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"Malware and spyware analyst"

Lucia Danes is a news editor at Reviewedbypro.com. She is extremely passionate when it comes to helping people deal with various online threats, so she wants her articles to be understood even by those with no IT background. For each article, she gathers a lot of detailed information and presents it in the most understandable way possible. In this way, her content is both informative and easy to read.

Lucia has always been interested in graphic design and online marketing. These two interests affected her greatly, as she started analysing various visual tactics (such as fake ads), which are used by hackers to spread malware on the Internet. She then began writing a blog, in which she taught users the ways to avoid malicious threats while browsing.

She also participates in various InfoSec courses where she learns new things every time. Lucia believes that constant training is essential when you work in IT.

When it comes to user questions on Reviewedbypro, Lucia is always there to help people solve their problems. She is also eager to create tutorials for various security applications. In her free time, she tries to be with her friends and family as much as possible.


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Posts published by Lucia Danes

SpyHunter Spyware HelpDesk

If you need additional help with your infected PC or notice that your computer is acting weirdly, SpyHunter Spyware HelpDesk would be the right solution for you. More
News   January 10, 2018  

DriveSecurity Powered by ESET

Viruses and other malware that are distributed within USB drives could be very dangerous. More
News   January 09, 2018  

Windows Defender Security Center App

Windows Operating systems are targeted by cyber criminals more than any other operating system. More
News   January 07, 2018  

G DATA AntiVirus VS ESET NOD32 AntiVirus

This article will provide the comparison of Internet security packages G Data Antivirus and ESET NOD32 Antivirus. More
News   January 05, 2018  

Norton Power Eraser

If you want to ensure that your computer is 100% malware-free, check out the advanced eraser tool from Norton by Symantec – Norton Power Eraser. More
News   January 04, 2018  

Norton Mobile Security and Antivirus

There is probably no need to tell you about the need for mobile antivirus. More
News   January 02, 2018  

Substitute Phone. Ease your addiction

A Substitute Phone was designed to decrease a rapidly growing addiction to smart devices. More
News   December 01, 2017  

Researchers found a way to stop Amazon Key Service hack

A brand new service launched in October, Amazon Key, offers deliveries inside the Amazon Prime members’ homes. More
News   November 27, 2017  

Uber data breach 2016: 57 million user accounts impacted

Uber Technologies disclosed that their data was breached in 2016. More
News   November 24, 2017  

Only half of lost USB sticks are returned to owners. What happens to the others?

ESET, the Internet security company based in the United Kingdom has conducted a research about USB sticks and other mobile handsets and dry cleaners. More
News   November 13, 2017  

IoT Reaper in comparison with Mirai

Researchers have uncovered a botnet which exploits unpatched flaws and enslaves computers and other smart devices. More
News   November 09, 2017  

Vulnerabilities detected in smartwatches for children

Parents take advantage of wearable IoT devices, such as smartwatches to keep an eye on their children. More
News   November 08, 2017  
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