How to Convert TLM to WAX Quickly and Safely?

How to Convert TLM to WAX Quickly and Safely? snapshot

Being hyper-focused on games, both TLM and WAX are great tokens for letting video game players get better equipment in the virtual realm without investing real money. Alien Worlds is one of the most popular play-to-earn games where you get rewards (TLM) coins while playing. But you may want to transfer this token from the WAX blockchain to the Binance Smart Chain, which is possible through a TLM to WAX exchange. Let's take a look at how you can convert one cryptocurrency into another in a fast and hassle-free way. 

Crypto Market Rates

TLM is a token in the Alien Worlds decentralized NFT metaverse. It runs on the WAX, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain blockchains. Within the game, players compete for winning TLM tokens to get access to additional gameplay, buy equipment, and more. It currently takes 343rd place in the list of cryptocurrencies being traded at about $0.015. It covers 0.01% of the market with a capitalization of around $50 billion. The circulating supply of this token is 3.2 billion TLM. TLM shows stable upward trends over the last couple of years. It is predicted to be traded at $0.0393 in 2023 and reach $0.0708 in 2025.


In its turn, WAX is a token for the carbon-neutral proof-of-stake blockchain. It powers up the TLM coin along with other blockchain technologies. They are designed for simplifying e-commerce transactions, though are widely used in NFT games and other applications. WAX is ranked #159 in the market. The circulating supply of WAX is 2.3 billion. The coin is now available at $0.0569. In 2023, it is forecasted to be traded at $0.087, while in 2025 it is expected to cost $0.17.

3 Ways to Swap TLM for WAX

Not all exchange platforms support converting TLM to WAX. That is why you may wonder where you can execute the exchange — and do it safely and quickly. Here are three places for you to consider.


Meet Godex — a reliable exchange service for carrying out a wide range of exchange operations. It covers over 300 coins, so you can easily convert TLM to WAX or BTC to LTC. The key peculiarity of this platform is that it supports complete anonymity. So, if you want to stay incognito as you convert crypto, no one will ever track who you are, what operations you carried out, and what coin amounts you processed. Additionally, you will benefit from unlimited transactions, fixed rates, and fast operations. To exchange cryptocurrency with Godex, you have to pick the currency, add the wallet address, input the amount, and confirm — that's it. 


Alcor is a DEX platform supporting currency swaps. The great thing about this exchange is that it has no fees, so you do not lose a single TLM or WAX coin during the exchange. It is also KYC-free, allowing you to carry out anonymous transactions without leaving any financial traces. This is a self-listing platform, allowing you to open new markets without asking for listing permission from the team. Thanks to this, Alcor is friendly to new crypto projects.


LetsExchange is another exchange service supporting 2,040 coins. Similarly to Godex and Alcor, this exchange enables coin swapping without limitations. To make an exchange, you do not have to register or provide your personal data. To execute swapping, just pick the coins. After this, the platform will offer you the best exchange rate collected from different exchange platforms. Then just indicate the wallet address and wait till exchanged coins are deposited to your balance.

Simple Steps to Exchange Crypto

There is still a fast, secure, and simple way to swap TLM for WAX. For this, you may want to use a robust coin exchange like Godex. With its use, you do not have to wait for several business days until coins are deposited to your wallet or have concerns about the anonymity of the operation.  


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