The Best VPN For HBO GO in 2022

The Best VPN For HBO GOThe Best VPN For HBO GO

It is challenging to access HBO GO[1] outside the USA. But, with the right VPN[2] for HBO, you'll be home and dry. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It changes your IP address to one in a different country, meaning you can appear to be in the US (when you're not). With the best VPN, you can unblock HBO GO in 2022. It also encrypts your internet connection to keep your data secure from hackers, your ISP, or even government surveillance.

HBO Now and HBO GO have ramped up attempts to stop people overseas from watching via VPNs. They do this by actively blocking IP addresses belonging to VPNs. In this guide, we will explore VPNs that unblock HBO GO from any part of the world. It is your doorway to drama series such as Silicon Valley or Game of Thrones. You can stream these shows and more through HBO GO by using a VPN, whether you're at the North Pole of somewhere in the Sahara.

The services listed here provide high-quality customer support services. Therefore, if you ever lose the ability to stream HBO GO on a particular VPN server, you can contact them for prompt resolution.

If you don't have much time to read all the article, below is a summary of the best VPNs for HBO.

  1. ExpressVPN – This VPN is unique in offering high-speed servers. These servers are excellent for streaming HBO in HD outside US territory.
  2. NordVPN – is an excellent VPN for HBO. It can unlock HBO and let you access other services such as iPlayer and Netflix. Users have access to exciting features such as a dedicated IP address, which makes it harder for HBO to block VPNs.
  3. CyberGhost – CyberGhost is a VPN service that is easy to use. Use it if you want to unblock HBO, are new to VPNs, and prefer a service that is accessible even when you're not too technical.
  4. Private Internet Access VPN – With PIA VPN’s vast gallery of servers, the user will feel every bit of ease while opening HBO GO. The service is available on pretty much every platform and has super-speed servers with unlimited bandwidth to open all the streaming sites;
  5. PureVPN – An effective, fast, and highly affordable VPN on the market that not only can open HBO GO but provide good security as well for a proper and anonymous internet experience;
  6. HMA VPN – HMA VPN has restructured itself to make it one of the top VPN that can unblock HBO GO, Netflix, and many other sites at will. It also has high-speed servers at its disposal that are highly encrypted;
  7. IPVanish VPN – The North American VPN service is proficient in opening sites like HBO GO without any hassle for the user of all the regions of the world. You will enjoy complete anonymity with the VPN while streaming your favorite content;
  8. Surfshark VPN – The service offers coverage across unlimited devices so that you can connect to the VPN and remain safe wherever you go with secure servers. The service will also unblock your path to HBO GO and other sites without any problem;
  9. Zenmate: The service also supports unlimited cross-platform connectivity under a single account with affordable rates to open restricted platforms like HBO GO. You will also be able to access other streaming sites such as Netflix and Amazon with the VPN;
  10. Boleh VPN –  The VPN has no history, but there is no doubt that its servers are capable of unblocking and accessing HBO GO. You will get the service at reasonable rates and connect multiple devices at once with a single account to open other sites like Netflix and Hulu.

The Best VPNs for HBO GO that will help you to access it from abroad in 2022

There are several things to consider when selecting the best VPN to watch HBO GO. The most relevant criteria include:

  1. Server Network – If the VPN operates and maintains servers in the United States. More servers in the US improves your chances of finding a good connection. It also lets you select new virtual locations where you need to access geo-restricted content from a different country.
  2. Speed – If the VPN can deliver fast performance consistently for buffer-free streaming. The most reliable VPN providers offer the fastest speeds and the best video quality while securing your privacy and anonymity.
  3. Bandwidth Restrictions – If the VPN limits how much you can stream or download during a day or a month. Your VPN should not feature throttling or similar restrictions.
  4. Device Compatibility – If the VPN maintains applications for various operating systems and platforms such as Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, and Fire TV. Because HBO's apps are on Android and iOS, to use them with a VPN, you need to install the VPN on the same device.
  5. Logging Policy – Your online privacy should be a priority for your VPN. If your VPN logs[3] your activity, they can store anything from the sites your access or the content you download. Third parties may lay hold of this information and tamper with your privacy. A zero-logging policy is essential to keep you safe while you watch HBO GO. Check our best no-log VPN section.
  6. Customer Support – If the VPN can provide quick and competent customer support when issues arise.

With these pointers in mind, you can make the most appropriate decision as to what VPN to use for HBO GO.

1. ExpressVPN – provides military-grade data encryption and can easily to unblock HBO GO

expressvpn review
Official website
Rating  Best VPN For HBO GO (Excellent – 4.8/5)
Available applications  Best VPN For HBO GO
Money-back guarantee 30-days
Price from $6.67 (-49% deal)
Visit website Best VPN For HBO GO
More information ExpressVPN review

ExpressVPN is, by far, the cream of the VPN crop. It is hands-down the best of the bunch. The servers are live in 18 US cities and can unblock geo-restricted content for virtually anywhere. The server network is excellent for streaming and downloading.

The company's 24/7 customer-centric approach to business is the way to any customer's heart. There is a guarantee of round-the-clock access to help whenever an issue arises. To give an idea of how excellent the customer support is, if HBO blocked a server, ask a staff (via live chat) which one to use. No hassles.

The software is also easy to use and is accessible via several platforms – Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. Despite being available on diverse platforms, the makers show a commitment to security by ensuring end-to-end encryption of traffic. You can browse the web in glorious privacy and stealth without worrying if someone's on your trail. The company retains no logs of your IP address or online activities.

As a plus, you can use ExpressVPN to unblock American Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime Video. However, the icing on the cake is that this VPN works with HBO GO or HBO Now. So, if you are in the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, or anywhere else abroad, you can watch HBO GO without any curtailing.

ExpressVPN's immense network of servers is also present in 94 countries globally. The service is quite fast too. The security features are high-grade, and there is a strict no-logs policy.

The only real downside to ExpressVPN is that it can connect to only three devices at once.

2. NordVPN – extremely fast VPN that beats HBO Ban in a second

Official website
Our Rating Best VPN For HBO GO (Excellent – 4.9/5)
Available applications  Best VPN For HBO GO
Money-back guarantee 30-days
Price from $3.49/month (-70% deal)
Visit website Best VPN For HBO GO
More information NordVPN review

NordVPN has excellent performance metrics with major streaming outlets in the US. It is a huge advantage. It is one VPN that laid claim to working in China, further bolstering the reputation of its obfuscation tech. NordVPN promises an “internet without borders.”

As one of the most popular VPN providers of 2019, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee on subscriptions. It allows up to 6 concurrent connections and supports HBO GO in addition to other streaming services such as BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and so forth.

Rest assured, the service retains no logs of your online activity. Encryption is via DHE-RSA-AES-256 SHA encryption[4]. Other unique features of the NordVPN include Double VPN, Obfuscation tech, Kill Switch[5], Onion over VPN, SmartPlay tech, DNS Leak Resolver, and CyberSec.

Customers have access to 24/7 live support, and server locations span more than 61 countries. There are over 5,400 servers with unlimited server switches.

Supported devices are iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, Android, Fire TV, and Smart TV, running Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android operating systems. Gaming consoles and routers also have robust support.

There are four NordVPN plans available. As with all of the best VPNs, these plans offer the same features but offer different subscription features.

While NordVPN is cheaper in the long run than other top VPN providers, it also leads the way in terms of the sheer number of payment methods available to users. A partnership with Norton Security secures the gamut of payment options, including all major credit cards, UnionPay, AliPay, and even cryptocurrencies.

The cryptocurrency payment option will impress anyone. You can use it while maintaining your privacy, as you do not need to enter personal information.

