How to unblock 1337x safely by using a proxy and alternative sites?

How to unblock 1337x How to unblock 1337x

If you are worried that the 1337x torrent website is blocked. Do not worry, and change it into a hurry to unblock it! In this article, we are going to reveal to How to Unblock 1337x. to torrent websites. The most annoying thing is that when you are surfing to search about your favorite movie or drama episode and your browser screen suddenly enlighten with “Access Denied.” 

Downloading content from a torrent website is always a troublesome task. People around the globe used 1337x torrent website proxy to download movies, dramas and TV shows etc. People also use it to download the latest games, software, popular tunes and e-books.  

This Website was formed in 2007, but due to its advanced searching facilitates and easy access to data, it became the most unique and popular web proxy in 2018. 

1337x grasps the same tradition and provides a direct source of directory of torrent files and magnet web links for associate file sharing with the BitTorrent scheme. Holding a free torrent directory site 1337x is accessible to each person.  

1337x proxy is Blocked for a reason

Large production companies such as Disney, Paramount Pictures, Universal studio, Warner Bros Productions suffer huge losses every year due to the existence of torrent-type sites. Instead of buyers paying for content, they can download them for free from torrent sites. The 1337x server provides illegal access to copyrighted content and allows millions of people worldwide to access, share and watch it for free. 

For the same reason, countries also suffer significant losses without receiving income tax on the content sold. Government agencies have begun helping producers protect copyrighted content by blocking all torrent sites around the world.

  • Blocking at ISP level – Internet service providers (ISP) are blocking torrenting websites like 1337x in the countries with stringent and copyright licensed laws. Due to this reason, the residents of these countries will not have access to the 1337x Website. ISP does that by blocking your access to these sites and suppress your download speed to -protect copyright content. As a result, the Website couldn't open due to technical issues.
  • Blocking at the IP address level – ISPs block the Website's IP address via a windows firewall to stop this Website on the IP address level. Blocking of the 1337x Website at the IP address level can easily unblock by using a good quality of VPN rather than providing you with a nothing IP address via DNS servers. As a result, it shows that such kind of blocking can be undone by you have to avoid the use of a firewall and use a VPN to access the Internet rather than ISP. 

3 Easy Methods to Unblock 1337x Torrent Website

It's a challenging task to block a website ultimately because different tools and ways provide you access to the blocked websites in your resident state. There are many reasons in the back of securing a website; the one major factor is piracy; almost every torrent website infringing the copyright rules and regulations. Correspondingly the leading advisory of ISP blocks these websites online in any state. 

Here in this chapter, we share the three most accessible ways to unblock the 1337x torrent website to save your time. So, follow the below-mentioned instructions.

1. Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the most trustworthy and prime option to reach the Internet without revealing your actual IP address. While using VPN, your Internet Service Providers can't track you, so you can use torrent websites like 1337x without annoying and save from blocking at the ISP level. VPNs change your server from ISP to others.   

VPN premium versions are the best choice for you. Because they can provide you with the best facility of protecting your browsing with high privacy, they might cost. Still, they can value your money and genuinely cares about your privacy and security. Now ISP is entirely unable to sense the data accessed by you, so no websites' blocking occurs. 

VPN features:

Must keep an eye on the following elements before targeting any VPN. A VPN having all these features is a superb quality choice for you.  

  • Peer to peer availability 
  • Super-Fast browsing speed 
  • Strong privacy and security protection 

Most reliable VPN to Unblock and different Torrent sites: 

There are a lot of VPN providers in the online industry, so that you can choose the reliable one for you according to our requirements. It means that not all VPNs are equal in their features, and not all meets your demands.  

2. The Tor browser

The Tor browser is the next best option for you to access the blocked 1337 sites online unidentified. Due to its IP hiding capability its highly in demand these days. The Tor Browser is a simple browser that provides you with access to blocked websites without showing your actual IP address. Now access to the 1337x proxy Website is just a hand away from you because it hides your real Ip address under 3 or 4 Tor IP addresses. So, it's almost impossible for ISP to detect your actual Ip address and add it to the block list.  

