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best vpn for xboxbest vpn for xbox

Read on and learn, our recommended list of the best VPNs for Xbox. Just a reminder, that Xbox started offering content streaming support for services including Netflix, Twitch, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Crunchyroll, and much more with guaranteed 4K resolution. The annoying geo-blocking, government restrictions, and other hurdles made it feel like a distant dream to use every feature of Xbox user. Thankfully, with a VPN, you can watch blocked content, play new games, and purchase items with complete security.

Our readers offten ask: “Can I enable a VPN on my Xbox ? I want to access some of my Xbox's in-game features that are not available in my region. Can I do that with a VPN? If yes, then what are the top VPNs for my Xbox? Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's Playstation have been at odds with each other for nearly two decades now.

Microsoft's Xbox offers its users the opportunity to play online games through its Xbox Live utility. It is a live multiplayer gaming and digital media delivery platform, which is available at a monthly fee on the Xbox /360 gaming console and Windows PCs. Not only that, but it also delivers the means to watch quality content on services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

However, not everything is linear and straightforward, as users from specific regions only can make full use of these services and features. It is due to some policies of Microsoft and other streaming services to tackle the menace of piracy and copyright infringement. Other reasons include the lack of resources, limited coverage, and strict laws for those regions, which prevents users from accessing such things.

To gain access to limitless features and watch movies on Netflix US which is Netflix's biggest library of original and favorite shows, you'll need to purchase a reliable VPN.

An active VPN provides Xbox gamers with the opportunity to play on any international server, and access limited gaming characteristics and updates from any location they like. It also protects your information from being hacked.

The best VPNs for Xbox gaming console that will unlock many possibilities in 2020

Once you sort out your budget and gain the necessary knowledge regarding the VPN, it is crucial to compare the top VPNs available in the market. Luckily, we have compiled a list for your of the finest and most affordable VPNs out there today.

1. ExpressVPN – one of the best VPN on the market that can easily be paired with Xbox or any other gaming console

expressvpn review
Rating ratings
Available applications available applications
Money-back guarantee 30-days
Price from $6.67 (-49% deal)
Oder VPN with a discount order vpn
More information ExpressVPN review

ExpressVPN is our number one pick due to the fact it has the most extensive network coverage of all the competing VPNs with over 3000 online servers in 94 countries across the globe. Such widespread coverage offers you as an Xbox gamer to bypass geo-blocking, stream any content they like, play in gaming tournaments not available in your region, and shop without any restriction.

It is available in pre-configured routers, or you can always set it up separately for your Xbox. It has native apps for every platform, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, and offers you to connect five devices simultaneously with just one account. If you're worried about your data, then do not worry, as ExpressVPN offers 256-bit military-grade encryption that protects it with all its might.

Moreover, if you think that a VPN reduces the internet speed and hinders the flow of online gaming, then you are in for a surprise as ExpressVPN offers close to 99% the speed of your unprotected internet connection by supporting up to 117 Mbps download speed and no bandwidth limit.

Not only that, ExpressVPN has a 24/7 live customer support service to offer you advice and solution. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can obtain different packages of ExpressVPN starting from the cost of $6.67/month.

2. NordVPN – double VPN encryption, flexible features and many more functions provided by this vendor will ensure your Xbox's high-end security

Rating 4.5 stars
Available applications available applications NordVPN
Money-back guarantee 30-days
Price from $3.49 (-70% deal)
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More information NordVPN review

Coming in at a close second is NordVPN, which is among the most popular VPNs in the world and the gaming community. It is due to the reason that it has the 2nd most prevalent server coverage with close to 5200 servers in 60 countries worldwide, which cover all the major gaming networks.

Its Military-grade 256-bit encryption provides complete security against prying eyes and DDoS attacks so that you could play games and purchase items in utter relaxation. Its high-speed internet offers flawless Xbox Live gaming and guaranteed 4K resolution for digital media streaming. Other than giving native apps for every significant operating system, it has an extension for your chrome browser as well and covers six devices under one user account.