3. CyberGhost VPN – cheap solution for accessing HBP GO from anywhere

cyberghostvpn review
Official website
Rating  Best VPN For HBO GO (Great – 4.5/5)
Available applications  Best VPN For HBO GO
Money-back guarantee 45-days
Price from $2.75 (-80% deal)
Visit website Best VPN For HBO GO
More information CyberGhost review

CyberGhostVPN is perfect for unblocking HBO GO. This VPN is secure with an excellent privacy policy. It's a reliable VPN with a superb privacy policy. It is highly accessible to all levels of users and has servers located worldwide. Users can watch HBO using the CyberGhostVPN service.

There are few more capable VPNs than CyberGhostVPN. The VPN has a full suite of features and has a kill switch along with DNS leak protection. There is also excellent customer care to help when you need it the most. There is also a web knowledgebase if you need one. Resolve tricky issues can via email and chat.

The Windows client is extremely powerful, with features that are easy to use even though they are powerful. However, the desktop trial only lasts 24 hours, and speed on some servers can be below average. The setup for OpenVPN on CyberGhostVPN is a bit awkward too.

You can connect up to seven devices at once. It beats the industry average of five. These must, however, be specific devices. If you run out of slots, you can log out of individual devices, though it can be a small hassle.

CyberGhostVPN accepts payments via Bitcoin, Paypal, and credit card.

CyberGhostVPN has first-tier servers around the globe, allowing you to watch HD video content with zero buffering. Finally, it has a 30-day money-back guarantee to let you try the service.

4. Private Internet Access VPN – Unblock HBO GO with high-quality servers of North America

private internet access review - main
Rating  Best VPN For HBO GO  (Great – 4.3/5)
Available applications  Best VPN For HBO GO
Money-back guarantee 30-Days Money Back Guarantee
Price from $2.99/month
More information PIA PVN review

PIA VPN proudly features itself among those services that provide the convenience to stream high-grade content for Non-American audiences. Some of the shows available across the online platform of HBO are free, and the only hurdle between the user and the content is geo-blocking. PIA VPN will bypass every last bit of geo-restrictions to access platforms such as HBO GO and give the user all the means to watch their favorite show.

PIA will allow the user to connect 10 different cross-platform devices at once so that the whole household could enjoy limitless stream all day long. The new subscriber will be able to access more than 3300 servers of the service in 45 countries in more than 50 locations. These servers will give high-quality internet speed with unlimited bandwidth. PIA doesn’t only unblock HBO GO but similar geo-restricted sites like Netflix and Hulu.

With policies like no-log and security features such as 256-bit encryption and kill switch, PIA VPN will do whatever it takes to protect your data online. The tunneling features like OpenVPN, L2TP, and IPSec will offer to protect the internet traffic for as long as you stay on the internet.

PIA VPN will provide you with coverage across all the top platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, and the Opera browser.

The customer service of PIA VPN works round the clock to help you whenever you need with the most affordable pricing plans that one could offer.

PIA offers subscription purchase via various payment methods such as PayPal, Amazon Pay, and Credit Card. These variations in payment plans are for user convenience and allow the user to conduct a safe transaction on the internet.

5. PureVPN – Supports 10 simultaneous logins and instantly opens streaming platforms like HBO GO

Rating  Best VPN For HBO GO (Average– 3.1/5)
Available applications  Best VPN For HBO GO
Money-back guarantee 30-Days Money Back Guarantee
Price from $2.88/month
More information PureVPN review

PureVPN can open multiple geo-blocked websites even if they have implemented high-grade blocking protocols. If you wish to watch the old episodes of Game of Thrones and unable to access or open HBO GO from your region, then simply refer to the services of PureVPN. It will unblock the service for you so that you could start streaming the show immediately.

The servers of PureVPN that are more than 2000 in number are capable of offering high-quality internet connection with limitless bandwidth. Such an ability will allow the user you stream unlimited content in as good as HD display across as much as 10 devices under a single account. The servers of PureVPN will not stop at unblocking HBO GO as the client will be able to open Netflix US, Amazon, and many others. The user will be able to play any game they live across their preferred server without the fear of internet throttling or any such thing.

