How to unblock Rainierland safely? (alternative sites included)

How to unblock RainierlandHow to unblock Rainierland

Rainierland is a movie website that has made it easy for viewers to download web series and other movies. That has reduced the stress of years before now when it comes to watching movies. All you need is a fast internet connection, and you can enjoy binge-watching your movies on Rainierland. 

Rainierland is one of the best platforms when it comes to streaming movies and even live TV shows. You can use this site for free, and you are not obligated to subscribe before gaining access to its movies. You can also get great download movies and excellent series from this website without getting charged for it. Most viewers love Rainierland because it has a wide range of movie genres to choose from easily: Biography, Sitcom, Romance, Drama, Dark-comedy, and so on. It also appeals to viewers from different parts of the world and with different preferences, be it Japanese movies, Bollywood, Hollywood, Spanish, Korean, German movies, and so much more.

When it comes to using Rainierland, it may be simple to the average viewer. However, do you know how to use the site anonymously? With this article’s guide, you will know how to access Rainierland without getting blocked, especially if you can’t ordinarily access certain movies due to your location. You will also be able to stream and download movies from the Rainierland site safely. Finally, this article will provide you with other alternatives to Rainierland.

What makes Rainierland the Best Movie Portal?

  • Many viewers believe that Rainierland is the best place to watch movies and TV shows. Besides, it is a free site, and people love free things. 
  • The top blockbusters such as ShazamCaptain MarvelAvengers, and so on can all be watched on Rainierland.
  • Also, Rainierland has a huge collection of TV series and movies, all available for free. You may be skeptical because of the “free” part. However, unlike several other free sites, Rainierland does not have any malicious codes or ads that can track your online traffic or cause your device issues.
  • Rainierland has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for beginners to find whatever movie or series they need. Also, viewers don’t have to struggle to search for and find the movie of their choice.
  • On Rainierland, you can stream movies, even the ones in HD. 
  • You can also watch old movies on Rainierland via streaming or after downloading them.

In a nutshell, Rainierland is an open movie portal that everyone can enjoy.

How To Use Rainierland If You Have Been Blocked

Ordinarily, Rainierland is easy to use. However, due to some issues like geo-blocking, a viewer might be unable to access Rainierland. Some countries and regions get blocked by the Internet Service Providers for one reason or the other. That would automatically stop users whose IP (Internet Protocol) addresses are traced to such countries from gaining access to the Rainierland website. 

Now, with a good VPN service, you can unblock yourself and freely use Rainierland.

VPN means a Virtual Private Network that helps you hide your real IP address and gives you a different IP address, preferably one in a different country or region. By giving you a unique or perhaps different IP address, the VPN ensures that you are no longer under any restriction based on your location. It is advisable that you pay for a VPN subscription rather than use a free one, as the paid ones give you the best in terms of VPN services. You can now anonymously surf the internet and, more importantly, watch your favorite shows on Rainierland.

A list of VPNs that you can subscribe to is below. This list will come in handy if you are confused about which VPN is the best for you to watch Rainierland.

  • CyberGhost VPN
  • ExpressVPN
  • IPVanish VPN
  • Surfshark VPN
  • Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN
  • PureVPN, etc.

When you get the VPN you need, follow the steps below to use it in watching Rainierland:

  • Download and install the VPN of your choice.
  • Select from one of the servers provided by the VPN. Pay attention to choose a VPN that is in a location where access to Rainierland is not blocked. Also, make sure you choose a server that is not too far so that your connection will be strong and fast all the time.
  • Launch the home page of the Rainierland website.
  • Hover your cursor above the Movie or TV series you wish to watch. You can also conduct a word search for the movie.
  • Now you can enjoy live streaming your movies on Rainierland, or you can choose to download them.

The Best Alternatives to Rainierland

Rainierland may be the best in the movie streaming game, but if there is one thing about movie enthusiasts, they love to try other options. That is why a comprehensive list of websites has been compiled for movie enthusiasts like you to serve as the best alternatives to Rainierland. 

The best alternatives to Rainierland are below:


This is a huge portal where you can find a whole lot of movies online. You will find mostly HD movies: HD1080p, HD720, DVDRIP, and so on this website. In addition to watching HD movies, you can download any movie of your choice, old and new TV shows included.

Select the movie you want to watch from the Top IMDb list, from movies by rating, or the trending movies list. 

Movie4u is similar to Rainierland in the sense that it is also a free website. And there’s no need to worry about paying for a subscription to stream or download movies and series.


This is another great website for streaming movies, a good alternative to Rainierland. On Fmovies, you will find the top-rated and best movies for the season, all for free! This website stands out among others because of its high-quality movies and its vast collection of the best-rated movies of all time. 

This website has a unique arrangement, which makes it easy-to-use. Every movie and show is categorized accordingly, so you don’t have to get lost when searching for a movie or TV shows to watch. You can conduct your search for a movie based on genre, country, TV series, top IMDB list, and featured listing. You can scroll through the A-Z list.

