Meet Hulu on FireStick: A Cost-Effective Alternative to Traditional Cable in the UK

Meet Hulu on FireStick: A Cost-Effective Alternative to Traditional Cable in the UK

Are you considering getting rid of your cable subscription but still want to watch your favorite shows? One option to save money and replace cable is to use an Amazon FireStick. However, is this device a sufficient replacement for cable?

The Amazon FireStick is becoming increasingly popular and may be a viable option to add to your home entertainment system. This device can be used to watch Hulu or any other streaming platform in UK.

When you get Hulu on FireStick in UK, you can enjoy streaming your desired shows and movies on the go. Keep reading to learn whether the FireStick can fully replace your cable subscription in UK.

What is FireStick?

The FireStick is Amazon's solution to the various streaming boxes and services that have become popular today. It simplifies the process of ditching cable by providing access to Sling TV for live TV streaming and premium channels like HBO and ESPN.  Additionally, the FireStick can be used to stream Hulu and Netflix.

Amazon introduced the Firebrand in 2014 to stream digital content directly to your TV via an internet connection. These devices offer access to over 15,000 apps and games.

How Do FireSticks Operate?

For the Amazon FireStick to work, an internet connection is necessary. The FireStick can be connected to the internet using wifi, while other devices in the Amazon Fire line can be connected via an Ethernet cable.

Once connected, the Fire Stick will guide you through the setup process and connect to your Amazon account. You can access any content using FireStick, including videos and music, that you have purchased.

With FireStick's Alexa Voice Remote, you can easily stream your preferred Hulu movies and TV series on Fire TV to enhance the streaming experience. Simply press a button and request that Alexa help you locate and stream your preferred shows or movies.

What is the Price of Amazon Firestick and FireTV?

Using a FireStick or Fire TV does not come with any monthly fees. After buying the physical device, you won't incur any costs if you use the product as is. You can usually purchase a Fire Stick on Amazon for approximately $40.

However, additional expenses exist for channels and subscription services like Hulu, Netflix, or Disney+. While the FireStick and Fire TV allow you to watch your favorite content, you must pay for subscriptions to access that content on the device. These costs can add up over time.

Is FireStick a Cable Replacement?

The FireStick can be a great option if you want to eliminate cable. It allows you to access your favorite shows and streaming services on your schedule, providing a convenient alternative to cable.

If you're thinking of canceling your cable subscription to save money, assessing whether it will be cost-effective is essential. List all the TV shows you must watch to determine if you're prepared to cut the cord. Then, explore alternative options for accessing that content.

If you're not a big TV watcher, the Amazon FireStick can be a cost-effective alternative to cable. However, avid TV viewers should be cautious. Some shows are only available on certain streaming apps, so you may end up subscribing to multiple services to get all the content you want.

Ultimately, you may pay just as much as your cable bill. In addition to potential cost concerns, you may have to deal with spoilers if you're not watching shows in real time. While some Fox series on Hulu air the day after their original airing, most shows take months to make it to streaming services.

For sports fans, the FireStick may not be the best option. While some streaming services like Hulu offer limited sports options, cable is still the best way to watch major sporting events year-round and access exclusive sports channels like MLB Network, NFL Redzone, NHL Network, and all other ESPN content.

Can FireStick be used without the Internet?

If there is no internet connection, the home screen won't load. However, you can still open the settings and navigate to the applications section to launch any of them that do not require internet access. Many applications, such as Kodi and MythFrontend, do not require internet connectivity which can use your local network to play videos.

What is the difference between a Roku and a FireStick?

FireStick and Roku are streaming sticks that have many things in common. But as different makers develop both, they have some differences, which are as follows:

  • There are different types of Roku devices, including a TV with Roku built-in, Roku streaming sticks, and Roku boxes. Similarly, Fire TV devices can come in the form of a stick or a TV with Fire TV built-in.
  • Roku and Fire TV Sticks are media streamers providing online TV and movie content access.
  • Roku offers access to over 5,000 streaming channels, depending on your location, while Fire TV offers a slightly smaller selection.
  • Fire TV Sticks may be the better option for Amazon Prime members, although Roku also offers Amazon Prime on its sticks and boxes.
  • Amazon Fire TV Sticks now fully integrate Amazon Alexa voice control. At the same time, Roku has its voice control system and is also compatible with a limited number of Alexa voice commands.
  • Roku is also compatible with Google Assistant.


While cable packages can be costly, they can also be customized to fit your needs and budget. By doing so, you may save more money than if you purchase a FireStick and pay for multiple streaming services. It's essential to carefully consider your needs and preferences before deciding whether to stick with cable or switch to another option.

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