SOLVED - Avast secureline VPN Not Working With Netflix?

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Workaround for blocked Netflix with Avast Secureline VPN

What to do if you are living not in the United States or going for a holiday for some time and you would like to watch American Netflix[1]? Many users consider the problem when their access to Netflix is being blocked for unknown reasons while using Avast Secureline VPN[2]. In this article, we are going to review a workaround[3] for blocked Netflix with Avast Secureline VPN.

If you don’t have much time to read the whole article, there is the list of the best VPN alternatives to watch Netflix if  Avast secureline VPN fails:

  • ExpressVPN – one of the best VPN on the market, very good connections speed, very strong encryption[4], no log policy[5] and unlimited bandwidth. Suites perfectly to unblock and watch Netflix.
  • NordVPN – great VPN for any user, great user interface, a wide range of server selection around the globe, great support and no log policy. This VPN service provider is also offers unlimited bandwidth which makes is perfect for VPN for Netflix.
  • CyberGhostVPN – unlimited bandwidth, good connection speed, strong encryption, protection, and no log policy. Suites perfectly to unblock and watch Netflix.

So let’s start from the beginning and let’s remember who is who and how it works together.

What is Avast Secureline VPN?

Avast Secureline VPN[6] is a virtual private network which is used for data encryption while browsing the internet. It also can be used for changing users’ IP address and preventing ISP (internet service providers) from tracking and seeing online activities.

Also, Virtual private network (VPN) lets to keep your privacy and security at the highest level. VPN server scans all the data and gives you clean traffic without any viruses, malware, spyware, and adware.

It is worth to mention, that VPN slightly reduces an internet connection speed, but it is worth to sacrifice it for your own privacy and safety.

If you would like to know more about it, you can read Avast Secureline VPN review. We have prepared it for you before.

What is Netflix?

Netflix is an online media streaming company which was founded in 1997. At the moment it is the world’s leading internet entertainment service with more than 150 million users over 190 countries. Netflix provides the ability to watch a wide range of TV shows, movies, documentaries, and other media on thousands of Internet-connected devices. The users of Netflix can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments.

Does Avast VPN work with Netflix?

If you are the user of Avast secure line VPN, and you are trying to reach Netflix server, you should know that Avast secure line VPN servers are sharing a limited number of the IP address with other users.

netflix blocks vpn

When the different users with the same IP address are reaching the Netflix server, Netflix understands, that those users are using VPN service and blocks them. Avast secure line VPN was working fine with Netflix, but then it was blocked.

Why Netflix is using Geoblock?

The definition of Geo-blocking[7] – The algorithm of geo-blocking restricts access to specific content for a specific geographical location. This technique is very common also in entertainment industries which are offering paid online streaming.


As you may know, many media streaming service providers like Netflix or Hulu, are blocking their content for geographical reasons.

Media streaming companies also offer other types of content (not only movies and tv shows) which is owned by various vendors. This type of content is licensed, copyrighted and exclusive with geographical protection. It makes the content accessible only for particular countries only. These kinds of rights of ownership may differ in different countries and the same content can be modified for a specific country.

Also, the specific content can be offered on the limited time of period. In order to avoid copyrighted and licensed content violations, media streaming companies are using the algorithm of geo-blocking. It helps to offer selective content to the users of the specific country.

Many users around the world are using these services and many users want to solve the problem mentioned above.

What are the types of VPN blocks?

Netflix is using the most advanced VPN detection systems in the world. It makes sure that you couldn’t bypass them with VPN service. VPN service providers are working hard, to make more new IP address so their users could watch Netflix.

VPN service Blocking by IP

Netflix has its own databases with the VPN servers IP[8] addresses. Every IP address is checked by this database and if it matches with the blacklisted one, you will be banned automatically. Virtual private network service providers must create more and more new servers with the new IP address as possible to avoid those Netflix blocks.

VPN service blocking by Ports

Similar to IP address blocking, Netflix and other streaming companies are blocking most common ports used by VPN service providers and blocks them too.

