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"VPN service analyst"

Julie Splinters is a VPN service analyst at Reviewedbypro.com, who specializes in VPN services and anti-spyware applications. Her major of English Philology and her passion for IT helped her choose the path of an IT writer. She also speaks Japanese, as the Japanese culture is her passion.

Her deep interest in information technology and languages helped her become one of the lead news editors at Reviewedbypro.com, where she has worked for a few years already. Additionally, she works as a freelance English-Russian translator.

Julie is really active during her free time - she takes dance classes and enjoys martial arts. She also likes art, anime, and movies. Her favorite quote is "Never give up", which helps her achieve her goals.

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Posts published by Julie Splinters

China spies on the U.S. companies using tiny chips

China reportedly infiltrated almost 30 U.S. companies tech companies including Apple and Amazon using pencil lead sized spying chips. More
News   October 05, 2018  

Facebook announces a massive data breach: at least 50 million accounts impacted

Facebook Newsroom revealed a security issue affecting almost 50 million users. More
News   October 01, 2018  

Unpatched zero-day vulnerability affects all versions of Windows OS

A security researcher at Trend Micro has publicly disclosed a new zero-day bug which affects all versions of Microsoft Windows OS. More
News   September 25, 2018  

New flaw detected in Android operating system leaks data through WiFi

A new vulnerability has been discovered in the Google’s mobile operating system Android. More
News   September 06, 2018  

BullGuard Internet Security for Mac

BullGuard Internet Security for Mac offers a strong, multi-layered protection for multiple devices. More
Security   September 06, 2018  

Best antivirus protection for Android 2018

What's new for Android security in 2018?. This year, we have paid a lot of attention to mobile phone security software. More
News   September 06, 2018  

16-year-old hacker stole 90GB of Secure Files from Apple

Apple users across the globe thought that Apple servers are unhackable. More
News   August 20, 2018  

200,000 MikroTik Routers infected with Crypto Mining Malware

Three massive malware campaigns exploiting more than 200,000 vulnerable MiktoTik routers have been revealed. More
News   August 09, 2018  

Drupal sites vulnerable to hackers - Time for update

Drupal is one of the most popular and widely used content management systems. More
News   August 07, 2018  

Trend Micro Mobile Security for Android

Trend Micro Mobile Security for Android is developed by the Japanese multinational digital security software vendor Trend Micro Inc. More
Security   August 02, 2018  

Zemana Mobile Antivirus for Android

Zemana Mobile Antivirus was developed by a cybersecurity company called Zemana. More
Security   August 01, 2018  

Cryptocurrency-mining apps are officially banned from Google Play

Google has updated the official Google Play app store policy and banned cryptocurrency mining applications from the official app store. More
News   July 31, 2018  
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