XBash - Ransomware, Cryptocurrency Mining and Botnet. All in one

XBash targets Linus and Windows systems

Have you ever heard of a virus that is deadly ransomware, crypto mining tool, and a botnet? Well, the XBash virus is all three of them in one and bad news for users of Windows and Linux.

The more technology is getting convenient and more comfortable for the user, the more are the chances of cyberattacks getting initiated by hackers around the world. The game of cat and mouse between ethics and evil has been around since the dawn of time, which has evolved with the course of time.

Due to the high level of dependence on digital mediums for the sake of establishing personal connectivity and doing business now, the whole dynamic has shifted to stealing information and valuables form average people through their digital wallets in the form of ransomware, crypto mining(extortion), and others. XBash is among the newer and more deadlier ways of such petty data-stealing attempts by criminals

XBash is a fatal new malware developed by an old Chinese hack group

Found and destructive in the Windows and Linux operating system, XBash is a deadly form of malware. It contains hacking and invasive features like ransomware(encrypting someone data without their consent and offer to decrypt it upon collecting a specified ransom sum), cryptocurrency miner(hackers using your computer to mine their crypto coins), and botnet/DDoS(a dedicated distributed denial-of-service attack to steal data and send spam).

According to several security experts known for identifying such level of threats, XBash is a unique malware that is capable of spreading but has similar abilities to other versions of malware like WannaCry or Petya

XBash Malware infects the network more quickly than most viruses

XBash once entering into the computer system and upon reaching its intended trigger conditions spreads around the network like wildfire and damage it entirely while encrypting every file inside until you pay a hefty sum to the hackers.
Python is the source of computer language behind the malware, which is among the most accessible, easy, and open-source platforms in the world. So much so is the extreme level of potency of XBash malware that it instantly goes after hunts for vulnerable and weak web services.

It also removes the databases of the network, including MySQL and PostgreSQL, while working on the Linux operating system’s servers upon finding an open port and installing a ransom note. These abilities are a part of Xbash’s ransomware capabilities, which doesn’t permit any recovery software to get the encrypted data back in any way or the other.

Though XBash hasn’t inflicted much damage on the Windows platform, it is still pretty much a cross-platform malware that is causing high vulnerabilities on Linux in the form of ransomware and on windows in the form of crypto mining.

The hacker behind the XBash malware has not to be known to decrypt the data of the victim upon receiving the ransom amount, which indicated that you should not succumb to the demands of such groups and instead opting for precautions mentioned in the next section.

Protect yourself from XBash Malware by tightening the security of your network

It is better safe than sorry is arguably one of the most authentic quotes of all time, which encourages every individual to hope for the best but arrange for the worst. You could apply a similar quote under the scenario involving malware protection for your device and an inevitable attempt at stealing your data. There are several things that you could use to preserve the safety of your files and devices, and we will discuss some of them in the section below:

  • Always change your login credentials of all of your social media and banking accounts regularly. If not that, these platforms offer default credentials at the start of forming the account that you should change at the first opportunity you get;
  • It is also vital to use unswerving and unique passwords for all such accounts as average passwords are easily hackable, and there are several tools that the hacker possesses to decrypt your passwords. It is vital to keep the criminals guessing;
  • Operating systems and your conventional computer software bring out the latest updates to strengthen their security protocols according to the latest trends around the globe in terms of virus protection. It is highly dangerous to avoid such updates as even a small bit of outdatedness could bring out an opening for malware like XBash to infiltrate your device, which is why you should keep your OS and other programs up-to-date;
  • Third-party web platforms to download programs and files are not trustworthy and are a significant hub for malware like XBash everywhere. These platforms include torrent sites and URLs to download apk apps for your smartphones. It is best to avoid downloading and running untrusted files or clicking links that are not verified by any trustworthy security source;
  • There is no way of knowing how ransomware like XBash could creep into your device. If that happens, the last thing you should do is paying the ransom, which is equivalent to bowing down to the ways of the criminal. Such things will never bother you in the first place if you keep a steady and regular backup of your data.
  • You should invest in antivirus software of some kind after thorough research that is capable of identifying all the latest ransomware and malware circling the world of the internet. This investment is necessary if you rely too much on the digital platform to perform your everyday endeavors involving your professional and personal life;

XBash is one of many malware threats we are facing today – Final Thoughts

Committing evil is among the harshest realities of the world, and there are only a few ways to stop that. Initiating a malware like XBash to destroy the digital belongings of a typical individual is one of them. Understanding the vulnerabilities of the network and the digital platform is vital before relying on it too much, which is why you should opt for the precautionary measures mentioned above to prevent something like XBash malware from dictating your life.

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