PureVPN will maintain the integrity of its client’s user-log with policies like no-log and give all the means to make them anonymous. Features like 256-bit encryption, kill switch, leak prevention, and secure Wi-Fi will make sure that the customer’s data remain as far away from prying eyes as possible. The fact that PureVPN operates from Hong Kong also helps the cause as the state has some of the most strict privacy-protection laws. It also has no connection with the five-eyes alliance.

PureVPN is downloadable and usable across notable platforms like Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, SmartTVs, and much more. Such broad native support will allow the user to access HBO GO anywhere they want.

Customer service is exceptionally efficient and carries all the requires features to help the client. One will also find the subscription plans of the service to be quite affordable that are accessible through payment methods such as PayPal and Credit Card.

6. HMA VPN – Economical and fast way to access HBO GO and watch beloved shows

hma vpn review
Rating  Best VPN For HBO GO (Good – 3.8/5)
Available applications  Best VPN For HBO GO
Money-back guarantee 30-days
Price from $2.99/month (-70% deal)
More information HMA review

HMA, since its restructuring to version five, is making all of its competitors notice. Its high-class interface and the ability to safely bypass geo-restrictions for the user to open HBO GO makes it worthy of being in the list of VPN for the article. The VPN is fast, which will allow the user to stream videos and play video games hassle-free.

HMA offers its services for the user with the help of 1000+ available servers across 190 countries and 290 virtual locations. It means that HMA VPN will not only open HBO GO, but it’ll provide the path to access Netflix and many other services, unavailable for you. The client will be able to connect 5 of their devices at once with one HMA VPN account to enjoy absolute internet security.

The P2P optimized servers will make sure that you can access torrent sites and download any kind of content without any worry. These servers will also defeat internet regulating attempts and ensure proper anonymity of the user all through the browsing session.

HMA follows the no-log rule and has a clear policy on protecting the data of the client with whatever means possible. HMA VPN will encode your internet traffic with 256-bit encryption and OpenVPN. If some entity tries to track the client’s online whereabouts, then features like IPv4, IPv6, and DNS leak prevention will not allow that to happen. It also means that HMA’s customers will remain anonymous for as long as they wish.

HMA will allow both new and old users to access the newly-formed app across platforms like Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, and Routers. The service’s Help program is active and always ready to provide help in the shape of live chat, email support, and FAQs.

HMA is very economical, and all of its pricing plans are easy on the pocket of the average consumer. The user can get the service through different means such as UnionPay and PayPal.

7. IPVanish VPN – Connect from the extensive gallery of American servers to open HBO GO

Rating  Best VPN For HBO GO  (Average – 3.4/5)
Available applications  Best VPN For HBO GO
Money-back guarantee 7-days
Price from $ 6.49/month
More information IPVanishVPN review

IPVanish will provide fast internet connection speed with no latency or instability issues to open highly-restricted platforms like HBO GO. These servers will show no signs of sluggishness whatsoever even if you connect more than one device at once with a single account.

IPVanish VPN has more than 1400 servers working for the user around the clock that are available across 75 virtual locations with a vast library of 40000 IPs. The client will be able to enjoy unlimited bandwidth with the servers of IPVanish VPN that will provide all the means to open other streaming sites like Netflix. Other than that, IPVanish will facilitate a safe passageway through its servers for online shopping and other conveniences on the internet. All the while, the user will be able to connect more than 10 different devices at once with a single account of IPVanish VPN.

The VPN will offer you and your browsing activities complete anonymity through its no-log rule and encoding features like 256-bit AES encryption. It will also prevent anyone from tracking you down on the internet with state of the art tunneling protocols like IKEv2, L2TP, and IPsec.

IPVanish VPN service offers apps across popular platforms that control the market share of operating systems, including  Windows, macOS/iOS, Android, and Linux.

