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"Antivirus software analyst"

Alice Woods is an anti-malware analyst at Reviewedbypro.com. She is passionate about testing new pieces of software and discovering pros and cons of each program. Alice wants to help users choose the best anti-malware solutions according to their needs.

She is also interested in Virtual Private Networks as she believes that users must have the right to their online privacy and that everyone should have the possibility to access the websites they want. Alice is strongly user-oriented and will do anything to prevent online threats or help people remove the already-existing viruses from their devices.

As she works really hard during the day, Alice likes to relax in the evening with a cup of hot tea. She also loves traveling once in a while, and she takes dance lessons a few times per week.

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Posts published by Alice Woods

Hackers come through home routers

Our personal information on the internet wouldn‘t be so personal without the help of ethical hackers and security researches, who are constantly working to find as many security flaws as possible. More
News   May 07, 2018  

Why the RunDLL32.exe executable runs on Windows PC

Some users have reported about the rundll32.exe process. As you probably already know, Windows operating system includes a number of dynamic link libraries or DLLs. More
News   April 20, 2018  

How to resolve the Windows Update Error 0x80070bc2 in Windows 10

Many users reported about the error 0x80070bc2. The error usually appears while installing a new Windows update in Windows 10. More
News   April 18, 2018  

The BtvStack.exe process on Skype

There are instances that the BtvStack.exe process request users’ permission to use their Skype. More
News   April 10, 2018  

Bitdefender Total Security 2018 VS ESET Internet Security Premium 2018

An increasing number of malware targeting Windows devices are not a surprise. More
News   April 09, 2018  

The cpx.exe process. What is it and how to remove it

If you try to end the cpx.exe process in Task Manager, you will possibly fail. More
News   April 04, 2018  

Windows Remote Assistance flaw enables hackers to access your personal files

You are probably aware that sharing remote access to your computer with third-parties and untrusted people is not safe. More
News   March 26, 2018  

Do not become a crypto-mining bot

At the present time, there is a lot of speculation in cryptocurrency. More
News   March 08, 2018  

RedDrop mobile malware family threatens Android users

Google mobile operating system Android leads the global mobile market, however, Android users should take care of their smartphones and tablets due to an increasing number of malware targeting Android devices. More
News   March 06, 2018  

Free Antivirus for Windows: Panda Free Antivirus VS Microsoft Windows Defender

Windows PCs need strong antivirus systems because Windows is the most targeted operating system in the market. More
News   March 05, 2018  

Be aware of Onavo - Facebook’s Vampiric VPN Service

You should probably know that Facebook is not a privacy-oriented company, it is BIG Brother on PCP. More
News   February 28, 2018  

Avira Free Solutions for PC

If you want to receive complete protection for your PC for free, Avira provides its users Free Security and Privacy Solutions. More
News   February 26, 2018  
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