AirfVPN blocked by Netflix? fix it now

What to do if AirVPN was blocked by Netflix?What to do if AirVPN was blocked by Netflix?

AirVPN is an excellent VPN service, but sometimes it is not working with Netflix. Many people around the world are asking “Does AirVPN work with Netflix?” or trying to solve the Netflix blocked problem, but not always they find the best solution. We took this case to our investigation and prepared you for the manual on how to stream Netflix with AirVPN.

Try the alternative VPNs:

  • ExpressVPN – offers 3000 servers to open Netflix of any region you desire to view the content you like at a mere cost of $6.67/month;
  • NordVPN – overs more than 1500 out of 5000+ servers in North America alone to enable access to Netflix US, which you can apply after subscribing to its service starting from $3.49/month;
  • CyberGhostVPN – not only offers excellent security measures but also can bypass geo-restrictions to open Netflix at the cost of $3.69/month

Unblock and make Netflix work with AirVPN by the following methods

We have tested many various methods on how to get through the Netflix bad, but many of them did not work out. We have written down those methods that worked. Keep reading, and you will get some ideas on what to do when AirVPN does not work with Netflix.

1. Contact AirVPN support center

The fastest and the cheapest method while trying unblocking Netflix with AirVPN is to reach out to the customer support center. AirVPN has professional technical support that solves many various cases every day, and they might suggest something smart what to do. They might assign a new IP address to a US server, and the problem will be solved.

2. Clean your Browsers cookies

Your browser cookies also might tell the Netflix VPN detection system that you are not from the United States. What you have to do is to turn off your VPN, clear your browsing cookies, enable VPN again and try to reconnect Netflix. If the problem was with browsing cookies, it should work. If the problem still exists, that keep reading and try the other methods.

3. Connect to a different VPN server

It might be that Netflix already blocks a particular VPN server you are using. Try to connect to a different VPN server. If that one also is not working, try all the available US servers provided by AirVPN. It might be that there are still some available VPN servers that are not blocked by Netflix.

4. Use a dedicated IP for streaming videos

If you read all the articles so already know, that AirVPN like any other VPN service provider shares a single IP address per VPN server. So this can trigger the Netflix VPN detection system and blocks the IP. The best method to avoid this problem is to order a dedicated IP address. It becomes more complicated to identify you as a VPN user if you will be streaming videos from a dedicated IP.

5. Changing ports on the router

Another excellent method to trick Netflix is to change the ports. If you are using AirVPN on your home router so that won’t be difficult. Connect to it and change the default ports to the following: 2018, 41185, 443, and 80.

6. Set up a VPN on your router

If you are not using a VPN with your router, it would be a great moment to do that. You will have more possibilities to manipulate with the ports and bypass Netflix restrictions. It is straightforward to install AirVPN on a router by the following steps:

7. Unblock Netflix by combining AirVPN and Shadowsocks

Shadowsocks is an alternative for a VPN. It is open-source software that also might get you unblocked from Netflix. Of course, it is not so secure as AirVPN, so we would recommend to combine those two services and bypass the Netflix block. The day we tested on our PC, it worked. We do not give guarantee that this combination will work the day you will try.

8. Check for DNS leaks

It might also be that your DNS or IP addresses might leak the information about your location, and that is visible to Netflix. Make sure that everything is fine and check it by yourself. It is a straightforward process to do it.
Visit the websites shown below and perform both tests:
Perform a DNS leak test:
Perform an IP leak test: https://ipleak.netIf, you will see that there is a problem, check AirVPN settings, and enable the function if it was turned off.

9. Try alternative VPN service

If you did try all the methods we recommend and you did not unblock Netflix with your AirVPN account, that it is a great moment to try the alternative VPN providers. There are still some available services that are capable of breaking through the Netflix firewall. Keep on reading and will recommend which VPN service is worth to give a shot.

10. Watching Netflix in a Browser and App

VPN providers are routing your traffic via DNS server and you will not get a proxy error. But if you like to watch Netflix on your portable device (Android, iOS), there might be so problems. Third party phone’s apps very often rewrite the DNS settings and your phone’s location doesn't match to your DNS server’s location. The device is starting to use the default ISP name server and you will get banned. If you want to watch Netflix on your smartphone at home or office, you should install a VPN software onto your router. If you will be using a VPN with the router, your all devices will be secured and with the right DNS settings. Check the instructions how to configure the DNS settings on AirVPN website. That would not be too difficult.

Alternatives to AirVPN which unblocks Netflix

So if you did try all the tips and tricks that we wrote in this article and you still cannot access Netflix, then try a different VPN service with a risk-free. All our recommended providers provide 30-days money-back guarantees. So you will have enough time to test them for free and if you don’t like something, ask for a refund.