VPN service blocking by Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)

Netflix is also using a DPI[9] technique – deep packet analysis. This algorithm is analyzing data packets that are moving inside and outside the network. By gathered data, an algorithm detects which traffic could come from the VPNs.

Which VPN works on Netflix?

We have been testing many VPNs for months. We could say that Avast Secureline VPN is a great VPN, but it gets harder and harder to bypass Netflix geo-blocking with it. From many VPN we have tested, we found a short list which still works well on bypassing Netflix restrictions around the globe. You can also test it by yourself for free, because of the 30-day money back guarantee. So here is the list of better VPN services than Avast Secureline VPN:


1. ExpressVPN


Available applications  available applications
Money-back guarantee 30-days
Rating  ratings

At the first place, we could name one of the most popular VPN service provider – ExpressVPN. This VPN service provider works in a market for many years and knows a lot about internet privacy. Moreover, it has great options and price ratio. Works great every time and we did not feel any connection speed slowdowns. Moreover, it unlocks American Netflix from any country of the world and concerned to be number one for unbaning variuos websited.

ExpressVPN can be used on many devices, operating system and browsers: Windows, iOS, Mac, Android, Linux, open-source routers, BlackBerrys, Kindle Fire, Chromebooks, Barnes & Noble Nook tablets, Apple TV, Fire TV, Omegle, PlayStation, Android TV box and others. It also has extensions for major browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
The network also offers unlimited bandwidth, which is the capacity to carry data. Server switches are also unlimited, meaning that the user can switch servers as much as they want, and no additional fees are implemented.




Compatible with many devices and platforms

High price

High level of security

Configuration limits

24/7 customer service

No ad blocker


It is also important to mention that you have the choice of 30-day money-back guarantee, so there are literally no risks to the user – you can get your money back if something goes wrong. Read more about ExpressVPN


2. NordVPN


Available applications  available applications NordVPN
Money-back guarantee 30-days
Rating  4.5 stars

The main features of NordVPN:

  • NordVPN secures user internet activity from hackers and malicious actors protect on Omegle and include Ad Blocker. In order to have the highest possible level of security, this VPN uses double data encryption. In other words, the data that goes between your device and the server is encrypted twice using Double VPN technology. The features include Military-grade Encryption, CyberSec, and Double VPN.
  • Privacy protection features ensure that no one can track users’ online activity. The features include a Strict no logs policy, Automatic Kill Switch, DNS leak protection, and Onion Over VPN.
  • NordVPN allows users to bypass geographical restrictions and censorship. It offers more than 5000 servers worldwide, Streaming, SmartPlay, P2P and speed features.
  • NordVPN also offers apps across all the major platforms and multiple devices, as well as extensions for Chrome and Firefox browsers.




Wide geographical reaches

Performance hits and drop connections

Double VPN for twice the encryption

A monthly plan might seem expensive

User-friendly and pleasant interface

Not clear ownership

NordVPN is compatible with Android, Windows, macOS, iOS, Android TV, Linux. It has browser add-ons for Google Chrome and Firefox. The VPN service also supports Windows Phone, open-source and branded routers. Read more about NordVPN


3. CyberGhostVPN


Available applications  available aps for cyberghost
Money-back guarantee 30-days
Rating  4 stars


The third place for the best VPN we are giving to CyberGhostVPN. This one and NordVPN are both popular and widely-used VPN services. CyberGhostVPN is one of the most user-friendly VPNs with great and useful features. Even though by using it you can experience interruptions and slowdowns, just like using NordVPN, CyberGhostVPN is more customizable and more affordable service, than NordVPN.

It uses the PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN, and IKEv2/IPSec tunneling protocols in order to create an encrypted connection. Users are able to set up manual connections without the CyberGhost VPN client software. The VPN service has about 3,000 servers in about 60 countries, which one of the widest geographic reaches. The countries range from Albania to Vietnam, but the list does not include China or Russia.



