Does Verizon throttle your internet connection?

Does Verizon throttle internet? Does Verizon throttle internet?

In this article, we are going to teach you how to know if Verizon throttles the internet and how to stop it. Before reading the article, we would like to introduce you to some facts from the past. Verizon[1] is an American Telecommunication company which was established in the 2000 year. Today it is considered to be one of the biggest internet service provider in the United States. Some years ago, there were many complaints from Verizon users about slow internet connection while streaming online videos.

In 2017 years it was officially caught throttling internet [2]. After obvious evidence, Verizon admitted throttling the internet for Netflix[3] and YouTube[4] traffic. In apparent, the company has violated the neutrality of the net[5]. In fact, Verizon did admin that they have throttled the speed for heavy internet users and promised not to do it anymore. So what is the situation today? Does Verizon still throttle the internet? Keep reading and uncover the truth.

How to tell if Verizon throttle your internet?

The customers of Verizon might feel the slow performance of YouTube and Netflix applications. Also torrenting might be downloading and uploading very slowly. It is the first signs that your internet connection might be throttled. Of course, there might be other issues related to your in-house technical equipment, but here is the way how you can check it.

Internet service providers can save much money on the network equipment by throttling the internet speed. In such a way they do compensate network overloads. Heavy internet users who like streaming online videos, downloading and seeding torrents are overloading the network were perfect candidates for throttled internet.

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You should do some internet tests and see what it says. The first one internet connection test is This tool was developed by Netflix. It is quite good for checking is you ISP throttle your internet. In the case of throttling, the test will show slow internet connection while streaming Netflix, YouTube or torrenting.

Another great tool for testing your internet connection is developed by This test helps you to identify does your ISP throttle internet. The test takes 5 steps which will help to identify your internet connection health.

Note: If you run this test, your VPN or Proxy should be turned off. Otherwise, it won’t work.

And the last, but not the worst internet speed test is The process of testing is very easy and similar to the other ones. Open Netflix in your browser, play the movie and run the test at the same time. Or start the torrent software with active download/upload tasks. If you will notice that internet connection is much slower than usually is, that it means that your internet connection might be throttled.

So know you know how to test your internet connection and find out does Verizon throttle your internet. But what to do next if you want to stop your ISP from internet throttle?

The best way to stop your ISP from internet throttle is a VPN.

If you want to stop that internet throttle game with Verizon, you should use a VPN (a virtual private network). For those who still don’t know what VPN is, we will explain it briefly. It is a service which encrypts your internet traffic and changes your IP. It is used by people around the world in many ways.

VPN gives you the freedom on the internet, because of your data encryption and anonymity. Nobody can see what websites you are visiting, how many time do you spend there and what symbols you are typing in.

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Even your internet service provider cannot see what websites you are visiting, because of an encrypted data package which comes out from your devices to the VPN server and back. Also, it makes your connection secure from hackers and government. It very important in those countries where internet censorship is at the top level.

As it was mentioned before, VPN encrypts your browsing data and Verizon cannot see what websites you are visiting. If they cannot see what websites you are visiting, they cannot throttle the internet. Otherwise, they should throttle all your traffic, but it would be out of your internet agreement with Verizon. So, data encryption helps in this way.

How choose the best VPN for stopping Verizon from internet throttling?

There are thousands of VPN service providers around the world, and only a small part of them are trustworthy. If you want a reliable VPN that is capable of bypassing Verizon internet throttle, pay attention at those factors:

  • Internet connection speed – a reliable VPN service should be fast, otherwise, it will slow down your internet speed more than Verizon throttle. As you might already know, VPN can slow down internet connection due to their encryption processes. If the VPN server is overloaded, or equipment is outdated, you cannot expect fast internet connection, because of the slow execution of encryption algorithms.
  • Security features – if you like torrenting, you should choose the VPN service which can offer “kill-switch” function. This function closes the direct connection to Verizon if your connection to VPN server was lost. If you like shopping online, you should choose a VPN which offers AEN-256bit encryption mode, it will keep you safe from hackers. If you like to visiting adult websites, you should look for a function “DNS leak” which will prevent Verizon from seeing what websites you were visiting, if some DNS requests would not be encrypted. Altogether, why not to choose the service with all mentioned functions in one packet, right?
  • Support – Sometimes it looks like the support is not so important, because we do not use it so often. But trust me, when you are experiencing some difficulties with the slow internet connection or logging, it is nice when support works 24/7 and solves the problems in minutes.
  • Price – may be the price is not the most important factor while choosing a VPN, but why not to save some money, right? We have picked for you only the best VPN for the best money and quality ratio.

Avoid Free VPN; it won't help you of bypassing Verizon internet throttling.

There are no free things on this earth. Every time you are taking a free thing or service, you pay in a different way, not in money. The same situation is with a free VPN service. We have tested and analyzed more than 20 free VPN service and we were very disappointed. In most of the cases, you need to install the application on your computer which turns it into the botnet. It means, that your computer will start to serves to other users as VPN servers do.

Moreover, free VPN service in most of the cases do not encrypt data and makes it even more accessible to hackers.

Finally, almost every free VPN service providers collect all your browsing data and sell it to the third party companies like marketing agencies, data traders or spammers. Free cheese is only for the mousses, so better avoid free VPN services.

Options free VPN paid VPN
Changes your IP yes yes
Unlimited bandwidth Does Verizon throttle internet? yes
Fast internet connection Does Verizon throttle internet? yes
No-logs, no tracking Does Verizon throttle internet? yes
No annoying ads Does Verizon throttle internet? yes
Millitary-grade encryption Does Verizon throttle internet? yes
Wide range of server selection Does Verizon throttle internet? yes
Customer support Does Verizon throttle internet? yes

Use a reliable VPN and stop Verizon from internet throttling forever

If you did the internet speed tests and noticed that Verizon might throttle your internet, you should act quickly and try a professional VPN service. VPN will encrypt your data and Verizon will not see what websites you are visiting. In this case, they can’t throttle your internet. As it was mentioned before, you should choose only the reliable VPN service provider for maximum performance, privacy and security. Our evaluation list of VPN services is tested and trustworthy.

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