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"Computer security guru"

Jake Doe is a security expert and news editor of Reviewedbypro.com. His major is Communication and Journalism, which he obtained from the Washington and Jefferson College. After graduating, he decided that he wanted to live in New York. This turned out to be a good idea because there he met Ugnius Kiguolis, the future co-founder of Reviewedbypro.com.

Jake's and Ugnius' obsession about malware and IT sparked the idea for Reviewedbypro.com, a website that informs users about the latest threats and helps them choose the best security and privacy tools.

When he has spare time, Jake reads a lot about the news of the IT world and writes compelling articles for his blog. He also immerses himself into the Latin American culture, as he finds it really interesting. He also loves traveling and reading.


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Posts published by Jake Doevan

The Intersection of Video Production and Cybersecurity: Challenges and Solutions for Content Creators

To say that video is popular would be an understatement. The rise in popularity of social media has created a demand for high-quality footage and compelling narratives, which has led to an increase in the number of marketing professionals who specialize in creating video content. More
News   March 17, 2023  

How ChatGPT Can Improve Your Writing?

How ChatGPT Can Improve Your Writing? It's hard to imagine a modern college student or a blogger who would not at least consider the use of artificial intelligence or the assistance of machine learning. More
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How to Switch from BigCommerce to Shopify and Why

Both BigCommerce and Shopify are well-liked eCommerce systems for constructing powerhouse online storefronts among small firms. More
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Tips for choosing the right software testing services provider

Do you need assistance in software testing, but you’re not sure which service provider to choose? More
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How to Check if Your iPhone is Hacked?

iPhones have become an essential aspect of our daily lives. We use them for important activities like shopping online and storing private data. More
News   February 03, 2023  

8 Best Family Movies To Stream On Paramount Plus UK

Paramount Plus ranks among the top streaming platforms in the UK, entertaining viewers of all generations with quite a range of terrific family-friendly movies. More
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How To Restore Ransomware Encrypted Files?

If your business has ever been the victim of a ransomware attack, you know how devastating it can be. More
News   September 28, 2022  

Analytical and Comprehensive Review of Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN as it’s clear from the name it puts the whole world on a graph just a tap away. More
News   January 10, 2022  

Surfshark VPN Review – a Cost-Effective and High-Quality VPN (2022 update)

Rarely have we seen a VPN service that offers such a vast library of features at such a low subscription fee than SurfShark. More
News   January 03, 2022  

How to transfer music from pc to iPhone Safely and Easily?

Throwback to the good old days of iTunes when transferring files between the Mac/PC and iOS device was hassle-free; when managing media files was quite convenient, and everything was stacked up on a single platform. More
News   December 29, 2021  

Find out which VPN service is the fastest and cheapest

This article will explain you what are the fastest VPN according to the real tests, so let's start. More
Privacy   August 24, 2021  

7 tips on choosing a reliable antivirus program

There are dozens of antivirus programs available online. All claim to be #1, but which one really stands out? More
News   August 19, 2021