Best VPN for Ubuntu

Best VPN for UbuntuBest VPN for Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a public, open-source, famous, and most widely available Linux-based operating system. It is easy, user-friendly, and very identical to Windows and Mac OS. The VPN is one of the most secured operating systems, and installing a virtual private network (VPN) on your system gives the user access to the web, data is encrypted.

While Ubuntu gives terrific security, abundant security and privacy apprehensions are waiting for Ubuntu users on the internet. When users connect to the internet, they might run into the danger of a third party infringing on their privacy and extorting their data.

VPN creates a secure channel to browse the internet with privacy and protect its location without any issue.

Presently, there is a lot of free and marketable VPNs accessible in the market.  VPNs are more valid and give many features when paid for, so be mindful of that.

However, there are also a few available, free, and fair VPNs at affordable prices.

For several technically skilled people, changing to Linux is the major step towards taking full control of their computer and reducing exposure to corporate practices trying to intrude.  Ubuntu is easily one of the best OS for those who want something a little different.

VPN users may need to look at their service provider; however, many credible clients for Windows/Mac/OS X are lingering when it comes to their Linux companions, with unstable interfaces, limited performance, and features the main problem. Here are the best VPNs for Ubuntu.

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. CyberGhost VPN
  3. NordVPN
  4. HMA VPN
  5. PrivteVPN


expressvpn review
Official website
Rating  Best VPN for Ubuntu (Excellent – 4.8/5)
Available applications  Best VPN for Ubuntu
Money-back guarantee 30-days
Price from $6.67 (-49% deal)
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ExpressVPN is a company located in the British Virgin Islands since 2009. Currently, ExpressVPN is one of the most reliable VPN service providers ExpressVPN provides a terrific balance between server choice, speed, and it’s simple to install on Ubuntu.

This VPN has a fast connection, and it has more than 1,500 servers in 90 locations, which makes this service provider a favorite for a reliable all-purpose VPN. This Service Provider has a no-logging policy, and 30 days payback policies serve as extra comfort.

Technically, the user gets a custom Linux client launched via Terminal; it isn’t that hard, which is advantageous since the user will manually set it up. However, the user can go for a standard OpenVPN configuration through Ubuntu Network Manager. ExpressVPN Advanced features include smart DNS, DNS leak protection, and several server types varying from P2P-friendly preferences to private servers for anti-censorship reasons.

However, there are straightforward instructions for users to assist them through the installation process with no problems. If the user finds any issue with the app, they can always count on ExpressVPN’s capable 24/7 support via email, tickets, and live chat.

ExpressVPN has these features

  1. It has a strong connection and fast speeds, which is excellent for streaming or large torrenting.
  2. It has more than 1,500 servers to enable connection to more than 90 areas
  3. It has adequate privacy, and it stores no susceptible user data
  4. It has a Custom Linux client, Terminal-based, and fully synonymous with Ubuntu.
  5. ExpressVPN can unblock Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, Showtime, Sling TV, DAZN, and BBC iPlayer.
  6. Supports torrenting, ExpressVPN servers support P2P activity.
  7. ExpressVPN works on Windows, Android, iOS, Android TV, macOS, Linux, Chrome, and Firefox. There’s also an app compatible with particular routers, and you can use it.


Best VPN for Ubuntu
Official website
Our Rating Best VPN for Ubuntu (Excellent – 4.9/5)
Available applications  Best VPN for Ubuntu
Money-back guarantee 30-days
Price from $3.49/month (-70% deal)
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More information NordVPN review

NordVPN is notable for its extensive focus on security and commitment to enhancing service quality. This VPN has more than 3,500 servers and strong privacy with a rigid no-logging policy. Current updates have also enhanced this VPN’s speed in comparison to ExpressVPN in terms of performance.

Users can choose to install NordVPN using the Ubuntu Network Manager, identical to ExpressVPN or with a terminal command-line. However, NordVPN kill switch functionality isn’t accessible on Linux distros yet. Aside from that, NordVPN works perfectly on Ubuntu.

The comprehensive instructions will teach the user how to set it up; if the user should need more personal assistance, NordVPN has 24/7 customer support, which you can contact via live chat, or via email/ticket. This VPN has a 30 days money-back guarantee.

