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Protect your devices against spyware: SpyHunter vs SpyRemover

This article provides a critical evaluation and comparison in order to choose the best spyware protection for users. More
News   November 28, 2017

Business owners expose sensitive company data on dating sites

Dating sites are popular among consumers. According to the report results, one in three people is dating online.More
News   November 28, 2017

The best Internet security for your Windows PC

According to Reviewed by Pro and other security firms, Internet security software is a must nowadays.More
News   November 27, 2017

Researchers found a way to stop Amazon Key Service hack

A brand new service launched in October, Amazon Key, offers deliveries inside the Amazon Prime members’ homes.More
News   November 27, 2017

Free Internet security against malware: AVG vs PANDA

You probably already know how important is to choose a security solution that is right for you.More
News   November 24, 2017

Uber data breach 2016: 57 million user accounts impacted

Uber Technologies disclosed that their data was breached in 2016.More
News   November 24, 2017

Hyatt Hotels Corporation attacked by credit card breach

Credit Card breach attacked Hyatt Corporation again. It is the second time since December 2015, when Hyatt hotel guests were informed about a possible danger of credit card breach. More
News   November 23, 2017

Bad Rabbit was found to include EternalRomance exploit

The Bad Rabbit ransomware was detected targeting businesses mainly in Russia and Ukraine.More
News   November 22, 2017

Cryptocurrency miners look for new ways to profit

We probably won’t surprise you that cryptocurrency mining requires a huge amount of computing power and serious investments to make it worthwhile.  According to cryptocurrency expert Jordan Tuwiner at Buy Bitcoin Worldwide, underpowered rigs are more likely to spend on electricity than they mine Bitcoin.More
News   November 22, 2017

Adult website xHamster attacked by fresh malvertising

Porn site xHamster is being targeted by large-scale malware attacks.More
News   November 22, 2017

Bad Rabbit hits Russian and Ukrainian businesses

A ransomware attack was directed at Russian-Based media outlets and enterprises in Ukraine including Odessa airport and public transportation system of Kiev.More
News   November 21, 2017

New Google Play Protect for Android. What is new?

Google announced the new comprehensive security suite for Android.More
News   November 21, 2017

Dating apps. Are they safe?

 Dating apps are one of the most popular methods of looking for a partner.More
News   November 21, 2017

‘High severity’ browser bug patched by Google

Google encourages consumers to get the latest Chrome browser update in order to prevent security problems related to high severity vulnerability. More
News   November 20, 2017

Microsoft servers are exploited to mine Monero

Cryptocurrency mining can be an expensive investment because it takes a huge volume of computing power.More
News   November 20, 2017
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