Other than protecting your internet activity, NordVPN safeguards your payment info as well by offering the option to purchase the software with Bitcoin. It also has a 24/7 chat service, offline ticket service, and email support to cater to all of your VPN-related problems and queries.

You can purchase NordVPN at a price range from $3.49/month with a 30-day money-back guarantee offer.
However, NordVPN is not available in certain countries, and you are required to use another VPN to access its website, which is a big negative.

3. CyberGhostVPN – access Netflix, HBO and other geo-blocked content on your Xbox

cyberghostvpn review
Rating 4 stars
Available applications available aps for cyberghost
Money-back guarantee 45-days
Price from $2.75 (-80% deal)
Oder VPN with a discount order vpn
More information CyberGhost review

This Romanian-based CyberGhostVPN offers steady internet speed on gaming-optimized servers, with no latency issues unlimited bandwidth and traffic, pre-configured router coverage, and a desktop app built precisely for average users.

CyberGhostVPN operates at an extensive network of Over 5900 Servers across 60+ countries, including all the vital gaming servers. It has native apps for all the average operating systems and unique platforms such as fireTV, browser extensions(Chrome, Firefox), and Android-based TVs. The provider allows up to 7 simultaneous connections among different devices per one account.

As far as other features are concerned, CyberGhostVPN provides automatic Wi-Fi protection, DNS and IPv6 leak protection, around the clock 24/7 service customer support, and an automatic kill switch in case of an attack.

You can subscribe to CyberGhostVPN at a small price of $2.75/month, or you can buy it via Bitcoin to ensure the protection of your payment info. CyberGhostVPN offers a 45-day money-back guarantee along with a 7-day free trial on all its packages.

4. VyprVPN – a reliable service that can secure your online gaming session for sure

Rating ratings
Available applications available applications
Money-back guarantee 30-days
Price from $ 5.00
Oder VPN with a discount order vpn
More information VyprVPN review

Vypr VPN provides excellent performance by having complete control over its servers across 70+ countries.
Such ownership points to the fact that it operates entirely without any third-party interference, so you can trust the application to keep your data safe and secure from getting sold to uninvited entities. Its branded Chameleon protocol and NAT Firewall bypass the ISP-imposed bandwidth and block unwanted inbound traffic.

If you intend to play online games frequently, then VyprVPN is the VPN for you, which only not only offers high-speed servers but can even enhance the speed of your internet connection. Such a superior internet speed enables 4K resolution for content streaming, which you can access by connecting five devices with one account simultaneously.

You can test the functions of VypyVPN with its 3-day free trial period, or you can purchase it at the price of $6.67/month under a 30-day money-back guarantee plan. However, it doesn't support payment in bitcoin, which can impact the decision-making process.

5. ProtonVPN – access restricted game servers with Xbox using a robust service like this

Rating 4 stars
Available applications available aps for cyberghost
Money-back guarantee 45-days
Price from $4.00
Oder VPN with a discount order vpn
More information ProtonVPN review

Although ProtonVPN is a lesser-known software, it hails from Switzerland, which has one of the safest laws to protect user data. It only covers 30 countries with 340+ online servers. Still, it makes up for that shortcoming with its military-grade OpenVPN encryption and surveillance-free service that keeps your internet activity private, away from the reach of anyone, other than you.

For $8/month and a 30-day money-back guarantee, ProtonVPN provides efficient speeds for streaming or gaming on your Xbox console by allowing up to 10 simultaneous connections under one username.

The advantages of using a VPN on Xbox

If you are anxious about your data getting leaked or you want to access blocked content, then opting for a VPN is a no-brainer.

A VPN or virtual private network is a kind of application that protects your identity and data by providing you with a substitute IP address and server that belongs to another country. Once you connect the VPN with the Xbox, you can use it to unlock restricted features, play online games in new servers, and participate in geo-blocked gaming tournaments to showcase your skill.

