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How to get unbanned from CamSurf?

Banned again on a Camsurf? Don’t worry, you came to the right place because, in this article, we are going to tell you how to get unbanned from Camsurf in the easiest ways.More
News   January 20, 2020

1.3 million customers' data is exposed

Private information of roughly 1.3 million people was leaked to the public involving their personal data and contact information when a Walmart jewelry partner that has links with Amazon Simple Storage Service was infiltrated. More
News   January 17, 2020

DNS codes to watch American Netflix on XBOX One, PS4 and XBOX 360

Watch American Netflix with PS4, Xbox by changing DNS codes. More
News   December 13, 2019

Best torrent sites for anime

Anime lovers like to keep their bought or downloaded anime movies in their computers or external disk drives.More
News   December 11, 2019

What is 5 Eyes, 9 Eyes, and 14 Eyes?

All the conspiracies related to government that we used to think as fiction from the movies turned real when Edward Snowden exposed everything in 2013. More
News   December 9, 2019

How to Get Unbanned from Holla?

VPN is one of the best and smartest ways to make sure that you get unbanned from Holla.More
News   November 14, 2019

What is dirty tinder virus and how to remove it?

What is Dirty Tinder virus? Dirty Tinder is a new malware which was reported at the end of the 2018 year.More
News   March 18, 2019

Windows Defender is blocked by Group Policy

If you keep receiving a message This app is turned off by group policy when you are trying to access Windows Defender security application, you might be dealing with malware or virus.More
News   November 17, 2018

New side-channel flaw in Intel CPUs could allow hackers to steal sensitive data

A new serious side-channel vulnerability has been discovered in Intel CPUs by a team of security researchers.More
News   November 6, 2018

200,000 MikroTik Routers infected with Crypto Mining Malware

Over 200,000 internet routers of the Latvian company MikroTik got infected by a crypto mining software called Coinhive that prompts the routing device to mine cryptocurrency for the hacker behind the attack. More
News   August 9, 2018

Massive malware campaign infected 5 million Android devices

Did you know that a recent malware attack called the RottenSys infected as much as 5 million android devices, which put the users of all of those devices at risk of getting hacked and having their data stolen? More
News   March 22, 2018

Be aware of Onavo - Facebook’s Vampiric VPN Service

You should probably know that Facebook is not a privacy-oriented company, it is BIG Brother on PCP.More
News   February 28, 2018

How to remove Advanced Mac Cleaner

Advanced Mac Cleaner – an annoying suspicious program attacking Mac OS X. More
News   February 5, 2018

Two-Factor Authentication. Which method is the best to use?

Two-factor authentication could the most effective way to protect your accounts.More
News   January 29, 2018

Malwarebytes VS Plumbytes technical comparison 2019

Two modern Internet security packages Malwarebytes and Plumbytes Anti-Malware are compared in this article.More
News   December 19, 2017