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How to stay safe while shopping online

Shopping online has become as normal as going to a local store to buy some milk - everyone is doing it in one way or another.More
News   September 26, 2017

9 tips to protect your computer from malware

Malware is something many people are constantly dreading about.More
News   September 25, 2017

Small business owners should care more about IT security

Small companies and hacker attacks. Small businesses are often quite vulnerable to cyber attacks.More
News   September 20, 2017

7 reasons to invest in a good anti-malware tool

Today’s market is full of various antivirus applications. While some try to find out about different programs as much as possible in order to choose the best one, others neglect the fact that the Internet is full of threats and do not bother to download a security tool at all. More
News   September 18, 2017

500 infected applications removed from Google Play Store

Even seemingly reliable online stores can make mistakes, as we can see with the recent events related to the Google Play Store.More
News   August 30, 2017

Users’ privacy violated by Hotspot Shield VPN

VPNs are meant to be a safe zone on the Internet, sheltering you from malicious hackers, Internet providers, and the government by concealing your real IP access and encrypting your connection.More
News   August 24, 2017
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