot of VPN reviews, which you can read and choose accordingly.

Keep in mind that a VPN will most likely slow down your connection because the information has to travel longer distances than normal. Consider this when choosing the level of encryption – the stronger the encryption, the slower the Internet.

Many VPNs have a lot of extra features, for example:

  • Kill Switch
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Adblock
  • Integrated anti-malware

Also, there are tons of different payment plans. It is usually cheaper to buy a long-term subscription as the price of one month license can drop significantly. There are also lifetime plans and free trials, so try to keep an eye on these features.

So, you can look at the table, skim over a few reviews and try the services of a VPN to be safer and more independent Internet user.

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