Here is the list of other useful things that a VPN does for you while you use your Xbox
A VPN grants you complete anonymity online so that you can play games and browse the internet without any worry.
Other than providing anonymity, a VPN, through its military-level encryption protects your data such as your payment info and other personal details

It can reduce your internet speed to around 10 to 20%, which is not ideal for online gaming, but it is a small price to pay to avoid things like DNS hijacking.

Online gamers are prone to receive DDoS attacks, but as long as you have a VPN enabled on your Xbox, it would protect you from any such attacks.

VPN provides a useful means for you to compete against online gamers from any region imaginable.
You can also watch content from services like Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and other platforms that are available in limited regions only.

Most gaming developers usually release the full content of their games to countries in North America before anywhere else in the world. You can bypass that through a VPN, which allows you to purchase items beforehand with complete freedom.

The must-haves of a good VPN for your Xbox

It is smart to assess your requirements and budget before purchasing anything, nevertheless, a VPN. It could prove to be disastrous if you invest in it without analyzing every last detail, including the server coverage of the VPN, its availability across different platforms, its impact on the upload/download speed of the internet, and much more. In this section, we have compiled the list of must-haves of a good VPN for your Xbox to make the VPN purchasing process more comfortable.

  1. Internet Connection Speed – It is a known fact that VPN tends to lessen the speed of the internet and that online gamers are practically useless without a good internet connection. However, a reliable VPN keeps the latency issue to a bare minimum, so it is essential to check the impact of the application on the internet speed before buying it.
  2. Server Locations – Gaming developers tend to release their games in separate timelines for separate regions, which spoils pretty much everything for a hardcore gamer with limited access. The same goes for movies and TV shows on streaming companies like Netflix and Hulu, where the content usually uncensored and released early. VPN is the answer to problems mentioned above, which not only allows gamers to participate in gaming tournaments through its broad range of servers but offers you the chance to watch content, which is available in fewer regions.
  3. Accessible Customer Support – Sometimes your software can malfunction, or you can find trouble setting the VPN up on a device like an Xbox. If you do not possess the technical knowledge to handle such things, then a reliable customer support service typically helps you out of the trouble. It is essential to do a background check of the VPN provider on whether they have a 24/7 live support or not.
  4. Supported Devices and Platforms – No one purchases a multitasking software like a VPN for a singular purpose. If you want it for the sake of your Xbox's privacy and accessibility, then chances are you may use it for other things and other devices as well. A VPN should possess native apps for every primary operating system in the market to earn the customer's convenience. Before buying the VPN of your choice, make sure to check whether it has an app for your PC and cell phone.
  5. Security and Privacy Choices – Other than providing extensive server coverage for an Xbox gamer, the primary goal of a VPN is to offer privacy and security through top-notch encryption. A VPN with excellent encryption features prevents the hacker from accessing your data and averts any DDoS attack on your online game. Many VPN providers in the market are offering military-level encryption. Such type of security is a good thing, but make sure to check from which country is the VPN functioning, as some regions such as the USA prompt the companies to keep a log of your internet activities and sometimes access it. What is a DDoS attack? – A DDoS attack occurs when a hacker or an online opponent spams your IP address with thousands of chain messages or fake requests. Such an attack causes significant latency issues, disconnects you from your online game, or crashes the network entirely due to overloading.
  6. Budget – Buying a gaming console and games is a pretty expensive endeavor. It is essential to be smart and not go overboard on purchasing a VPN, but it is also necessary to get the best service possible. Many VPNs offer their technology at a discount for a longer commitment and sometimes reduce their prices over the holidays. Make sure to check out for such discounts before finally purchasing a VPN for your Xbox.

Don't even think about a free VPN for your Xbox

A VPN protects your device and data from external harm, especially if you are using public Wi-Fi on your computer. However, a free VPN using a free VPN is a terrible idea as they have nothing to offer other than disguising your IP address. On the other hand, they have the complete ability to track you and your information, and it is always at risk of getting into the wrong hands, such as advertisers or even cybercriminals.

Furthermore, a free VPN and does not guarantee high-speed internet and often slows it down, which is a big negative for online Xbox gamers.

