Learn how to Watch Anime Online with a VPN

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Learn how to Watch Anime Online with a VPN

Are you a fan of Anime and wish for a way to watch them through online streaming platforms but unable to do so for some odd reason. Read our entire guide till the very end as we will discuss how to watch Anime online with a VPN and similar secure methods. We will also be discoursing some of the top Anime sites that have both dubbed and subbed content in HD for fans living outside of Japan.

In this section of the article, we will look into the most suitable ways to stream Anime content for free. By applying these methods, you will not only ensure the safety of your device but avoid any extra inconvenience that comes with the conventional usage of the internet.

1. Use A reliable VPN to Watch Anime online

A Virtual Private Network or which is commonly referred to as a VPN, is the technology that offers complete security and accessibility on the internet. It applies explicitly to such regions where several platforms are blocked per the regional and cultural policies. A VPN service with strong IP masking abilities and a comprehensive library of self-owned servers allows the user to stream any type of content they want. Furthermore, these servers have no limit on bandwidth and try to maintain stable enough internet connection speed for a streaming session in HD.

Given the massive increase in online hacking attempts through viruses and online phishing tools, users need to arrange for measures to avoid them. A VPN offers the service to not allow any type of malware to enter into the computer or smartphone through malicious websites. The VPN service makes it possible through the following security and encryption protocols:

  • No-Logs Policy – It prevents any entity from finding out your user logs or browsing activities through the VPN. It also prevents the ISP to throttle your internet and allow you to keep using sites that are not explicitly allowed in your region;
  • Military-Grade Encryption – Almost all high-end VPNs offer 256-bit encryption to maintain the integrity of your data. The data encryption will make it impossible for anyone to look into your files or logs without your knowledge;
  • Anti-Phishing – A VPN has several built-in features like the DNS leak prevention and kill switch to make sure you remain under the safety net of the VPN at all times. These features specifically come in handy when you aim to use open Wi-Fi available in public places. They are known for the breeding places for Wi-Fi snoopers to hack into your device and steal your information.

Other than unblocking your access to watch Anime shows and movies for free, a VPN with robust unblocking abilities can do much more. It can bypass geo-restrictions to open sites like Netflix US and Hulu for users living outside the United States. The super-speed internet of the VPN will also make the experience worthwhile as you will be able to watch your favorite content in HD.

If you do not like streaming content on your computer and like to perform the endeavor on your smartphone, then you are in for a treat. Not only most of the top Anime streaming sites are available on smartphones, but all VPN services have native apps on platforms like Android and Ios. With that convenience, you will be able to watch Anime with a VPN anywhere and at any time.

Once you had subscribed to a VPN service and want to learn to watch Anime online with a VPN, then follow the list of instructions stated below:

  • Visit the website of your VPN service provider and locate the “Downloads” page where all the apps are located;
  • Select the preferred app for your respective device or platform and download it;
  • Once you have downloaded the file, click on its icon and install it before clicking on it again and running it on your computer/smartphone;
  • The interface will pop-up in the form of a new window and type in the designated username and password for your VPN account before clicking the sign-in button;
  • Now select any server that you want to stream Anime online and click on the connect tab;
  • Go to your browser and open any Anime website that we have mentioned above;
  • The Anime website will open, and you will be able to watch Anime online with a VPN in no time in HD.

Use NordVPN to Watch Anime Online

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NordVPN is among the most familiar names in the VPN business. It offers to unblock any restricted Anime site while offering a safety net for all the users during the streaming session. All of Nord’s 5600+ servers across 58 countries offer high-speed internet to access sites like Netflix USA, Hulu, and Disney+, no matter where you live.

The security functions of Nord include 256-bit encryption and added utilities like kill switch, stringent no-log policy, and double protection. The CyberSec feature blocks websites that host malware and aim to phish out information from your device. It also makes annoying ads that pop-up all the time. Nord also facilitates peer-to-peer file sharing and prevents any attempts at internet throttling.