NordVPN has these features:

  1. It has many choices of servers and can unblock any limited service
  2. It has steady developments and improvements via service updates
  3. It has comprehensive instructions on how to install Ubuntu.
  4. It has no committed Linux client but still performs well.
  5. NordVPN can unblock HBO, Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Showtime, and Amazon Prime Video.
  6. Supports torrenting: it has P2P specialty servers accessible.
  7. NordVPN is accessible on these devices: macOS, Windows, Android, Android TV, iOS, Linux, Firefox, and Chrome

CyberGhost VPN

cyberghostvpn review
Official website
Rating  Best VPN for Ubuntu (Great – 4.5/5)
Available applications  Best VPN for Ubuntu
Money-back guarantee 45-days
Price from $2.75 (-80% deal)
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Users searching for a VPN that functions well for Linux systems should undoubtedly look at  CyberGhost VPN. Though Cyberghost VPN does not have a local Linux client, they offer specific set up guides for PPTon Ubuntu and OpenVPN and Debian, Mint OS, and Chakra.

To avoid the manual set up, users can go for CyberGhost VPNs Chrome and Firefox browser divisions. These will let the user shift between browsers and security procedures.

CyberGhost has strong security, and this is a huge concern for several Linux users. Their VPN package has a robust no-logs policy, 256-bit encryption as an alternative to OpenVPN, IPsec/L2TP protocols, and PPTP.

Cyber Ghost VPN has a 45-day money-back guarantee.

Cyber Ghost VPN has these features

  1. CyberGhost can unblock committed streaming profile with servers optimized for Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Sky Go, Eurosport, ESPN, comedy central e.t.c
  2. Supports torrenting
  3. Its profile shows countries and the number of users.
  4. CyberGhost functions on Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Amazon Fire Stick, Android TV, Chrome, and Linux.
  5. It has more than 5,700 valid servers in over 89 countries
  6. Terrific set up guides for Linux
  7. It can connect up to 7 devices


hma vpn review
Rating  Best VPN for Ubuntu (Good – 3.8/5)
Available applications  Best VPN for Ubuntu
Money-back guarantee 30-days
Price from $2.99/month (-70% deal)
More information HMA review

HMA VPN has a terrific Linux client, good performance, and very affordable; HMA is another strong VPN for Ubuntu.

HMA VPN presents a streamlined configuration and thorough guides on their support pages. Users using Windows and Mac apps won’t encounter any interface-related problems because HMS VPN is user-friendly.

HMA VPN provides strong security at an affordable price, with remarkable servers, no logging policy, DNS leak security, and military-grade encryption. Though it’s not as fast as NordVPN or ExpressVPN, HMA is reliable and has P2P support so that users can torrent freely.

HMAVPN has these features

  1. HMA can unblock Netflix, BBC iPlayer.
  2. Supports torrenting: P2P traffic works on specified high-speed servers.
  3. HMA works on these devices: Windows, iOS, macOS, Android, Linux, and Routers.
  4. It has over 940 servers in more than190 countries
  5. It has a strict zero-logs policy
  6. It’s is easy to setup



Rating  Best VPN for Ubuntu  (Average – 2.4/5)
Available applications  Best VPN for Ubuntu
Money-back guarantee 30-Days Money Back Guarantee
Price from $1.89/month (-70% deal)
More information PrivateVPN review

PrivateVPN has great performance and guaranteed privacy even though it has a smaller server network.

Private Internet Access is a supporter of numerous open-source projects, including Gnome and Inkscape.

Installing the Private Internet Access Linux client is simple, and Private Internet Access explains it’s installation process in considerable detail on its website. It works great and delivers all the important options the user might need to control their VPN connection.

To make this VPN work on Ubuntu is easy, although the user will have to configure the Network Manager for the OpenVPN. The absence of a native Linux app isn’t favorable, but PrivateVPN has secure even without a kill switch.

