Is it safe to watch drama and shows on Kiss Asian in 2021? (Mirror sites included)

Is it safe to watch videos on Kiss Asian?Is it safe to watch videos on Kiss Asian?

Kiss Asian is one of the most popular online platforms where you can stream videos in HD quality for free. Maybe not every movie is in HD quality, but there are plenty of them. The content is dedicated mainly to Asian viewers, and it contains films and shows from Japan, Korea, and China. All the movies are in the original language, but you can find English subtitles in almost every movie. So, if you are tired of classic American films, then you can try to visit Kiss Asian.

Kiss Asian, like any other similar sites, are illegal, and all the content is stolen from anywhere else. It is illegal in many countries to access pirate content and might get punished by the copyright laws. There are many various websites like this on the internet, and if you want to access them safely, you should use a VPN.

VPN (a virtual private network) is an application that gives you the ability to change your IP and encrypt your data. It means that your internet service provider (ISP), or government institutions cannot track your online activity. Using a VPN, you can access safely pirate websites, blocked content or watch American Netflix as an example. It is an excellent service that gives you internet freedom. Don’t forget that a VPN should be fast enough to stream videos online; otherwise, the video quality will be low.

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Top 7 Kiss Cartoon Alternatives For Streaming Free Cartoons Online

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Is it safe to watch drama and shows on Kiss Asian?
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So, in a word, you can access Kiss Asian safely from anywhere if you are using a reliable VPN.

Kiss Asian Mirrors websites that still works in 2020

All the similar websites like Kiss Asian are illegal, and the content is stolen, so the government is trying to block that kind of websites every single day. Every blocked pirate website rise like a Fenix in different domain names. So if the website is working fine today, it does not mean that it will work tomorrow on the same domain(proxy). It is like a cat and mouse game.

At the moment working kiss Asian mirrors:


Try all the listed Kiss Asian mirrors, and you still may find a working mirror website. Otherwise, try the alternatives listed below.

The best Alternatives to Kiss Asian drama streaming website

If you feel that there could be much better sites than Kiss Asian, try our list of the best alternatives that still work fine this year.

1. Dramago

Is it safe to watch drama and shows on Kiss Asian?

We would rank dramago as good alternative to Kiss Asian because there are many Asian drama movies hosted at this website. It is also an illegal and pirate website, and it often changes their domain domains as mirror websites. If you use a VPN, so you don’t need to worry about the privacy and security accessing this website. It contains some ads and annoying popups, so using a VPN with an ad blocker would be recommended while visiting this site.

2. Kocowa

Is it safe to watch drama and shows on Kiss Asian?

Kocowa is one of the best alternatives to Kiss Asian, because the hosted content is legal and there are no any annoying advertisement or popups. Of course, for that reason, Kocowa is paid service, and the users pay money for the monthly subscription. Despite the low price for the subscription, Kocowa provides only the Korean videos in HD quality. Here you can find dramas, TV shows and Korean series.

If you are ready to pay some money for excellent service than Kocowa is a perfect choice for you. Also, it is worth to mention, that Kocowa is not available in every country, so if you want to access it, it might say that it is not available in your country and the use of a VPN is necessary.

3. Viki

Is it safe to watch drama and shows on Kiss Asian?

The next best alternative to the Kiss Asian page is the Viki. This video streaming platform provides only the highest quality content that is legal and licensed. The company was founded in 2011 and has won numerous awards as one of the most successful entertainment content broadcasters in the world. The number of users of this site is continuously growing every year.

The webmasters are trying to place as much quality and exciting content as possible for their users. It is another tremendous but paid alternative to the Kiss Asian site where you won’t find any viruses, ads or spam.

4. Dramacool

Is it safe to watch drama and shows on Kiss Asian?

Dramacool is nominated as one of the best alternatives to Kiss Asian, among the various forum and Reddit users. We have tested this website, and we were pleasantly surprised. The design of the website is eye pleasant, and there are no tons of ads and popups like in similar free drama websites. Yes, you heard right, it is free, and it contains a massive library of various Asian drama movies and tv shows.

As is it free, it is an illegal website, and very often it works under the mirror websites. We do not place links here in purpose because every time they are different. You need to do a small search in “Google”, and you will find several mirror websites of Dramacool. We consider Dramacool as one of the best free and illegal alternative to Kiss Asian. Attention, don’t forget to use a VPN before accessing this website!

5. Mydramaoppa

Is it safe to watch drama and shows on Kiss Asian?

It is an entirely free website with tons of annoying advertisement on every step. Despite that, it contains a massive library of Asian drama movies and series. If you are patient enough to ignore and close the ads, thank you will be able to enjoy many Asian movies for totally free. Is it usual, it is a pirate site and the hosted content is illegal, so the usage of a VPN is a must.

The business model of this website is very similar to the Kiss Asian website (free content and many ads). Try not to click on them, and everything will be ok. Otherwise, you are risking to infect your PC or smartphone with the malware.

6. Gooddrama

Is it safe to watch drama and shows on Kiss Asian?

Another one very similar website to Kiss Asian because of the massive video library and business model. The design of the website is a little bit outdated, but all the movies are well categorized and could be founded easily. There are many banners and advertisement, but luckily there are no annoying popups.

We did not found on this website any malware or dangerous redirects, so it is enough to enable your VPN and dive into the ocean of Asian Dramas.

7. Mydramalist

Is it safe to watch drama and shows on Kiss Asian?

This website is clean of malware, popups and redirects. It contains dramas, series, TV shows and other latest episodes. Moreover, it has a community that includes contributors, forum, and the discussion board on every single movie. Also, we enjoy browsing the blog where you can get much useful information and advice about Asian movies. The design of the website looks light and pleasant.

Moreover, it is easy to navigate around the website. All the movies are well categorized and easy to find. We think that this website is also worth to be in a list of the best alternatives to Kiss Asian.


There are many similar sites to Kiss Asian, but many of them contain too many advertisements, malware and web redirects. Don’t forget that every free website that streams Asian movies or TV shows are illegal. If you are visiting pirate and unlawful websites, you are putting yourself into the risk to be punished by the legal law. To access blocked websites in your area or protect your online privacy and computer from malware injections, use a reliable VPN.

If you don’t want to use a VPN, start visiting only legal and paid websites where you will be able to find high definition Asian movies. We hope that our article was useful and you will find what you were looking for.

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Try Is it safe to watch drama and shows on Kiss Asian? Is it safe to watch drama and shows on Kiss Asian? Is it safe to watch drama and shows on Kiss Asian?
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