How to access Zooqle safely and anonymously (Mirror sites included)?

How to access Zooqle safely and anonymously (Mirror sites included)?How to access Zooqle safely and anonymously (Mirror sites included)?

If you have not heard of Zooqle before, it is a site that caters to torrent files for PDFs, Tv Episodes, movies, games, and anime. The site has around 2000 trackers underpinning it; with over 3.5 million verified torrents, Zooqle is one of the biggest torrent sites ever. To access the site, all you need is a BitTorrent. You can always find anything you are looking for on Zooqle for free.

The abundance of torrents makes Zooqle famous since it has a vast database of torrents. It is a great site for torrent downloaders.

Is it safe to access websites like Zooqle?

Many countries have different perspectives regarding torrenting, and there is a big debate going on globally on the legalization of downloading torrents. Some countries like Romania and Greece consider it illegal because, according to them, torrenting breaks copyright laws and prevent people from buying content since it can easily be downloaded. Countries like Switzerland, Spain, and the Netherlands consider torrenting as ordinary file sharing and should be legal provided no one makes profit out of it. Countries such as Mexico have no interest, while the USA is still conservative.

As mentioned, due to the varying views on torrenting, countries that have banned torrent sites do so because of the following reasons:

NSFW File issues

To reduce the sharing of pornographic child images, governments like the UK have blocked torrents since torrents pose a threat to children's safety. For example, it is easy to mask a file by labeling with a name like 'homework.png' when, in reality, it contains erotic images. One of the ban's reasons is true because of many NSFW files shared through torrenting. It is many governments' responsibility to preserve the cleanliness of the internet to its users, and hence many choose to block Zooqle to prevent the spread of online NSFW content.

Piracy concerns

Many countries have banned Zooqle sites because of piracy. It is quite easy to share files through torrenting, and people can share almost everything you can imagine of such as games, movies, and music. The idea is to have the file on your computer, and that is it. Piracy comes into play when one person purchases a DVD of a movie legitimately, but the individual decides to share the film with the rest of the world through Zooqle. These people will make the movie's original owner lose money since people will begin downloading it online without purchasing the DVD.

Security issues

Using Zooqle exposes your IP address to the rest of the world since the software detects the file's source and the devices currently downloading the content. Practically you can try downloading a file using torrent software like Vuze or BitTorrent and searching for a tab that says 'Sources' here; you will see the different Internet Protocol addresses of people uploading downloading the file online. Cyber attackers can use the exposed IP addresses to hack data since IP address is like your home's physical address that might become a primary target to illicit individuals if exposed to them and you become vulnerable to an attack or theft.

proxy sites that hide the IP addresses and allow people to upload and download content with a lesser risk of being hacked, governments might not know about these mirror sites' existence enabling users to download content from Zooqle as they please despite the blocks. 

Malware risks

Malware is one of the most common risks that users of Zooqle face. The file you have downloaded from a source may contain a virus, and you don't even know. The act of downloading virus-affected content can easily cripple your computer system. It is advisable after downloading a torrent file from a Zooqle; you should scan it using a trusted anti-virus program to check if the file is infected with malware content.

How to access blocked Zooqle Safely and Privately?

If you are trying to access Zooqle and it is blocked specifically on your internet connection, you will need to use a VPN. It normally helps in improving website metrics as sites receive traffic anonymously and hence increase their conversion rates. Websites can be blocked on Government and Internet service provider level.

Banned sites can be accessed safely using a VPN; it changes your IP and builds an encrypted data tunnel between the user and the servers. The VPN helps protect your identity and location as the VPN masks both; this will ensure your incoming and outgoing data protection.

Method #1:  Always use a VPN to protect your privacy while visiting sites like Zooqle

As mentioned, one of the reasons to use a Virtual Private Network is to keep your information private and secure. And not all VPNs are up to that task or comparable when it comes to Privacy as many lack protection against the leak of personal data as some even log information and hand them to third parties such as government agencies and advertisers.

Here is a list of best VPN solutions for Privacy.


How to access Zooqle safely and anonymously (Mirror sites included)?
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NordVPN is low cost and offers you all you need in a reliable, private VPN; it is a great choice for budget-conscious users who require Privacy.