Some other security protocols are as follow:

  • A Dedicated IP that aims to serve all of your online browsing needs;
  • IP masking feature to make you completely anonymous on the internet;
  • Onion Over VPN function that routes your internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel. It will add an additional layer of security across your device.

Nord can be used on as much as 6 devices simultaneously. You can also use the VPN across various platforms such as Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, browser extensions, Smart TVs, and routers. The app for all of the mentioned platforms is exceptionally intuitive and easy to browse through.

The VPN has one of the most cost-effective plans for users that doesn’t put a burden on their pocket. The most popular package of Nord is available for a price of $3.49 per month(3-year plan) with a 30-day guarantee on the return of funds. You can purchase NordVPN through credit card, bitcoin, and pretty much all the conventional means of payment.

The customer support staff is amiable, and it overs everything from a 24/7 live chat to a separate FAQ section to guide the customer through all the major VPN-related problems.

Watch Anime Online with ExpressVPN

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ExpressVPN hails from the British Virgin Islands and carries a vast library of 3000+ servers in more than 160 virtual locations all across the globe. These servers not only provide blazing fast internet speed but also bypass geo-restrictions like none other.

It doesn’t matter if Anime streaming sites are blocked in our region, you will be able to watch your favorite series in HD at any time of the given day. Furthermore, ExpressVPN hides your VPN, which offers you to open any torrent site in the world without the fear of your internet connection being throttled. Not only Anime sites, but Express VPN also has the capability of unlocking other popular streaming services with an extensive library of content such as Netflix US, Hulu, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video.

ExpressVPN makes sure your online activity remains anonymous and secure. It doesn’t store any user-log on its servers and offer high-end encryption protocols like 256-bit military-level encryption with an Open VPN and additional functions like the kill switch and DNS leak protection. These features ensure that no one ever attempts to steal your information.

The VPN is available across every notable platform such as Windows PC, iOS/macOS devices, Android, Linux, and much more. The VPN also offers the facility for you to share your account on a maximum of 5 devices. It is available at a low price of $8.32 per month with a yearly plan along with a 30-day refund policy.

As long as customer support is concerned, Express has a live chat facility that is available 24/7 to assist you. The customer care section also has a fantastic FAQ page that has all the answers to the most common VPN-related issues. Other facilities of the CCS(customer care service) includes video tutorials, and email ticketing system.

CyberGhost VPN is a Great Choice to open Anime Streaming Sites

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Amongst the very best VPN services in the world is the CyberGhost VPN. The service operates from Romania, a country where user privacy is well looked after. CyberGhost VPN has a comprehensive set of more than 5700 VPN servers that are available across 89 countries. These servers are capable of opening Anime streaming sites and offer unlimited bandwidth. It doesn’t end here as CyberGhost does not allow anyone to throttle your internet and clears your internet path to sites like Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon.

The top features of CyberGhost VPN are as follows:

  • IP masking to keep your identity completely hidden on the internet;
  • No-log policy;
  • 256-bit military-grade encryption that doesn’t allow anyone from hacking your data;
  • Wi-Fi protection function that comes in handy when you try to access an open Wi-Fi;
  • An Open VPN that supports both TCP and UDP ports;
  • It also supports the L2TP/IPSec that are considered the top encryption protocol.

CyberGhost VPN is available across the following platforms, and you can use your account on a maximum of 7 different devices at the same time:

  • Windows, macOS, Linux;
  • Android, iOS;
  • Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox browser;
  • SmartTVs including, AppleTV, FireTV, and AndroidTV;
  • Gaming Consoles and Routers.

You can buy the most popular two-year plan for $2.75 per month and get a 45-day refund if the VPN doesn’t meet your expectations. You can purchase any plan of CyberGhost VPN through Credit card, Paypal, or Bitcoin.

The customer support service is accessible through the Help section of the VPN’s home page. You can utilize the 24/7 live chat, online guides, FAQs, and several other options to get the help you need when you go through any trouble with the VPN.