1. ExpressVPN – a VPN that works perfectly on Netflix

expressvpn review
Official website
Rating  What to do if AirVPN was blocked by Netflix? (Excellent – 4.8/5)
Available applications  What to do if AirVPN was blocked by Netflix?
Money-back guarantee 30-days
Price from $6.67 (-49% deal)
Visit website What to do if AirVPN was blocked by Netflix?
More information ExpressVPN review

ExpressVPN is an excellent alternative to AirVPN because it can unblock Netflix from any point in the world. Tested and trusted by millions of users from all over the world. It is one of the fastest VPN services on the market, which perfect for unblocking and streaming such platforms as Netflix, Hulu, HBO, BBC iPlayer, and others.

More than 3000 servers cover the network of ExpressVPN in 94 countries. An extended network of servers opens the ability to share the data in a super-fast way. Because of the long VPN server distance, the speed of the internet might drop, so it is always better to choose a VPN server that is your country. Of course, this rule is not valid if you want to stream videos on Netflix. In that case, you need to select a server from the US.

The encryption algorithms of ExpressVPN are amazing. They do provide all known encryption protocols and methods that fit every user’s needs. The fastest and the most secure data encryption algorithm considered to be is A 256-BIT AES. It won’t reduce the speed of the internet and encrypt your data by a military-grade encryption level.

The great news is that ExpressVPN is compatible with every known operating system, including Windows, Linux, Android, macOS, iOS. For the specific needs, it might be installed on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox browsers. For the best home security, we would recommend to install it on the router. If you cannot install it on the router, it can be used with five users simultaneously.

The support of ExpressVPN is also great as a service. They can offer live support at the 24/7 chat. Or, if you don’t want to communicate with the staff, you can browse the tutorials on the knowledge base.

Maybe ExpressVPN is not the cheapest VPN in a field, but according to our opinion is worth the money, and it is an excellent alternative to air van. It can unblock Netflix, good for torrenting, gaming, and other activities on the internet. Below you can check the prices of ExpressVPN.

  • $6.67 per month for 15 months
  • $9.99 per month for every 6 months
  • $12.95 per month-single subscription

Please note that you have the 30-day money-back guarantee, if you don't like, give it back.



Compatible with many devices and platforms

High price

High level of security

Configuration limits

24/7 customer service

No ad blocker


2. NordVPN – the best VPN overall for Netflix and Torrenting

What to do if AirVPN was blocked by Netflix?
Official website
Our Rating What to do if AirVPN was blocked by Netflix? (Excellent – 4.9/5)
Available applications  What to do if AirVPN was blocked by Netflix?
Money-back guarantee 30-days
Price from $3.49/month (-70% deal)
Visit website What to do if AirVPN was blocked by Netflix?
More information NordVPN review

NordVPN is also a well-known service for its ability to unblock Netflix. Another perfect alternative to AirVPN. It is located in Panama, and because of the country jurisdiction, NordVPN is free to provide zero-logging VPN service.

Server coverage. NordVPN has more than 5500+ VPN servers that are located in 60 different countries around the world. This number is quite impressive comparing to AirVPN.

NordVPN can also provide a very high-speed internet connection. Due to modern and powerful servers, it is capable of processing data encryption and giving back the output in milliseconds. Due to this reason, the speed of the internet connection drops just slightly.

You can use NordVPN on the well-known operating systems: Windows, macOS, IOS, Linux, and Android. Moreover, you can install the add-on on Firefox or Chrome.

Per one session, you can connect up to six devices, so it is excellent for small families or business companies.
The encryption level is impressive; it encrypts your browsing data two times, thanks to a dual VPN system.

The support works fine as usual for top class Vpn service providers. You can find on the official website all required information for reliable support: 24/7 chat, support ticket system, faq section, video and tutorial library, and many more.

The price is average compared with the opponent in the same class. You can make a good deal by ordering a VPN for three years. The prices are shown below:

  • 36 months plan at $3.49 per month;
  • 24 months plan at $4.99 per month;
  • 24 months plan at $6.99 per month;




Wide geographical reaches

Performance hits and drop connections

Double VPN for twice the encryption

A monthly plan might seem expensive

User-friendly and pleasant interface

Not clear ownership


3. CyberGhostVPN – cheaper alternative to AirVPN that can be used for streaming on Netflix

cyberghostvpn review
Official website
Rating  What to do if AirVPN was blocked by Netflix? (Great – 4.5/5)
Available applications  What to do if AirVPN was blocked by Netflix?
Money-back guarantee 45-days
Price from $2.75 (-80% deal)
Visit website What to do if AirVPN was blocked by Netflix?
More information CyberGhost review