Its database of movies is organized into twenty-five groups. Also, this site supports thirty-seven countries. Also, Fmovies has changed its domain several times.

Another great thing about Fmovies is that you can make a personal request for the admin to include any movie of your choice or preference to the site. You don’t even need to sign up before you can stream binge-watch series on this site.


Putlocker is yet another popular website for streaming and downloads movies online. The website lets you watch movies online in their complete HD quality, which is usually a rarity with these sites. This site was first designed in the U.K, and as the years go by, the speed at which it lets you download movies keeps increasing.

Interestingly, Putlocker is quite different from other websites like Rainierland. However, if you use it for a while, you will get used to it. The collection of movies is quite substantial for you to peruse. Just input the Movie title into the search box, and it will pop up in no time.

Additionally, if you cannot find your favorite movies or TV shows on the website, you can request that the admin add the movies to the database. That is the freedom Putlocker gives you. No wonder the website has is among the 250 most-visited websites in the world.


Another alternative to Rainierland is HDMoviesPoint. This site is ideal for viewers who are not fans of the old pixel print that movies display. Also, movies on this site are HD movies, as implied by the website’s name. Suffice to say, HDMoviesPoint is among the best alternatives to Rainierland if you want to watch movies in HD quality.

Just like on other movies sites on this list, you can download movies on HDMoviesPoint. However, to download movies, you need to create an account on the site first.


MoviesPlanet is an alternative to Rainierland that is worth mentioning. It is a free website that has the highest accessibility in the U.S and Europe. The movies on this site are all stored in cloud storage from where viewers go to access them. 

This site is different from the ones mentioned above as you can not only download movies to watch at a later date; you can also send a request to the admin to upload some movies that you think people will love. That is a great way of engaging viewers in the site processes. 

On MoviesPlanet, you can watch TV series and all movies in HD.

Yes! Movies

This is another movie streaming website that millions of viewers visit daily. The site has various movie genres: family, anime, horror, sitcom, romance, etc. These movies have the same intuitive UI that movies on the Rainierland site have. Hence, it is a good alternative to Rainierland.

There is the Android APK of movies on Yes! Movies. That means that you can install the site from a mobile device. Unfortunately, though, you may be interrupted several times by the on-click ads that will keep popping up.


MoviezWap is another alternative to Rainierland that can get you any movie you are looking for, so you might want to try it out. If you are looking for a site with a massive collection of movies, MoviezWap is ideal for you. It can continue from where Rainierland stopped.

The categorization of movies on MoviezWap is so unique from many others. This categorization is seen in the A-Z listing of movies and the feature where you can search for movies using the actors’ names in the movies. It is quite innovative.


PopcornFlix is a different type of site that streams TV programs and documentaries. These documentaries and programs can keep you occupied, so you are never out of good content to watch or download.

Do you want to know a great thing about this site? It does not contain ads! You know how annoying ads can be when you are trying to surf through a site, right? Well, PopcornFlix ensures that you don’t have to deal with this constant interruption when trying to watch your program. That makes the sites more practical to use and the content more isolated to enjoy.

Also, PopcornFlix is in partnership with Screen Media. It has helped to make the site more organized so viewers like you can properly use it.

Look Movie

This is yet another website that gives you the same or at least a similar feel like Rainierland; hence it is a great alternative. The vibrant website gives you a description of each movie or series. As a viewer, you can search for a movie and read the description before watching the movie. That is what makes it unique on this list of best alternatives to Rainierland. 

Unfortunately, the Look Movie website is not regularly updated to provide viewers with the latest movies. Also, unlike PopcornFlix above, which blocks any ads from interrupting you, Look movie has many ad interruptions that can be annoying and hamper the experience. It’s not reassuring.

Los Movies

Over a hundred million users visit the Los Movies website daily. These are why the website trends in light of series and movies viewers can choose from, so it’s a great site. Although the site’s interface is not as attractive as others on this list, don’t let it deceive you. The site has a lot to offer in terms of a vast collection of your favorite movies and series. You can enjoy all these for free.

A unique feature of this site is that you can find most of the videos in several different languages. More so, there are subtitles to help you out with the languages you don’t understand. Ads that pop up on some websites are a rarity on Los Movies. However, whenever they do a pop-up, they may stay on your screen for two to three minutes, which is not fun.


In this article, you have been given a guide on using Rainierland if you ordinarily do not have access due to geo-restrictions. With one of the VPNs mentioned above, you are certain that you can unblock Rainierland. Thus, you can sit back, relax, and watch your favorite movies as though you were in a different location.

More so, as great as Rainierland is, movie surfers still look for alternatives to add to the options they have. That is why the ten best alternative movie sites to Rainierland have been discussed. These sites have been carefully selected because of what they have to offer you, which are as good as what you get from Rainierland.

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