The manual on how to Setup a VPN on the Computer or smartphone

Once you had subscribed to any of the VPN service mentioned above and want to learn to watch Anime online with a VPN, then follow the list of instructions stated below:

  1. Visit the website of your VPN service provider and locate the “Downloads” page where all the apps are located;
  2. Select the preferred app for your respective device or platform and download it;
  3. Once you have downloaded the file, click on its icon and install it before clicking on it again and running it on your computer/smartphone;
  4. The interface will pop-up in the form of a new window and type in the designated username and password for your VPN account before clicking the sign-in button;
  5. Now select any server that you want to stream Anime online and click on the connect tab;
  6. Go to your browser and open any Anime website that we have mentioned above;
  7. The Anime website will open, and you will be able to watch Anime online with a VPN in no time in HD.

2. Use the Tor Browser to Stream Anime Online as an alternative to a VPN

Not everyone has the financial strength to purchase a VPN. But it shouldn’t prevent from watching their beloved Anime show, especially if the website is not accessible in their region. In this section, we will look into the alternatives to a VPN, that are mostly secure and free.

You can open any platform on the internet that is geo-blocked by your ISP or the locate telecom authorities with the Tor browser. Its independent array of servers will keep the ISP guessing. It will allow you to open any Anime website without any issue. The browser is not only free for download, but it ensures complete anonymity to you and your browsing activities. It is also available on platforms like Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android.

However, you will find a visible lack in the internet speed and streaming quality of the website with the Tor browser. It is also worth noting that given the familiarity of the Tor browser, its official website is blocked in several countries. It is why we still suggest using a VPN to get the quality you deserve to watch Anime online.

Check out the steps listed below to watch Anime online with the Tor browser:

  • Download the Tor browser from its website if it is not blocked or use a proxy server to open it;
  • Install the browser and run it instantly;
  • Once you launch it on your system, the browser will immediately connect to one of its servers;
  • Open any Anime website of your choice and stream your beloved Anime show for free.

3. Enable the OperaVPN to Watch Anime Online

Perhaps among the most secure and free of cost way to watch Anime online is through the built-in VPN of the Opera browser. You can access any website similar to the Anime platforms that are not accessible in an orthodox way.

Though the VPN of the Opera browser has limited servers and they do not ensure streaming in HD quality, it is still one of the securest VPN in the world. Furthermore, the Opera browser has another built-in Ad-Blocker that prevents annoying ad pop-ups, especially while you are streaming videos.

Here is the method to enable the VPN and ad-blocker function on the Opera browser after you have downloaded and installed it on your computer.

  • Launch the Opera browser on your system(Windows/macOS/Linux);
  • From the front display, click on the “Menu” tab and proceed to the next step;
  • Now find the “Privacy and Security” section from the list, and you will see the VPN option, click on “Enable in Setting” in front of VPN settings and move on;
  • From the new interface, locate the VPN section and enable the feature;
  • Now close the window and click on the “Menu” tab again;
  • Go to the “Privacy and Security” section again and switch on the “Block ads” and the “Block trackers” function;
  • Close the Windows again and enter the URL of any Anime site to watch the content online;
  • You will notice that the site will open on your Opera browser without any issue.

4. Try to use a Public DNS to Watch Anime Online, if OperaVPN fails

Perhaps one of the fastest ways to unblock and watch Anime from web platforms is through a public DNS(Domain Name System) powered by Google or Cloudflare. The method is much more secure than using a proxy server or free VPN to open any type of content. It will prevent things such as cache poisoning that may direct you to open a malicious website.