Tor Browser is entirely free of cost, and it's designed by the U.S. Navy to get access to the blocked network online data with ease. Now it's the eye star of most hackers because of its presence in the list of legal browsers and your IP in safe hands and can't tune any more due to only this non-profit organization. Now hurry up to get this free of cost offer. Go to their main Website click on the download button. Install it on your personal computer or laptop and get rid of your worries about privacy protection and enjoy the online world with anonymous addresses.  

3. Web Proxy

Last but not the least option to get entry into the blocked 1337x torrent website in your residential area or any other visiting state is to use an internet proxy. Before that, you may not be aware of using a web proxy. But today, I made it very easy for you. For instance, suppose you are looking in without using any broker. Due to the lack of a proxy element, it's elementary to detect where you are searching for and your IP address and your working browser type. The Internet service providers ISPs also works in the same manner. 

But suppose you are visiting the Website by using a web proxy. In that case, I can't reach your details, as mentioned earlier, because now you don't see the directly. There are a middle web proxy and the proxy requests to load the URL in the web proxy servers and after that is appears you on your browser. You have to choose the best web proxy for you as many free or paid web proxy sites are available online.  

3 Best 1337x Torrent Alternative sites

Torrent websites are still among the most used websites. But due to some ban issues by higher authorities, it's annoying to reach out to any one of them. So, to get rid of your worries, we have listed some torrent alternative sites that help you the most when the torrent 1337x proxy site server slows down.  


Zooqle, also known as Zoogle, is on the top in the world of peer to peer sharing. It's a user-friendly and most used proxy site that proves beneficial for its users to download movies, dramas, games, software, comic books and many more. Its a super-fast and most reliable website. You can search for the latest upcoming movies, TV serials and a lot more things. You can also filter your searches in the top right corner filter box according to your language and quality taste in a queue form. This site almost contains all the data as available on different torrent sites. During the last few years, the traffic on this site is peaked because of its data availability feature. 

The Pirates Bay

 A Swedish company creates The Pirate Bay in 2003, available in more than 35 languages. With its fast speed and secure connection, it proves the best and most preferred alternative of the 1337x proxy site. The Pirates Bay is the best data providing site on earth with 100 million users per month. Its primary interface is straightforward, containing a search box. You have to select the category like audio-video games and apps in the side box, and less than a moment, the required data comes on to the screen.


RARBG is the most secure Alternatives to1337x, which works on a similar file-sharing method. Currently, RARBG is the most preferred torrent site on the web, where users can create an account and post the torrent file. From releasing the year 2008 till today, RRBG highly in demand and on top of love by its users. RARBG same as other torrent sites banned by the Governments of different states around the globe. RARBG has more than 90 million monthly visitors, and its increasing day by day.

The mirror sites of 1337x

Link Status Speed ONLINE Very Fast ONLINE Fast
https://1337× ONLINE Fast ONLINE Very Fast ONLINE Very Fast ONLINE Very Fast ONLINE Normal ONLINE Fast ONLINE Normal ONLINE Very Fast ONLINE Very Fast ONLINE Normal ONLINE Fast ONLINE Very Fast ONLINE Slow ONLINE Very Fast ONLINE Very Fast ONLINE Very Fast ONLINE Normal


To sum up

In conclusion, I would like to emphasize that sites like 1337x are illegal, and their use may incur legal liability. Therefore, when you start using torrent sites, you must change your IP address with a VPN's help.

Of course, we always recommend using only legal content and paying a small fee for it so the creators could create an even better movie next time. Well, even here, it is already a matter of your conscience. It is also worth mentioning that many malware and computer viruses can be found on such sites.

We also recommend using antivirus software to protect your computer. After this paragraph, we also provide a structured table with recommended VPN service providers.

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