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Panda Free Antivirus review

Panda Free Antivirus, also known as Panda Free Antivirus 2017, is a piece of software developed by Panda Security[1]. It is the 18th version of this program. The anti-malware application is available only for Windows.

One thing that makes Panda Free Antivirus different from other products in the market is that it begins scanning you PC the very first second it is installed. The scan runs very smoothly, so it shouldn’t slow down your computer.

Pros Cons Verdict

Great detection score of viruses and malware programs

Still has a noticeable impact on system performance

An attractive virus detection tool designed for better than average computers   

Rescue disk tool which can work fine under difficult conditions

Some of the default settings need to be changed to make the software more efficient

USB stick vaccination tool which works better than most competitors

A convenient user interface that can be customized

Panda Free Antivirus download and installation

It is really simple to download and install this anti-malware app. You can easily download it from this page. When you have the setup file, click it (it may be located in your Downloads folder).

Read all the information presented by the Installation Wizard. Follow the steps it provides. Most of the time you will simply need to click 'Next'.

Main features

Like the majority of antivirus software, Panda has a few different scanning methods. The most common one is the full scan – it can take up to three hours to perform it.

If you are looking for a quicker process and you have some suspicions about particular areas of your device that might be affected by viruses and malware, you can use the critical areas scanner or the custom scanner.

Another useful tool we can find in the new Panda Free Antivirus is the process monitor. It identifies each process that is currently running on your system. It also determines if the process uses a secure connection and terminates it if it doesn’t. However, if you are sure that the process is safe, you can turn it back on.

One of the strongest sides of the program is the vaccination tool, which can easily quarantine viruses and malware which come from USB drives and other attached devices. Although you can run this tool manually, lots of experts recommend changing the settings to make it run automatically.

Panda Free Antivirus also has a solution for emergency cases – let’s say you have a computer that’s locked by some dangerous malware and you cannot enter the safe mode[2]. In this case, Panda lets you make an emergency USB drive with the Panda Cloud Cleaner technology.

This tool has been rated as more effective than its current competitors in the market by several IT professionals and reviewers.

Panda Free Antivirus introduced the cloud technology with this new version of the software[3].

Cloud processing is fairly better for those, who do not want to see updates that would slow down their PCs and it also eliminates the surprise scans that can make your user experience uncomfortable for quite some time.

The user interface is quite good-looking and convenient, yet it isn’t simple – the dashboard has movable tiles, so that means you are able to choose which features to see first and even remove the ones you do not use.

Another decent thing about the user interface is that it’s totally different than others – while most software has either white or slate gray backgrounds around their components in the dashboard, Panda Antivirus inspires you by using beautiful pictures of nature. 

That makes the user interface more attractive and it is a really perfect combination with the fully-customizable tiles.

However, it would be a lie to say that the new version of Panda Antivirus doesn’t affect your Windows OS speed. You might not feel any difference if you are using a business class PC or laptop, but any device with average and low specifications will definitely be affected, so if you want an antivirus program that runs smoothly in different conditions, Panda Antivirus may not satisfy you.

Panda Free Antivirus also has a built-in anti-phishing[4] engine which helps to fight against fraudulent sites that are trying to steal your personal information, including credit card numbers, bank account info, etc.

This type of protection is extremely important these days when there are more fraudulent websites than ever.

There is an integrated anti-phishing feature.

Some reviewers did a research on Panda Free Antivirus anti-phishing efficiency and the results were not bad – it occurred that Panda Free Antivirus is at the top half of products when it comes to anti-phishing.

Generally speaking, it’s not hard to indicate the pros and cons of this program – Panda Software is definitely a strong antivirus suite, however, the developers at Panda Security have yet to eliminate the flaws that this software has been known for – all of the previous versions had quite a negative impact on the system performance and this one doesn’t break the rule, even though it is based on cloud processing technology.

Customer reviews

There are lots of customer reviews for Panda Antivirus on the Internet. On Trustpilot, it has a rating of 8.3, which is considered as 'Great'.[5]

The majority of users have no problems with Panda Antivirus.

Many reviewers state that they haven't had any problems with the app since its installation. There are instances when Panda caught PC threats that other anti-malware programs couldn't detect. One user points out that the software has the option for one-month subscription without any contracts, and that it is convenient on a tight budget.

Some negative reviews focus on troubles during the installation of the program and problems with the subscription payment. Basically, there are no complaints about the security level.

The final verdict

All in all, Panda Free Antivirus is a strong program that can provide you with almost perfect virus and malware detection rates, an attractive user-friendly interface and some unusual features like the vaccination tool or the rescue kit.

Another strong point of the software is the light weight of the installation file that doesn’t take up much space on your hard drive. All of the features work fast and the cloud-based processing technology makes it even faster.

However, the developers at Panda Security still have to work through some flaws when it comes to system performance – it still makes it run slower, that’s why Panda Antivirus could be recommended for users that have a better than average PC set or a business class laptop.

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