Data Recovery Pro review, manual and guides

Data Recovery Pro[1] is a recovery tool developed by a software company Pareto Logic.

The company was founded in 2004 and is based in Victoria, Canada.[2]

Pareto Logic develops and distributes various security, performance, recovery and backup products and services.

Data Recovery Pro Review

The security offerings include products such as Digital Care AntiVirus, Digital Care AntiVirus Complete, and Privacy Controls. The products’ purpose is to secure user information from hackers, malware attacks, and other cyber threats.[3]

The performance products aim to boost and increase devices’ performance, speed and operations. The applications include EasyFileViewer, PC Health Advisor and RegCure Pro.

Finally, the backup and recovery products back up and recover user data. The programs include Data Recovery Pro and SpeedyBackup.

Data Recovery Pro claims to locate and recover a variety of files, including deleted emails.

The software even scans for deleted files on peripheral storage devices, like your USBs and external hard drives.

Data Recovery Pro Review




Allows to search files by keyword

Limited free trial

Data Recovery Pro is a reliable and convenient recovery tool, especially for lost emails. However, it did not uncover many lost files.

Previews scan results

The scan did not uncover many deleted files

Able to recover emails and other many file types

May seem expensive per device


Data Recovery Pro starts at $66.97 without an offer for a single computer. In addition, the company offers a 90-day money-back guarantee, so you have no risk purchasing the recovery tool. It also offers users to add a web browser and cleaning optimization for $9.97, while the regular price is $39.97.

The product is based on a semi-annual subscription and includes free product updates, frequent database updates and access to Technical Support.

Test results

Researchers at Reviewed by Pro tested Data Recovery Pro for about a week with our test computer supporting Windows 10. The free version is only evaluation version for recovering files. In order to unlock all features, a purchase of the full version is required.


Data Recovery Pro enables users to recover lost or deleted files not just from computers, but for mobile devices too.

The recovery tool is very easy to use and performs quickly.

Once installed the software we performed a system scan in order to find the lost files and recover them. However, in comparison to other products, Data Recovery Pro revealed only half of those we wanted to recover.

However, it also did what other could not i.e. Data Recovery Pro revealed all of the deleted emails. The recovery tool supports PST/OST files, Outlook Express file system (DBX), Windows Mail, and Microsoft Outlook. It also allows to recover missing and deleted music files from iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, and iPod Classic. We also liked the guide feature, that can guide users step by step through finding files.

If it still confuses, Data Recovery Pro enables users to search for files by keyword. So if you remember the name or part of the name of a file you want to recover, this feature is very useful and works in a time-saving manner, since you will not have to sift through all of the revealed files.

Users also can sort the revealed files by file name, size, location, and other features.

Data Recovery Pro is also a very lightweight program so it did not cause any interruptions or lags while both working in the background and during the scanning processes. It also did not conflict with other software installed on the PC.

The scan took about a couple of hours, which is a bit more than the average.

Data Recovery Pro Scanning Options


Data Recovery Pro has a decent feature set, so lets' take a look what it offers:

  • Data Recovery Pro enables users to recover deleted and lost files from their computers and mobile devices. 
  • Recover Any File Type. Data Recovery Pro allows users to recover a wide variety of file types, including multi-media, office documents, music, emails, documents and more.
  • Find Lost Emails. The recovery tool scans the system in order to locate all deleted and lost emails.
  • Customizable System Scans – users can run a full, or a quick scan to address the system needs. In addition, you can choose the specific items to scan.
  • Preview Files feature allows users to preview detected files before recovering them.
  • User-friendly interface 

Customer Support

Pareto Logic subscribers receive an access to Technical Support Team. The tech support can be reached only via email.

In addition, all users receive informative articles, news, and tips through the company's support webpage. The main topics include Billing information, product related information, such as user manuals, tips features and more.

The final verdict

Data Recovery Pro is a reliable recovery tool which would be helpful if you need to recover multi-media files, or emails and their attachments. However, the downside of the tool would be that it did not reveal all files we wanted to recover, and its free trial is very limited.

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