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"Antivirus software specialist"

Gabriel E. Hall is an antivirus software specialist at Reviewedbypro.com. As she has been working in the IT sphere for almost ten years, she has a lot of experience that helps Reviewedbypto.com become better and better regarding customers' needs for advice.

During her time with the website, she has created a lot of anti-malware and VPN reviews, guides, and news articles about the latest anti-malware tendencies. She wishes that the work of her team would leave an impact on their readers' cyber-security habits, making their browsing much safer.

As if her main job is not enough, Gabriel also writes a blog about various types of malware and how to avoid them. In her free time, she likes socializing with her friends and family. She is obsessed with interior design, music, and good food.

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Posts published by Gabriel E. Hall

Is it possible to watch American Netflix with a free VPN?

As you know, Netflix differentiates the content by regions. More
News   July 24, 2020  

How to make your Zoom online conference more private and safe

When the Covid-19 virus has spread worldwide from the beginning of the year, many companies, schools, and universities started to work and educate remotely. More
News   July 22, 2020  

The Most Secure Messaging Apps in 2020

There are many messaging apps in the market. Some of the popular ones are WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, Telegram and the likes. More
News   June 19, 2020  

The Top 10 VPNs to Protect from Cybercriminals in 2020

Online security breaches caused by cybercriminals have been causing a lot of headaches for average users and businesses alike. More
Privacy   April 07, 2020  

11 Best Torrent Sites To Download HD Movies for Free. 2020

Are you searching the internet for the best torrent sites to download and watch movies in HD for free? More
News   March 05, 2020  

How to start Malware Analysis?

Have you ever considered of becoming a malware analyst? If yes, please continue reading this article and find out some hints and useful links for those who want to start Malware Analysis. More
News   February 12, 2020  

Find out what is Avast Behavior Shield and why do you need it

Avast is one of the biggest names in the Antivirus and Internet Security industry. More
Security   February 12, 2020  

How to remove fuq.com virus toolbar?

fuq.com is a suspicious program, which is usually labeled as a Potentially Unwanted Program also known as PUP, a or Browser Hijacker virus that redirects unsuspecting users to the specific location. More
News   February 12, 2020  

The usoclient.exe process. What is it and how to disable it

If every time when you start Windows 10, you notice a brief CMD popup in the unsoclient.exe process, you should read this article and find out more about this executable. More
News   February 12, 2020  

Do you know how vulnerable are your passwords?

Find out how vulnerable your passwords are. Passwords are hacked much more frequently than you might expect. More
News   February 12, 2020  

What is Critical Firefox Update and how to remove it?

Critical Firefox Update attempts to trick users into downloading a browser update, which is actually nothing but scam. More
News   February 12, 2020  

AVG versus Avast - antivirus software comparison for 2020

The names AVG and Avast may seem identical, and some may confuse it to be the same product. More
Security   February 09, 2020  
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