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"Malware and spyware analyst"

Lucia Danes is a news editor at Reviewedbypro.com. She is extremely passionate when it comes to helping people deal with various online threats, so she wants her articles to be understood even by those with no IT background. For each article, she gathers a lot of detailed information and presents it in the most understandable way possible. In this way, her content is both informative and easy to read.

Lucia has always been interested in graphic design and online marketing. These two interests affected her greatly, as she started analysing various visual tactics (such as fake ads), which are used by hackers to spread malware on the Internet. She then began writing a blog, in which she taught users the ways to avoid malicious threats while browsing.

She also participates in various InfoSec courses where she learns new things every time. Lucia believes that constant training is essential when you work in IT.

When it comes to user questions on Reviewedbypro, Lucia is always there to help people solve their problems. She is also eager to create tutorials for various security applications. In her free time, she tries to be with her friends and family as much as possible.


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