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CyberGhostVPN is user friendly with no logs, great for streaming and downloading online content.


It is a newcomer that is making waves with amazing unblocking abilities and other additional security features.

It is important to note that most VPNs claim to offer Privacy; Privacy is delivered in varying levels, and VPNs will perform differently in other areas such as server network, speed, and customer support. The recommended VPNs for Privacy above are based on the following criteria.

  • Strong encryption
  • Fast and reliable speeds
  • Solid customer support
  • Strict no-logging policy
  • Ability to bypass geo-restrictions
  • Leak protection and a kill switch

Method #2: Try using Proxy websites if Zooqle is blockes in your country

On the internet, thousands of proxy websites will make your browsing experience unrestricted. A proxy website will act as a moderator between the server site and the user. The proxy will camouflage the blocked site from the Internet Service Provider (ISPs) and access the blocked websites. To get a proxy website is simple; you need to do a Google or Bing search.

Method #3: Use an IP rather than URL

In a few cases, IP will work for the blocked websites since sometimes the blocked website is stored as a list of URLs. Applying IP will give you access to blocked websites. To get the IP address for a website, do a ping in the command prompt. If the website has a hidden IP, all you need to do is to run CMD on your computer and type “ping” and then press Enter; this will return the IP address promptly that you will need to enter in the address bar and proceed. Or visit website “” enter the url and you will get the IP address.

Method #4: Use of Chrome Extensions to Bypass

Extensions can give access to dynamic sites such as YouTube and Facebook.

Method #5: Use Google Translate

Many countries do not ban Google Translate; this means you can bypass a blocked site's restrictions by converting it to various languages that you know. You can try it now and see how it works as it is a simple way of gaining access to blocked sites. Microsoft Bing translation service can help you unblock a site.

Zooqle Proxy and Mirror Sites

Proxy and mirror sites are usually replicas of the original sites that offer similar content like the original one.

Below are the mirror sites of Zooqle that you can access anytime you are having trouble accessing the original one.

URL Country Status United Kingdom Works Russia Works Spain Works United States Works Germany Works United States Works United Kingdom Works France Works Netherlands Works United States Works

How to set up a VPN to access Zooqle safely and annonymously?

Here is a short step-by-step guide on how to set up the VPN. It is a straightforward process and you will be able to connect any site from anywhere safely.

  1. Choose a VPN Service Provider– There is a good number of VPN service providers in the market today. Choosing the perfect VPN boils down to your requirements. The VPN you choose should support your browser and operating system.
  2. Download and Install VPN of your choice
    After picking the VPN of your choice, you need to download and install it. Every provider of VPN offers you detailed instructions on the download and install the VPN.For example, ExpressVPN has a video on its website to help users install the VPN on their device.
  3. Launch VPN – To launch the VPN, you need to double click on the VPN icon through the start menu.
  4. Choose the location of the serve – This step is most important; if the website you want to access is blocked in your country or region, you need to pick another server apart from your country. If you would like to access content from a particular country such as Bulgaria, the US, Brazil, or France, you choose the right server. You can always change the server anytime you want.
  5. That's all folks – After choosing the server location you want, you can now browse through the internet without any restrictions, and if by any chance, you still cannot browse the blocked websites, try changing the server location.

To conclude

for now, you are aware of the fact that many countries ban Zooqle, and you need to go for Zooqle mirror sites. You can always bypass the banned sites using a VPN, which is recommended for safety and protection. For the best VPN, go for ExpressVPN, NordVPN, or CyberGhostVPN.

Zooqle sites can be dangerous as they pose a greater risk while accessing them. You might come across copyrighted files and viruses or malware, and finding a trusted source is often difficult.

Zooqle site has become popular for many people to download, upload, and share files for legitimate and illegitimate businesses. Torrents debate is still ongoing worldwide, and where countries such as India where such a site is illegal, it becomes easy for you to get involved in unlawful or malicious activities. If you are going to use Zooqle to download files, you need to stay safe by downloading legal torrents only and always scan all the files with an anti-virus program. I hope this article was an eye-opener. Let us all keep safe and enjoy unlimited web browsing! 

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