Change DNS settings in Windows OS if you cannot access anime streaming websites:

  • Open your Windows PC and click on the Start menu before hitting the “Control Panel” option from the list;
  • Now go to “Network and Internet,” and then click on the “Network and Sharing Center” option;
  • Click on the “Change Adapter Settings” option and proceed to the next step;
  • Right-click on either your Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection to change its settings;
  • After that click on “Properties” and locate the “Networking” tab;
  • From the list of connections select the “Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4)” option and enter the following DNS address for IPv4:
Provider Primary DNS Secondary DNS
Google DNS
Cloudflare DNS
  • Click on “Apply and then “OK” to enable the settings;
  • Now click on the “Properties” tab again and use the following DNS server addresses for IPv6
Provider Primary DNS Secondary DNS
Google DNS 2001:4860:4860::8888 2001:4860:4860::8844
Cloudflare 2606:4700:4700::1111 2606:4700:4700::1001
  • Click on “Apply” and “OK” again and close the dialogue box;
  • Now launch your default browser and open any Anime site to watch the genre online.

Learn how to change DNS seetings for macOS if you feel that anime sites are blocked in your country:

If you are a macOS user and having trouble accessing Anime sites, then enable the public DNS on your Mac computer by following the steps below:

  • Open your Mac computer and launch “System Preferences” to proceed further;
  • Now go to the “Network” option and select any of your Wi-Fi or Ethernet internet connection before hitting the “advanced” option;
  • Now click on the “DNS” tab, then hit the “+” button before entering the following DNS server addresses for either Google or Cloudflare:

Public DNS



Google and

2001:4860:4860::8888 and 2001:4860:4860::8844

Cloudflare and

2606:4700:4700::1111 and 2606:4700:4700::1001

  • To enable the settings, click on the “OK” tab and then click on “Apply.”
  • Now open your browser and enter the URL of any of the Anime sites that we had previously mentioned to check whether the public DNS remedy works or not.

Popular Anime Sites you can access with a VPN

Animated content has been operational since the start of the 20th century, thanks to the efforts of Disney and Warner brothers. The genre was generally aimed towards the younger audience, but it slowly gained popularity among adults with time. The introduction of Anime took the animated entertainment genre to the next level at the end of the 20th century. It has not looked back ever since as the Anime content as gathered a universal following.

The popularity of Anime among international audiences prompted the creators to make the shows and movies in English as well. Here are some of the most beloved anime series that have been going on for 20+ years and have been attracting newer fans with every passing day:

  1. Naruto;
  2. Naruto: Shippuden;
  3. Pokemon;
  4. One Piece;
  5. My Hero Academia;
  6. Bleach;
  7. Dragon Ball Z;

For some audiences in the world, it is challenging to approach Anime content through their TV or other conventional means. It is the reason why there are so many online streaming platforms that aim to fill the void and offer quality to the users for free. Here are some of the top websites that offer HD display, dubbed, and subbed content for free:

Anime Sites Dubbed Subbed HD
KissAnime Yes Yes Yes
Funimation Yes Yes Yes
GoGoAnime Yes Yes Yes
9Anime Yes Yes Yes
GoGoAnime Yes Yes Yes
AnimeFreak Yes Yes Yes
MyAnimeList Yes Yes Yes
Masterani Yes Yes Yes
Anime Frenzy Yes Yes Yes
Crunchyroll Yes Yes Yes


Some of these sites may not be accessible in your country, and it is because they may have been geo-blocked. The reason behind the geo-restriction implemented on sites similar to these is the probable copyrights infringement that they practice. But if you still wish to access the blocked website, then keep reading our article. We will show you how to open them and watch your favorite Anime series for free in HD, without any further hassle.

A reliable VPN can unblock any anime website from your country

There is nothing more convenient than availing a service without paying any amount of money. Despite the convenience it offers, watching Anime online through sites, as mentioned above, come at a different cost. It is the cost of virus-infection, adware, and hacking attempts. It is why it is absolutely necessary to arrange for preventative measures before opening any platform that offers content accessibility for free.

You can arrange for a VPN and antivirus software that stop anything from leaking your data and infect your device. In this article, we have looked at various ways from a VPN to a public DNS to watch Anime online for free and HD. You can apply any of the methods per your convenience to access not just Anime streaming sites but any website blocked by your ISP.


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