This VPN has great speeds and no privacy concerns. The former is further enhanced by PrivateVPN owning all of its significant infrastructures, no sourcing of servers from outside, meaning better security for the user. It has strong encryption and terrific servers. And it comes with adequate support, though it’s not available 24/7.  PrivateVPN can offer complete privacy at a very good price. It has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

PrivateVPN has these features

  1. PrivateVPN can unblock Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and BBC iPlayer, Hotstar, and HBO
  2. Supports torrenting: All its servers support P2P activity.
  3. PrivateVPN functions on these devices: Windows, iOS, macOS, and Android.
  4. PrivateVPN is portable but capable
  5. It has great privacy — proprietary infrastructure and a strong no-logs policy
  6. It has fast speeds and an adequate server network
  7. It has no local client, OpenVPN configuration via Network Manager required


Rating  Best VPN for Ubuntu (Average– 3.1/5)
Available applications  Best VPN for Ubuntu
Money-back guarantee 30-Days Money Back Guarantee
Price from $2.88/month
More information PureVPN review

PureVPN is a strongly-rated VPN service with more than 3 million users. PureVPN’s Linux app is free with every PureVPN subscription and simple to use. PureVPN is suitable for users aiming for extra privacy and security.

Users can connect from up to five different devices with a single PureVPN subscription and enjoy unidentified internet access with no limitations. PureVPN gives a 31-day money-back guarantee and guarantees to process all refunds without any questions and with no delay.

PureVPN approves almost any payment method, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other prominent cryptocurrencies.

PureVPN has these Features

  1. It has its Software and Apps.
  2. It is synonymous with more than 20 Devices.
  3. It has more than 2,000 Servers in 141 Countries.
  4. It has 5 Multi logins.
  5. It can access all Servers in 1 Package.
  6. It has Unlimited Server Switching.
  7. It has Unlimited Data Transfer.
  8. It has split Tunneling.


Rating Best VPN for Ubuntu (Good – 3.9/5)
Available applications Best VPN for Ubuntu
Money-back guarantee 30-Days Money Back Guarantee
Price from $ 5.00
More information VyprVPN review

VyprVPN app gives secure access to its complex global network of VPN servers.

VyprVPN’s connection speeds can address all users’ special online activities, giving steady video streaming and rapid file transfers. This service has good encrypted connections and deals with online security with kill switch protection well.

VyprVPN has Zero logs with over 700 operated servers in over 70 countries.  VyprVPN offers extra protection between users’ data and third-party. There’s also support for other streaming services, websites, and gaming servers. And the said servers offer access to services like the very popular Netflix. There’s

VyprVPN has these features

  1. VyprVPN has customer support that is available 24/7.
  2. It has an Ubuntu-compatible app
  3. It is a self-owned and regulated server network
  4. It has terrific online security
  5. It has zero-logs servers

Why do you need a VPN for Ubuntu?

  1. A VPN deters websites you visit from detecting your real IP address, which also helps dissuade them from snooping and tracking your online activities.
  2. A VPN prevents your internet provider from tracking your activities on the internet because all it understands is that you have connected to a VPN server
  3. A VPN also prohibits your ISP from detecting your data because it encrypts your data between your VPN server and Ubuntu PC.
  4. A VPN also prevents the government from snooping (unless it’s tracking you particularly)
  5. The encryption used to connect to a VPN server safeguards your online activities when you’re bound to a public WiFi or hotspot
  6. A VPN enables you to view shows on services such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer, which you wouldn’t be able to access.
  7. A VPN permits you to torrent without tracking.

How to set up a VPN on Ubuntu

  1. Select a high-speed VPN with Linux compatibility, ExpressVPN, and NordVPN is a great choice.
  2. Install and operate the Ubuntu Linux app.
  3. Lastly, you activate the VPN and then connect to a server.


Privacy online and data security are two major issues that are best addressed together.  Using Ubuntu is a huge step towards keeping your personal information safeguarded, but you can do more than that. A VPN can control your online activities concealed from third-parties, such as hackers, your internet service provider, and the government.

Ubuntu’s current transition from desktop to GNOME has remedied most of the privacy problems that have afflicted popular Linux distro for years. Most VPN providers’ support remains truly focused on Unity. Nonetheless, all VPNs will continue to work well in Ubuntu GNOME.

Finding a top-notch VPN for Linux-based systems is often a challenge. However, there are providers dedicated to providing a high-quality service across all supported platforms.

There are many VPNs available in the market. Users can now easily secure their privacy and by using the best free or paid VPNs. Get the simplest for Your Privacy with an Ubuntu VPN.

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