Bitdefender Total Security 2018 VS ESET Internet Security Premium 2018

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An increasing number of malware targeting Windows devices are not a surprise. Today, consumers have to be aware of other cyber threats, hacks, identity thefts and even more. In order to protect themselves against these threats, users have to use a reliable security suite that provides not just award-winning antivirus protection but also a decent set of additional features.

Bitdefender Total Security and ESET Internet Security

Premium Windows security packages offer more than just a basic antivirus protection and protect users against cyber threats. They usually provide users with a premium security and privacy features such as file encryption, password manager, parental controls and more. They usually retail from $80 to $100. 

Bitdefender Total Security 2018

Bitdefender Total Security is developed by Romanian-based cybersecurity company Bitdefender. The company was founded in 2001. Today the company protects over 500 million businesses and individual users in more than 150 countries around the world.  

Bitdefender offers users antivirus and Internet security software according to their needs. For Windows devices, Bitdefender provides Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, Bitdefender Internet Security, Bitdefender Total Security, Bitdefender Family Pack, and Bitdefender Box. 

Bitdefender Total Security is a premium security suite that can protect up to five or ten devices, depending on the package you purchase. It also comes with Bitdefender’s security licenses for Android, iOS, and macOS. 

Bitdefender protected

Antivirus protection

Bitdefender uses same malware detection techniques for all its Windows products. A file-scanning engine searches for known exploits, heuristic monitoring looks for attack signs in order to detect unknown zero-day malware. Finally, any suspicious icons are sent to the company’s Cloud Center lab for further examination. 

Bitdefender Total Security offers users a quick scan and a full system scan. 

German independent lab AV-TEST used the software and indicated that it has excellent malware detection rates and stopped all the malware samples installed on the test computer. 

Additional features

Bitdefender Total Security offers users a very decent security and privacy features including webcam protection, password manager, quick risk checker, optimization features, parental controls and even more. However, it lacks a VPN service. 

System-performance impact and scans

Bitdefender Total Security has a very low impact on a system and does not interrupt any of operating system performances. The passive impact is only approximately 4%. During active scans, the system was impacted by only 15%. The first full system scan took 50 minutes but later on, Bitdefender Total Security scanned the entire system in a few minutes.

User interface

Bitdefender has a very functional and uncluttered user interface, which is easy to navigate, as all the features are easily accessible. 

Bitdefender Total Security features

The final verdict

Bitdefender Total Security offers a superior antivirus protection and a very light system-performance impact. Even though the full scan took longer than the market average, it does not drain the system. It is a great solution for those who are looking for advanced antivirus protection and a decent set of premium security and privacy features.

Feature Score
Antivirus protection Excellent
Additional features A decent set of security, privacy and optimization features
System-performance impact Does not drain system performances
Scanning performance  Quick scans that do not have any negative impact on a system
User interface Modern and easy to navigate 

ESET Internet Security Premium 2018

The second security package is ESET Internet Security Premium. The security suite replaced earlier ESET Smart Security. ESET was founded in 1992 and is one of the most popular cybersecurity companies around the world that protects more than 110 million business and individual users. 

ESET Internet Security Premium starts at 80$ for a year for a single PC. The license which covers up to 10 devices will cost you $170 per year. However, the license does not include security licenses for other platforms such as Android or Macs. 

ESET Internet Security 2018

Antivirus protection

Just like Bitdefender, for all its Windows products ESET uses three levels of protection, including malware detection engine in order to detect known malware signatures, heuristic monitoring check for suspicious behaviors to detect unknown malware threats. Anything suspicious is sent to the ESET LiveGrid cloud lab for further examinations. 

When it comes to browsing security, ESET Internet Security checks users’ browsing data and stops them from launching malicious sites. 

AV-TEST lab indicated that ESET demonstrates nearly perfect results and detected approximately from 99.7% to 99.9% malware samples installed on the test computer. 

Additional features

ESET Internet Security Premium provides users with a wide range of extra features including email attachment scans, game mode, anti-spam and anti-phishing features, password manager, file encryption, rescue disk, Anti-theft features, webcam protection. It also protects users against ransomware with a virtual keyboard and more. However, it lacks the backup software and a VPN service. 

System-performance impact and scans 

ESET Internet Security has a mediocre system performance impact. It hit system by 18% while running in the background. The full scan takes about 32 minutes which and had a medium impact on a system.

User interface

ESET’s interface is very bright, open and functional. It also looks modern. 

ESET Internet Security Support

The final verdict

ESET Internet Security Premium is a reliable security package for those who want a stable protection while having a mediocre system-performance impact. The security suite includes many additional features and is able to protect the entire family.

Feature Score
Antivirus protection Very good
Additional features A decent set of additional features
System-performance impact Moderate
Scanning performance Average scans with a medium impact on a system
User interface Bright and very functional user interface

To Summarize 

Bitdefender Total Security and ESET Internet Security both are premium-lever security suites that offer award-winning antivirus protection. SO if you are looking for one, they both are trustworthy applications capable of protecting the entire family. However, according to the review, Bitdefender Total Security would be a better choice because it has better malware detection rates, a very decent extra feature set, with almost zero impact on a system. In addition, the security suite includes security licenses for Android, iOS and macOS devices. 

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