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"Antivirus software specialist"

Gabriel E. Hall is an antivirus software specialist at Reviewedbypro.com. As she has been working in the IT sphere for almost ten years, she has a lot of experience that helps Reviewedbypto.com become better and better regarding customers' needs for advice.

During her time with the website, she has created a lot of anti-malware and VPN reviews, guides, and news articles about the latest anti-malware tendencies. She wishes that the work of her team would leave an impact on their readers' cyber-security habits, making their browsing much safer.

As if her main job is not enough, Gabriel also writes a blog about various types of malware and how to avoid them. In her free time, she likes socializing with her friends and family. She is obsessed with interior design, music, and good food.

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Posts published by Gabriel E. