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What are the uses of a VPN?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an extremely useful tool when it comes to security. When using it, you connect to the Internet using a different server, which can be located anywhere in the world. The data that travels between your device and the chosen server is safely encrypted, so users can search the Web without the fear of their information leaking into the hands of hackers.

Private Internet Access VPN

Virtual Private Networks can be used in a lot of situations, and they can be useful to any person as using them has a lot of perks.

Firstly, using the service you can browse anonymously, without your Internet service provider, government, or any other institution knowing it. Next, by using a server of another country, you can have access to the pages that are blocked by your country, like Netflix. This also means that you avoid unnecessary censorship.

Another advantage of VPNs occurs when using public WiFi, for example, at a restaurant or mall, where the connection is vulnerable to cyber attacks.

The features of Private Internet Access VPN

Pros Cons Verdict
 P2P support User Interface design    An inexpensive VPN with a lot of features and a high security level  
 Secure connection


Private Internet Access VPN is one of the less expensive options out there. Despite that, it offers a lot of features that can be a great help to those who want to keep their surfing private. It is very easy to use and has over 3000 servers in 25 countries.

The service also has a 7-day money-back guarantee, and this also adds a level of assurance that the company is reliable and their services are really good. Below is an overview of the features that Private Internet Access VPN provides.


When you browse using Private Internet Access VPN, all of your data is encrypted from the eyes of hackers and scammers. In this way, the IP you use is safe and protected.

Private Internet Access VPN

The VPN also offers encrypted WiFi. This means that people won't be able to see your online activity and the data that you send.

I can be also mentioned that this VPN provides you with the access to a DNS server that is private.

One thing that truly distinguishes Private Internet Access from other products is its Kill Switch. It allows the program to close all the applications that require Internet access in case the VPN is accidentally disconnected. It is done automatically, so you don't need to select the applications manually.

P2P Support

This is one of those Virtual Private Networks that offer P2P (peer-to-peer) support. These are networks, through which people can share their files, like BitTorrent. There is also no limit regarding the services you torrent from. 


You can use Virtual Private Network VPN on 5 devices simultaneously for the cost of one subscription.

The service is compatible with Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. This means that you can definitely use it on your computer and your phone, having the possibility to surf safely wherever you are.

Protection from malware

One of the more interesting features of Private Internet Access VPN is the protection from adware. The tool that this program uses is called MACE, which offers the blockage from adware and trackers.

Private Internet Access VPN

This can be considered to be quite an advantage because ads can lead you to suspicious websites that may infect your PC with all sorts of viruses. What is more, this VPN doesn't let any companies see your Internet activity, making your browsing even more private.

Unlimited bandwidth

The service offers unlimited bandwidth, which means that the amount of data you download is not restricted. 

Easy to use

Even though the user interface of Private Internet Access VPN is a bit dull and not eye-pleasing, it does not suffer from over-complexity and is rather simple to use by beginners and advanced users alike.


The prices of this service are quite friendly to those on a budget. If you want a bargain, you can get a full-year subscription for only $3.33 per month. If you buy short-term subscriptions, the price is raised a little – it costs $5.99 a month buying a 6-month subscription, and $6.95 if you want to try the service for only one month.

The final verdict

If you don't mind not having a visually pleasing user interface, you will be able to enjoy all the perks offered by Private Internet Access VPN. The high level of safety, unlimited bandwidth, and protection from adds makes it a decent choice to those who want to browse safely and privately.

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