Top 10 free Sports Streaming Sites

Top 10 free Sports Streaming SitesTop 10 free Sports Streaming Sites

Now, you don’t have to look for your cable connection and specific channel for sports. With fast internet connectivity, you can browse some of these sites from your Smartphone, or home on your SmartTV. Sports streaming has been made as simple as watching movies on Netflix.

That brings us the fundamental basic questions. Where to find these sites? Is it a proper website or an ad-laced nightmare? Are any of these free or need some kind of subscription or account? These are obvious questions, and we shall answer them here.

Sports fans all over the world have been longing for a website that takes care of the basics. “Sport is like a religion” as we have heard a lot, but its roots and devotion among fans is undoubtedly quite strong. They want convenience, good quality, and better sports content.

Please have in mind that many free sports streaming websites may contain viruses and malware, so we recommend using a VPN for safe and clean web traffic. We highly recommend using NordVPN.

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All this is possible to find if you know where to look. You can browse, have faster servers and enjoy the content all over the web without a cable connection. You can watch them at your leisure if recorded, or live. Sports fans have an insatiable appetite for watching new content, highlights, over and over again.

The best free Sport streaming sites

Even though finding everything you are looking for and every type of sport is simply not practical to think of, this does not mean you have to give up on this idea completely. Surely, every possible game can’t be made available and is problematic for various reasons. For example, it may not be available in your country or region. Or, there may be other restrictions for broadcasting.

But, there are ways you can get the sports you love from several free sports streaming sites. Yes, some may or may not work the best in your area, and that is why we have a list of the top websites as of today when writing this article.

We list below, in no specific order, some of the best sport streaming sites of 2020, and an overview discussion on the best features about them. It is a good idea to check these websites and see for yourself how it works on your device.

1. Cricfree

Free Online Sport streaming platform - cricfree.tvFree Online Sport streaming platform -

Click on the to see how it loads, works on your device, and in your browser. Try with different browsers to see where it works the best. This website has a good reputation as a handy sports streaming website, suitable for pleasant user experience. It is an excellent place for cricket fans, as the name suggests.

But, it also hosts some other great matches and tournaments from time to time. You can find different sports as well. All you need is to click and watch, and there is nothing more to worry about. You can select your preference from a list of sports and leagues, and the desired matches will come up. Click on the one you like, and it will load up. Besides that, it has some other neat features as well.

  • This is a sports streaming website, primarily dedicated to sports like US football, baseball, and golf.
  • You can find a list of updates and upcoming matches, which allows users to bookmark them.
  • It does not host its own streaming services from the stadium but hosts a bunch of links from their sites. Cricfree manages, verifies, and offers only reputable links that are not broken or defunct.
  • Because they do not provide streaming content of their own, you should be aware that there will be a large number of ads. So, it is better to use a desktop browser for watching sports on this site.

There are some other cautions as well, for example, many links are old, and it’s impossible to verify all of them, so some may not redirect to the proper site. Next, streaming sports content without rights is piracy, though it isn’t, rest assured Cricfree does not fall into this category. It acts as a collection of best links.

2. Bosscast

Free Online Sport streaming platform - bosscat.euFree Online Sport streaming platform -

Browse to this site first and check how it works on your website. It may or may not work fine on mobile, so check won your laptop. Bosscast is a slightly different website when compared to most sports streaming sites because it does not feature a broken down navigation menu or other ways of watching sports. And, this makes it a little challenging to use.

It has a list of categories and additionally has major channels like ESPN, Fox Sports, NBA, NBCSN, and many other networks. On the left side, you can select them and watch your favourite sports. Bosscast also features some original ways to watch sports like there is a chat feature that allows people to register and chat with other people when watching sports. This is a really interactive way to connect with other people.

But, Bosscast does not have an excellent reputation and compared to other sports streaming services, this has been reported to have loads of malware and links to ill-reputed sites that have redirections and too many viruses. It can lead to malware infestation on your PC, so use a VPN.

3. LiveTV

Free Online Sport streaming platform - LiveTVFree Online Sport streaming platform - LiveTV

Perhaps one of the best and most comprehensive sports streaming websites, check right now by browsing to and see if it works fine or not. In many countries and regions, it might not be available, so get a VPN, free of cost, and check if it works fine on your device.

  • LiveTV is a robust and versatile sports streaming platform. And, does much better than most sites out there.
  • It has a wide array of sports content, a type of sports that includes hockey, ice hockey, basketball, baseball, tennis, darts, volleyball, and much more.
  • Further, it supports re-streaming of recorded content, highlights, e-sports, and live scoreboards of video archives.

But there might be some issues like the site is geared towards a European audience, but hosts US sports as well. Not much of US football here, but the UI is intuitive, fluent, and great user experience for viewers. All reputed links without redirections and malware. Most of the content is free of charge and can be found in a neat list of categories.

Live TV is a treasure chest of historical game highlights as well, a dedicated page for sports fans worldwide. So, bookmark it and manage the way to view it without issues.

4. SportRAR

Free Online Sport streaming platform - Free Online Sport streaming platform -

Once again, it is a great website for sports streaming. Just click on and see how it works on your end. It has a modern look and offers a host of links to a plethora of legal sports broadcast content. That offers a variety of content like basketball, professional hockey, football leagues, and a collection of college sports as well.

  • SportRAR features soccer matches, tennis, golf, even volleyball. It has a simple layout to sort all these out and each category, sub-category is neatly laid out.
  • You can watch sports in categories like available games, finished matches, live streaming, not yet started upcoming matches, and TV-matches.
  • Scrolling is easy and works fine on smartphones. Clicking on these matches will open them on a separate window automatically; check before you click for malware or redirections.

One annoying this, like other sites, is the myriads of pop-ups. Make sure to have antivirus and use VPN. Ads are a blunder, but VPN will save you from malicious sites.

5. Reddit Live Streaming

Free Online Sport streaming platform - reddit.comFree Online Sport streaming platform -

Many ignore this site’s potential, but users and forums share live streaming links on Reddit. Browse to to see what has been posted using hashtags or simply search. It is an open conversation platform that does not even require you to register to watch or interact. You can search for subreddits and find almost any sports event. The forum is highly active even after a decade.

  • You must take caution to see upvotes and downvotes to see which link has a high reputation. This is the safest and highest quality link you can find. 
  • Reddit does not have its own streams, but the community helps each other with legal content.
  • Copyright and illegal links may be available, but looking at upvotes helps you avoid them. Then, use a VPN to keep yourself safe online, from malware and ads, pop-ups, redirections.

6. Laola1 (With Broadcasting Rights)

Free Online Sport streaming platform - Laola1Free Online Sport streaming platform - Laola1

This site, Laola1, is based out of Australia, so no European or US ads and channels here. But, it is one of the best, one-stop-shop for every one of your sports content you need online. It is a great choice if you like to watch sports from all over the world, anywhere in the world. It is an excellent collection of content, not just regional, but several countries. The languages even include German.

  • Laola1 is a simple site, easy to use UI, has the rights to all the broadcasting content, to be completely legal here. You do not have to worry about piracy, illegal content, or any hassles.
  • It does have a list of channels from different countries. They feature a wide range of sports. To be honest. And, no illegal pirated content.
  • Browse to or to see how it works on your device.

7. Stream2Watch

Free Online Sport streaming platform - Stream2WatchFree Online Sport streaming platform - Stream2Watch

One of a kind, streaming service for sports content; it is only for live sports, and therefore, no categorical blunders. IT provides access to live TV channels, most of which are from the US and work properly even in Europe. For those that don’t, you can check with VPN the site and see how it works on your end.

  • It has a dark non-mobile-friendly interface, which is a good thing. Indoor viewing, night viewing is ideal on this website. The best thing is to use your Mac.
  • It has a host of multiple mirrors and links to games like football, hockey, cycling, US football, rugby, tennis, even wrestling, and UFC. There are many others if you check the categories list.
  • Because this site collects all this information from other content streaming providers, there are several links. Many of them might work or give pop-ups and redirections, so keep a VPN to be safe. Also, using an EU or US server on the VPN is more stable than your nearest one.

8. Facebook Watch

Free Online Sport streaming platform - FacebookFree Online Sport streaming platform - Facebook

Arguably, one of the best platforms is to use a big site like Facebook. Browse to to see what game and matches are available. Since Facebook is available everywhere and no VPN is required, you can rest assured it will work fine, even on mobile.

The navigation is simple, and with a search bar and legal means of watching sports online, it uses built-in Facebook features. Some streams like the MBL and others have some limitations, which is a downside. You, as a user, will only have a certain number of free games to watch, and this may not be useful for others. Then, there is a time restriction as well. However, all these are to keep malware away and keep ads and other things to stay away. It offers premium content, and hence these policies.

9. BatmanStream (Top Site)

Free Online Sport streaming platform - batman-stream.tvFree Online Sport streaming platform -

Despite the cheesy name, this is an excellent website and geared towards die-hard sports fans and sports streaming. It works tough and robustly on your laptop and desktop and major browsers like Firefox and Chrome. It is widely regarded as one of the best sports streaming sites, and this is why we had saved it for the last. Browse to and see how it works on your device and your internet connection.

It offers a host of matches and sports content that include American Football, baseball, hockey, tennis and rugby, even UFC, wrestling, volleyball, and golf. Check the complete list and see how it works.

IT offers a modern, clean, and intuitive interface and well-organized site for you. Since BatmanStream has been around for a very long time, the features are easy and reputed. And the website has excellent content.

There is an ‘All’ page where you can find all the contents at a glance. Then, you can filter them with sorts and niches and see what you like. The navigation is as straightforward as it can get. Advertisers also pay huge for their ads on this site, and you will find many of them here, which is the only way to keep it a free streaming service. For any malware or threat of redirects to malicious sites, keep a VPN active. There can be massive pop-ups at times.

10. Roja Directa

Free Online Sport streaming platform - Roja DirectaFree Online Sport streaming platform - Roja Directa

It is one old-fashioned and amateur site that dies its best to host links to recent matches. Roja Directa hosts links to various sports events going on that particular day. The website contains less malware and less malicious sites and mirror links. It is a site that is real-time, dynamic and has a directory of events on the fly.

It makes it somewhat kind of unique in its own way, even though with a simple plain and bland UI navigation. Some links can have many versions, like mirrors, and if one fails, you can load the other. Then, the broadcast can be in any language depending on the channel and streaming content provider. 

But, you can browse to and other vendors like or for just English content to see the videos and sports streaming content. It is like a great website and works really well. In our experience, there are no pop-ups, issues, ads. It just gives clean, crisp links in different versions. But, it is best to check it on your end to see how it works and use a VPN for safety. 


One thing you can always do to avoid restrictions is to use a VPN. This will avoid any chances of treating this as a malicious website or get around regional restrictions. Sports streaming sites fall in the same category as movie streaming sites and are viewed as illegal in several places. To avoid unnecessary issues, use a VPN. It also saves you from ads, false identity thefts, privacy, and security online. Many redirections can cause problems, and VPN saves you when surfing online.

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Try Top 10 Sports Streaming Sites Top 10 Sports Streaming Sites Top 10 Sports Streaming Sites
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