So to answer the query on whether Can you use a FREE VPN on your Xbox? Yes, you can use a free VPN on your gaming console, but you really shouldn't!

Installing a VPN for the use with Xbox console

There's no native app available in the market that we know of for gaming consoles. Luckily, you can enable a VPN on your PC and connect both the PC and the Xbox with an Ethernet cable. You can also purchase a pre-configured router and connect it directly with the Xbox.

Set up VPN via a Windows PC for Xbox:

Here are the instructions of setting up a VPN on a Windows PC and connecting it with your Xbox:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN and install its native app on your PC.
  2. Connect the Xbox to your PC with an Ethernet cable and open the control panel from the PC.
  3. Select “Network and Sharing Center” from the display and hit the icon of “Change Adaptor Settings” on the left sidebar.
  4. Right-click on the newly installed VPN connection and click on “Properties.”
  5. Click the “Sharing” tab and check the option “Allow other network users to connect through this computer's internet connection” and click OK.
  6. Find the drop-down menu of “Home networking connection,” select your home internet connection.
  7. Choose the suitable server for your gaming requirement and connect to the VPN on your PC.
  8. On the Xbox, select Settings and pick All Settings from the menu.
  9. Select the network and hit on Network settings.
  10. To enable automatic detection of the VPN connection, select Advanced settings.
  11. Click on IP settings and DNS settings, respectively, and then select Automatic.
  12. Select Clear after clicking on the Alternate MAC address menu.
  13. Restart your Xbox to complete the process.

Set up VPN via a Wi-Fi router for Xbox

You can also get a pre-configured router and establish a VPN connection with the Xbox, which is perhaps the most comfortable solution. Here is the step-by-step guide to performing the procedure:

  1. Access your router's control panel by entering its IP address in your computer's default browser.
  2. Go to the setting and click on the WAN tab in the router's control panel.
  3. Enter the credentials of your VPN, including the username, password, and VPN's server address.
  4. Save the changes and exit the router's control panel.
  5. Start your Xbox and go to the Settings menu.
  6. To create a new connection, select “Network” and pick the option “Set Up wireless network.”
  7. Select your home connection from the list and enter the login information.

Test your connection by accessing the restricted content from the Xbox to confirm everything works.
If yes, then you are all set!

You can use a VPN in many different ways

A VPN is a miracle of the tech world due to its multitasking abilities. It not only protects your information from hackers and the government, but it also allows you to be at two places at once. It means you can access the content of a different region from sitting in a different location, where you do not have the freedom to do so.

A VPN allows you to use torrents and download movies, TV shows, and software for free, if you do not afford to pay for them or the content is blocked in your area.

To conclude the discussion, possibilities are endless when it comes to what a VPN can do for you other than providing the necessary online security.

Final Thoughts

In this day and age, where unprotected data is getting hacked left and right, a VPN offers you the gateway to complete and utter privacy and security. We see it often on streaming platforms like Twitch, where professional gamers get hacked out of nowhere, which points to the fact that players are more vulnerable than ever.

In this article, we have discussed the importance of a VPN on an Xbox and all its must-haves before you buy one. You also know the top 5 VPNs for your Xbox with a detailed analysis of their cost and unique characteristics. Feel free to share this complete guide with someone who is thinking of purchasing a VPN for their console

Recommended VPNs

Options expressvpn nordvpn VPN 2019 - cyberghost
Location B.V.I. Islands Panama Romania
Servers 3000+ 5000+ 3500+
Countries 160 60 60
Supported devices 5 6 7
Encryption and protocols
Internet connection speed
Download speed 83.15 72.33 71.10
Upload speed 35.18 48.18 36.45
Security features
Kill Switch
Double encryption
IP Leak protection
Operating systems
Browser extension
Other features
Router support
Free version
Accepts Bitcoins
Money back guarantee 30 days 30 days 45 days
Read a review review review review
Paid version from $6.67/month $3.49/month $2.75/month
Try Best VPNs for Xbox Best VPNs for Xbox Best VPNs for Xbox


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