The client support program is vast and goes hand in hand with the affordable pricing plans designed for the average consumer. The packages are available for purchase via payment methods like PayPal, American Express, and several others.

8. Surfshark VPN – Connect unlimited devices to enjoy streaming tv shows with HBO GO

Rating  Best VPN For HBO GO  (Good – 4.1/5)
Available applications  Best VPN For HBO GO
Money-back guarantee 30-days
Price from from $2.39/month
More information Surfshark review
Get SurfShark

Surfshark VPN allows the user to connect an infinite number of devices with just a single VPN account to conduct business on the internet safely. The VPN also bypasses every level of geo-restrictions to unblock platforms like HBO GO and others. It means that the clients of Surfshark VPN will be able to access HBO GO from anywhere they like, no matter it is near a bus stop, a mall, or their home.

The VPN provides the users to access more than 1000 servers across 60+ countries with unlimited bandwidth and high-speed internet. The service doesn’t stop at just HBO as it can also open Netflix across many regions of the world, without even breaking a sweat. The unlimited bandwidth offer of Surfshark gives an open ground to the user to download whatever they like from platforms like torrent sites.

The VPN is secure and blocks malware and adware coming from malicious websites that are in abundance on the internet. The kill switch and hack-blocker feature will make sure that no entity would ever enter into your device without your knowledge. Surfshark also has high-end encoding features like 256-bit military-grade encryption to make it impossible for cybercriminals to hack the data.

We already know that Surfshark VPN supports coverage across unlimited platforms with one account. Still, it also supports a handful of digital platforms. These operating systems and devices include Windows, macOS/iOS, Chrome, Firefox, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Routers, and Consoles.

Surfshark’s customer care program is exceptional. The client will be able to find the solution to the problem pretty quickly, thanks to facilities like live chat, email support, FAQs, and guides.

There isn’t much cheaper service on the VPN market than Surfshark VPN. The service allows the user to safely buy the product through means like Credit Card, Google Pay, Cryptocurrency, Paypal, and Amazon Pay.

9. Zenmate VPN – Unblock HBO GO and access the platform on an unlimited number of devices at once

zenmate vpn
Rating  Best VPN For HBO GO   (Average – 2.3/5)
Available applications Best VPN For HBO GO
Money-back guarantee 30-Days Money Back Guarantee
Price from $2.99/month
More information ZenmateVPN review

Zenmate is probably a new name on the market, but it is completely worth having its name included among the best VPNs for HBO GO. The service is lean and swift, which is also available for free across numerous platforms.

With unlimited bandwidth and super-speed internet connection at its disposal, Zenmate VPN will allow the user to connect any of its 3700+ servers. The VPN has conveniently spread the servers across more than 73 countries that are fully proficient in bypassing geo-restrictions. These servers will also give the client of Zenmate VPN a chance at streaming content they like from services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and many others.

The best thing about the VPN is that it allows connection across unlimited devices at once with a single account. Such a facility points to the fact that Zenmate will allow the user to access HBO GO and other platforms anywhere they go.

The protection policies are quite handy, which makes the full attempt at making the user safe and anonymous on the internet. The service offer features like kill switch, 256-bit military-grade encryption with OpenVPN to encode and protect the data. With such reasonable features, the service ensures user safety on the internet.

Zenmate VPN has apps for conventional platforms such as Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and Ios. It is also available on the Chrome and Firefox web browser. All the apps have separate set-up guides across the customer support section, which is as accessible as they come.

The service is incredibly cheap, and the user can purchase it at once through platforms like PayPal or their card.

10. BolehVPN – Access geo-restricted content from sites like HBO GO and enjoy the freedom you deserve on the internet

The decentralized servers of BolehVPN are capable of skipping past geo-blocked policies and accessing sites like HBO GO, Netflix, and many more. These servers also allow the user to do cross borders online shopping and get the internet experience they deserve.

