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Olivia Morelli is a senior media writer on Reviewedbypro.com. Her favorite topic to write about is ransomware attacks and how to deal with them, but she also enjoys covering the topics of other types of malware and VPNs. As her major is Computer Science, she 

As her major is Computer Science, she can cover a lot of IT topics in great detail. However, her years of working as a writer and editor taught her to express her ideas in a simple and concise way, making difficult subjects understandable to users who have no experience in dealing with malware.

Olivia hopes that her work and extensive research will help people defend themselves from malware attacks. She wants to increase users' awareness when it comes to online safety so that no computer would get infected.

When not working, Olivia loves being by herself, watching movies and reading books. To seek inspiration, she travels to distant countries.


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Posts published by Olivia Morelli

Ransomware attack. What can you do?

Ransomware attacks are increasing rapidly and threatening businesses and individuals worldwide. More
News   February 12, 2020  

What is 123vidz and how to remove it?

123vidz acts like a real HD streaming service, which should allow users to watch various HD video files like movies or music video clips. More
News   February 12, 2020  

The Best Free Browser Cleaners for faster and safer web browsing

You are probably aware of all the risks browsing the internet including, malicious URLs, phishing attacks, annoying toolbars or plug-ins. More
Security   February 12, 2020  

AVG vs. Panda: We will show you which is the top antivirus software of the two in 2020?

Are you confused about which antivirus software to select for security and privacy for your family in 2020? More
Security   February 05, 2020  

Avast vs. Panda: A full comparison of best antivirus software to get in 2020

When you see so many products that offer the same service, then there is always a high probability of picking the wrong candidate. More
Security   February 05, 2020  

VPN Unlimited review for 2020

VPN unlimited review and test results. Even though mostly used for entertainment, the Internet is not a very safe place. More
Privacy   February 05, 2020  

The short review of PrivateVPN services for 2020

PrivateVPNoffers users all the privacy and security features that are useful and needed for an average and advanced user. More
Privacy   February 04, 2020  

What are the Types of PC viruses in 2020?

A virus is a malicious program which is developed to infect vulnerable systems, gain admin control and steal user sensitive and personal data. More
News   February 03, 2020  

10 Disadvantages of VPN That You Should Know Before Using It (2020 update)

There are so many VPN service providers on the market and it is so difficult to choose the best one. More
News   February 03, 2020  

In-depth analysis and review of NordVPN (2020 edition)

Many countries censor various websites that you might want to access. More
Privacy   February 03, 2020  

The best VPNs for multiple devices in 2020

In this article, we are going to review the best VPNs for multiple devices that supports simultaneous connections. More
News   January 30, 2020  

Secure your PC with The Best VPN for Public Wi-Fi Hotspots in 2020

This article will cover the risks of using public WI-FI and how to prevent being hacked. More
News   January 29, 2020  
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