Offering one of the widest geographical reaches

Performance hits and slowdowns

A very informative user interface

Not many personalized options

Easy setup and quick to start

Rough reviews by third-parties

All data coming into the system gets AES-256 protection, which is actually pretty secure, and a user does not have to make any additional changes. The VPN service is relatively slow, as it took an average of 18 seconds to connect to the service. When it comes to the latency, CyberGhostVPN did not perform the best and around came in at 70 milliseconds. The downloading ability of the VPN service was 13.4, which is not the best result either. All in one, as you can see CyberGhostVPN offers users pretty slow performance speeds. Read more about CyberGhost

Is there a free VPN that works with Netflix?

There are many free VPN services on the market, but we do not recommend you to use it. We have tested many free VPN services and all of them is very similar to some factors:

  • Free VPN does not unblock Netflix in most of the cases
  • Free VPN does not encrypt your browsing data and makes it easier to access to the Hackers.
  • Free VPN is using your computer and internet resources by turning it into a VPN server for other users around the world
  • Free VPN service providers are gathering your browsing data and sell it to the marketing, advertising and data trading companies to make money
  • Free VPN service providers logs your data and can steal your usernames and passwords from your bank account, social profiles and emails.

You can try to search for a free VPN service, but you will be risking a lot by using it. If you are lucky, you can even find a free VPN to unblock Netflix for a short period of the time. Sooner or later it will be blocked anyway. One of the most popular free VPN Hola Blocked by Netflix, so you can save your time and don’t test it.

Final thoughts

If you are facing with the Netflix problems while using Avast Secureline VPN, we would recommend you to give a shot and try one of our recommended VPN service providers. You will not lose anything because of 30-days money back guarantee. Instead of using Netflix blocked VPN, you can unblock it easily in many countries. Moreover, you will always be able to choose a different IP address if it will be accidentally blocked. So don’t waste your time and try a better VPN service for Netflix.


  The best Firefox VPN 2019 - expressvpn The best Firefox VPN 2019 - nordvpn The best Firefox VPN 2019 - cyberghost
Download Speed 65.76 Mbps 65.29 Mbps 65.99 Mbps
Upload Speed 29.44 Mbps 28.41 Mbps 31.22 Mbps
Unblocks Netflix yes yes yes
Multi device support 5 6 5
Supported platforms 10 9 5
Torrenting friendly yes yes yes
Unlimited bandwidth yes yes yes
Customer support 10 10 9
$8.32 $6.14 $5.99
Visit website visit visit visit

Frequently asking questions

People ask us questions about the VPN and the use of it. There are some most popular questions and answers explained below:

What else can I do with the VPN?

VPN could be using various reasons and it can help you:

Before we didn’t even hear about the VPN, but nowadays many users cannot imagine their internet without a VPN service. Especially those people who live in the countries where laws are very strict and content censorship is in the first place (China, South Korea, Iran and so on).

Will Netflix ban me for using a VPN?

According to the Netflix policy, Netflix does not ban users which are using a VPN. It will not affect your account. The only thing which could happen, that your IP might be blocked.  If you want, you can use a VPN and it will not affect your subscription.

Is it illegal to use VPN to watch Netflix?

Many people asks is it legal to use a VPN for watching Netflix. The answer is Yes, because VPN as a service is legal in the all countries around the globe. The only thing, that Netflix don’t want you to watch their media from the abroad. You can fell free and use a VPN wherever you want.

How to set up a new VPN alternative for Avast Secure line VPN?

To set up a new VPN it is a simple process and you don’t need any special computer knowledge. You just need to pick up a desired VPN provider and do the following steps. You are not risking, because of 30 days money back guaranty.

1. Go to VPN service provider website.

2. Subscribe to service. You will receive a username and password.
3. Press download the VPN software.
4. Install it on your computers or smart devices or router.
5. Enter username and password.
7. Press Connect to the VPN server.
8. That’s it, try to connect to Netflix
9. Enjoy

This process will take for you around 2 minutes. You will have 30 days money back guaranty if you will not be satisfied with the service. I think that you will be satisfied because we have picked only those VPNs which are trustful and worth attention.

Our security team at Reviewed by Pro constantly tests new products in order to provide you with up-to-date information and reviews of the latest Internet security and antivirus applications, privacy solutions, recovery tools, and other utilities, not just for your Windows PC, but also for your Mac and Android devices.


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