The VPN has well-placed servers 35 servers from 12 countries that deal with the most internet traffic for all the users around the world. Though these servers are limited in number, they are still high in quality and unblock platforms like HBO GO, like any other VPN service. It is the reason, BolehVPN is among the top 10 list of the best VPNs for HBO GO. The client will be able to enjoy no bandwidth limits whatsoever to stream their beloved show for as long as they wish.

BolehVPN offers high-level military-grade encryption to protect the client’s online browsing activity whenever they enable the VPN. The fact that BolehVPN’s servers will remain invisible is with the assistance of the traffic obfuscation technology. The feature will hide the fact that someone is using a VPN. The service also practices no logging of user activities on the servers, which allows the user to remain anonymous all through the browsing session.

BolehVPN offers simultaneous logins across a maximum of 3 devices at once and gives apps across platforms such as Windows, macOS, Android, Linux, and Routers.

The customer support program offers a help desk that features informative guides to set-up the VPN across multiple platforms and devices like the router. BolehVPN permits the new user to check the premium features with a one-day free trial offer. Other than that, the service is pretty cheap and useful for the standard consumer.

HBO GO can bring to your home the newest movies and series

As one of HBO's primary streaming services, HBO GO service carries 1,000 hours of programming content that users can stream in standard or high definition. The primary intention of HBO GO is a to create a TV Everywhere service strictly available to existing subscribers of the linear HBO television channels. It is a requirement necessary to access its content via Apple TV, Roku, and other streaming devices. Such as video games. Websites and mobile apps are other means of accessing HBO GO content.

hbo go not working in my countryhbo go not working in my country

HBO GO is a freebie bonus for having an HBO cable TV subscription, content on HBO GO comprises theatrically released films and original HBO programs. Others are documentaries, movies, comedy specials, documentaries, sports, and late-night adult programming.

HBO GO shares the same content library as the HBO Now streaming service (launched in 2015). There is even a rotating library of movies. HBO Now had more than 5 million subscribers as of February 2018, but you can pay for HBO Now directly, just like Hulu or Netflix.

Like HBO Now, the other streaming service from HBO, the content library leans mainly towards original content from HBO. These original productions include TV shows and movies. It contrasts with HBO Max, where the subscriber accesses content and new stuff from various WarnerMedia brands.

You Cannot Access HBO GO from the outside of US

If you are outside the geographical boundaries of the USA, you will not be able to access HBO GO. The on-demand streaming service is only available to subscribers of the HBO cable TV service. In essence, shows such as Silicon Valley, Sopranos, and Game of Thrones are all geo-blocked[6].

hbo go not working in my countryhbo go not working in my country

Attempting to watch these shows (and others like them), gives users the following geo-error: “To access HBO GO, you must reside within the fifty states of the United States of America.” It is why it is essential to bypass these geographical restrictions once outside the USA.

A VPN is the preferred way to negotiate this regional restriction. Users can use a VPN service that supports unblocking American channels such as HBO GO, HBO Now, Showtime, Netflix, and Amazon Prime abroad.

Free VPN will not help you to unblock HBO GO

It is possible to watch HBO GO with a free VPN. But, why put yourself amid the many limitations that come with free VPNs? For one thing, free VPNs are never in short supply. Yet, this not mean you should use them.

Free VPNs are notorious for limiting traffic bandwidth. It means you cannot enjoy your HBO GO once you have exceeded your daily or monthly bandwidth limit.

avoid free vpn servicesavoid free vpn services

Another reason free VPNs are not a viable option is the internet connection speed. With such a low quality of service, it will be difficult (even frustrating) to stream or download movies completely. If downloads are slow, you can very well tell that uploads will not be any faster.

The previous reasons are weighty enough, but a perhaps more significant factor is that free VPNs collect your browsing data without your consent. Of course, they sell it to third parties who may use them for purposes that are more likely to harm you than help you. It makes sense! If they don't charge you to use the VPN, they need to find a sustainable revenue model.

If they don't charge you to use the VPN, they need to find a sustainable revenue model.

