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Our company's privacy policy discloses our conditions regarding our users' privacy and personal information.

Gathering information

The following information is gathered from the users of our website:

  1. a) registration information related to participating in forums and newsletter subscription
  2. b) Information that is required to post comments.

We do not disclose any email addresses required in some of the fields to any third parties unless it is explicitly demanded by law. However, your data cannot be protected if it is entered and then displayed in the fields that are displayed to the public, like comments or forums.

Analytics packages are used for perfecting our page and solving various problems.

  1. a) Google Analytics. The opt-out tool for google analytics can be downloaded here if you have problems with that. Google Analytics uses cookies.
  2. b) (shows aggregate information of unique users and total views only).
  3. c) server logs, like almost any website in the world.


In order for certain specific features of the web page to be allowed, session cookies may be used by, that requires being logged in (e.g. forum). shows third party content and advertisements, which might use cookies in order to offer the best value to our users. This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. a) AddThis
  2. b) Google Adsense/DFP and Kontera in order to display advertisements through networks.
  3. c) Affiliate networks to apply software downloads (, element5,, and some other networks).
  4. d) Analytics packages, covered above.

This is done in order to identify the visitor arrival source or to provide customized browsing experience. We are not responsible for the information they collect. If you want to avoid this, you can disable cookies or allow them one by one. Some of our offered discounts might be void if the user disables cookies, as the discounts might be offered for our readers only.

Data protection and usage

In some specific cases, we cannot guarantee protection to your aggregate or personally identifiable data, the publicizing of which is left to the choice of the user. This includes your aggregate and personal information that you expose on our site for public display, or send it by email to other participants of the web page. It is also not our responsibility if any of the third parties obtain your aggregate information illegally.

It is important to mention that in some cases your aggregate information can be disclosed to third parties if we consider it necessary, but only if your permission is obtained for particular third parties. This may include juridical or government institutions. 

We hold it very important to keep your information secure and confidential. Our security system involves administrative, technical, and physical means to secure your information and prevent it from being accessed by unauthorized users. However, we find it important to note that, even though we implement thorough security measures, they are not flawless. There is always a small chance that our company might be sold to or might join another business. In cases like this, the information we collected might be among the assets transferred. This may include Google Analytics data, server logs, comments, and similar data.

Linked sites and advertisements

Third party links might be included on our web page so that we could offer you increased value.

We expect each of our affiliate websites to hold the privacy of their users in high regard. However, each third party might have its own privacy policy. Therefore, takes no responsibility for the policies or actions of other pages. There are advertisers who gather information for advertising purposes, for example, to be sure that they do not show the same advertisement to you twice.

Site Use

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