CyberGhost is another one VPN that freely can be replaced with Airvpn. This service provider is located in Romania and can offer 5000 VPN servers in 90+ countries. Zero logging VPN service will ensure maximum privacy for all the customers.
Fast speed connection ensures unbreakable video streaming on Netflix, Hulu, HBP, or different platforms.
Wide range operating systems and device compatibility allow to use it almost on any known device:

  • Computers: Windows PC, macOS, & Linux;
  • Smartphones: Android & iOS;
  • Smart TV: Android, Apple, & AmazonFire;
  • Browser extensions: Chrome & Firefox;

The security as usual for that class service is top-notch. Your data will be encrypted by 256-BIT AES encryption.
The professional staff of CyberGhostVPN is ready to help you with any technical questions.

The price could be one of the lowest in the market for that class of service if chosen a subscription of 24 months.

  • 24 months at $3.69 per month with a 45-day money-back policy;
  • 12 months $5.99 per month with a 45-day money-back policy;
  • $12.99 per month with a 45-day money-back policy;




Offering one of the widest geographical reaches

Performance hits and slowdowns

A very informative user interface

Not many personalized options

Easy setup and quick to start

Rough reviews by third-parties

Understand how Netflix can block AirVPN in real life

Many users are using AirVPN and enjoy watching Netflix, but after some time, the joy disappears. So what happens then? AirVPN is sharing a single IP address per VPN server. If too many users on the same server are trying to connect the Netflix server at the same time, it might trigger a VPN detection system and block that IP. Netflix understands that something is wrong and might block that IP. In this case, you will get the error, and Netflix streaming will stop.

Every time you need to switch your connection to the different server and reconnect Netflix. Sometimes it might help, but most of the time it won’t help anymore. Netflix is has a huge database of VPN IP addresses and keeps blocking them every day.

As you might know, AirVPN is not that service which offers the highest amount of server locations and IP addresses and one day all the IPs might be blocked.

Many years Netflix is trying to fight with the VPN users and have developed their VPN detection tool. It might identify unwanted users and block them from streaming geographically restricted content. Year after year, Netflix did block thousands of different VPN IP addresses from all the world. So there is nothing special that AirVPN might also not work anymore with it. As we know, Netflix already owns one of the most advanced VPN detection mechanism in one the video streaming market. For understanding how it works, we did prepare you a brief overview:

  • Blacklisted IP database – There are many various methods for how Netflix can identify VPN users and collect their IPs. If the particular AirVPN servers are already blacklisted, so there is no chance to connect to it. Some VPN vendors are working hard to increase their range of new IP addresses to bypass Netflix blockade, but some of them already gave up on this.
  • VPN usage detection by scanning the ports – Also, it is easy to identify the VPN usage by examining the traffic ports. The traffic that comes from the VPN servers has different ports than traffic that comes from a single user. Of course, there is no reason to block users just because of the various ports, but this is an indication of possible VPN usage. Combining some other factors, Netflix can easily prevent such traffic.
  • VPN detection by DPI method – The DPI method stands for Deep Packet Inspection. It was started to use in the US governmental agencies to avoid spying or hackers attacks. The specific algorithms are scanning the data packets and can identify from where they did come. So there is another method of how Netflix can identify VPN users. It looks like Netflix can become secure as an FBI server.

Final thoughts

AirVPN is an excellent VPN, but if it fails with Netflix, you can always switch it with the other one. Out recommended VPN services are tested and works fine with Netflix from anywhere. Every VPN service can be canceled in 30 days and asked for a money refund. There is a Zero risk, and it is worth to try something different.

Of course, before buying a new VPN, you recommend trying our tips and tricks with AirVPN. Sometimes it is necessary to change a small thing to get things changed. We hope that our article was helpful, and you can enjoy the newest movies on the US Netflix.

Recommended VPNs

Options expressvpn nordvpn VPN 2019 - cyberghost
Location B.V.I. Islands Panama Romania
Servers 3000+ 5000+ 3500+
Countries 160 60 60
Supported devices 5 6 7
Encryption and protocols
Internet connection speed
Download speed 83.15 72.33 71.10
Upload speed 35.18 48.18 36.45
Security features
Kill Switch
Double encryption
IP Leak protection
Operating systems
Browser extension
Other features
Router support
Free version
Accepts Bitcoins
Money back guarantee 30 days 30 days 45 days
Read a review review review review
Paid version from $6.67/month $3.49/month $2.75/month
Try What to do if AirVPN was blocked by Netflix? What to do if AirVPN was blocked by Netflix? What to do if AirVPN was blocked by Netflix?


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