If selling your data sounds terrible (and it is!), several free VPNs do not encrypt your browsing data. It makes you easy prey for governments and hackers. It is crucial to use military-grade data encryption to download and watch copyrighted content.

On the issue of revenue models, incessant ads pop up during your browsing session on free VPNs. Be aware also, that your computer might end up being a VPN server for other users in the same networks when you install free VPN software.

Free VPNs often operate a community-based model, much in the manner of P2P networks. It means you'll never know all the websites others access through your computer or IP address. These are only some of the reasons we advise that you stay as far as possible from free VPNs.

Options free VPN paid VPN
Changes your IP
Unlimited bandwidth
Fast internet connection
No-logs, no tracking
No annoying ads
Millitary-grade encryption
Wide range of server selection
Customer support

Final thoughts

Virtual Private Networks remain a contentious issue. Companies like HBO and other streaming service companies prefer to exercise complete control over what content any geographical region can access. In the same vein, service platforms may prefer to check unethical activity and be safe for well-meaning users. Blocking a region from accessing certain benefits or all of a website may stem the tide of fraud and so forth. But, it can also ensure that people with clear motives cannot use these services.

VPNs are a solution that many have found reliable, but there is no restriction on who can use a VPN. It makes some form of regulation essential for VPNs. In the meantime, though, VPNs will continue to help people access services such as HBO GO.

Recommended VPNs

Options expressvpn nordvpn VPN 2019 - cyberghost
Location B.V.I. Islands Panama Romania
Servers 3000+ 5000+ 3500+
Countries 160 60 60
Supported devices 5 6 7
Encryption and protocols
Internet connection speed
Download speed 83.15 72.33 71.10
Upload speed 35.18 48.18 36.45
Security features
Kill Switch
Double encryption
IP Leak protection
Operating systems
Browser extension
Other features
Router support
Free version
Accepts Bitcoins
Money back guarantee 30 days 30 days 45 days
Read a review review review review
Paid version from $6.67/month $3.49/month $2.75/month
Try Best VPN For HBO GO Best VPN For HBO GO Best VPN For HBO GO

Simple steps to set up a VPN for HBO GO

To set up your VPN for HBO GO, follow the following steps:

  1. Select your VPN and download the software
  2. Once you have selected a VPN from those, we recommend in this guide, ensure you visit the official download website. There, you can subscribe and access the VPN client software from any location. Monthly payments are more expensive; get a yearly (or longer) membership to receive the maximum available discount.
  3. Upon subscribing to the VPN provider, you will receive access to download the client. The VPNs here are available for the most popular platforms. Select what suits your needs; they all download quickly and install with ease.
  4. Ensure you select OpenVPN as your encryption protocol
  5. The OpenVPN encryption option is what many experts recommend. To watch geo-restricted content like HBO GO services is technically a breach of copyright laws. It is why you need to secure your IP address as you pass tunnel it within the US. OpenVPN provides the privacy you need. Select it from the software's menu.
  6. Connect to your chosen VPN server
  7. Once you have successfully installed the VPN software and picked OpenVPN, connect it to one of your VPN's US servers. The server with the lowest ping will offer the highest speeds to stream HBO GO in HD.The fastest server is typically located higher up on the list. Select it, and you will be able to stream the video content with minimal or even zero lagging.
  8. Sign up for an HBO GO subscription. With your US IP address for HBO sorted out, you have to sign up on the HBO website. The site now believes you're a genuine US resident and allow you to join with ease.

Do even more with a VPN instead of watching HBO GO

Virtual Private Networks, especially those in this guide, have servers all over the world. It means subscribers can unblock websites in any of those countries. Take ExpressVPN servers, for instance. They are present in 94 countries, meaning you can unblock TV, websites, sport, and other services in any of those countries. For example, freelancers in many countries can sign up on high-paying freelance hiring platforms. In this way, they can earn much more money than they could if they only used services without any geo-restrictions.

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