6 Best Apps that Can Be Useful in College

6 Best Apps that Can Be Useful in College

Modern students have a lot on their plate, from attending classes to working part-time jobs to maintaining a social life. Juggling a mix-and-match of academic, professional, and personal duties daily can easily have you overwhelmed and start to fall behind. As a respite, plenty of well-established and newly-emerging educational apps can help you stay organized, learn efficiently, and follow your curricula toe-to-toe. Here are the 6 educational apps we think have had the biggest impact on improving the learning experience for students.

1.     Khan Academy

Let’s open our list with a long-time student favorite. Khan Academy has been providing quality online courses for students for over a decade and a half. The courses employ professional teachers that host video lectures on academic topics from microeconomics to allied aerodynamics, complete with visualizations and knowledge-check tests that encourage you with goals and reward you with achievements. A truly influential learning source adapted for all types of learners that stood the test of time and impact worldwide education more than any college ever could, all thanks to the visionary of its creator.

2.   My Study Life

Designed specifically for students, My Study Life is a planner app that helps students organize their study flow. It allows users to keep track of their class schedules, due assignments, and upcoming exams all in one place. It also comes with notifications and reminders to help students stay on top of their coursework.

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3.   Duolingo

One of the first and a long-time user favorites that grew almost synonymous with a language-learning app, Duolingo has been teaching hundreds of languages to millions of global users since 2012. A simplistic interface, a layered learning approach, and a gamified style are the main contributors to its worldwide success.

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4.   Evernote

Evernote is a note-taking application that enables users to make and arrange lists, reminders, and notes. It may be used to store research materials, keep track of assignments and due dates, and take notes during lectures. The availability of a multitude of formats and layouts makes Evernote a highly customizable and truly versatile tool.

  5. Grammarly

As memorized by more of us from YouTube ads, Grammarly is a must-have tool that fixes and embellishes all your writing. Not only does it correct grammar errors, but it also provides surprisingly knowledgeable wording advice and stylistic cues. Grammarly is beloved by individuals and organizations alike, as it has been incorporated as a built-in typing assistant in virtually every website’s text field.

   6. Forest

A productivity tool called Forest aids users in maintaining focus and avoiding outside distractions. Users can plant a virtual tree and set a timer for a specific duration. The tree develops if users remain attentive and refrain from using their phones throughout that period. The tree will perish if they become preoccupied. It's a good approach to staying focused and having fun.

Here’s a quick rundown of additional learning apps you can check out:

  • Google Drive – Create, store, and share documents of different formats on this leading cloud-based service.
  • Wolfram Alpha – A ''super-advanced calculator'' that solves complex scientific equations and problems.
  • Dragon Dictation – Converts your speech to digital in any academic or professional format.
  • SimpleMind – Helps quickly take down ideas and organize thoughts.

Bottom Line

The only way to get ahead in the increasingly competitive 21st century, be it academically or professionally, is to capitalize on the advancing capabilities of modern technology. With their convenient accessibility, insightful visualizations, interactive features, and personalized approach, ever-improving learning apps promise to teach you twice as much in half the time. These six apps are guaranteed to help you structure your learning, study more effectively, and with a bit of fun along the way.

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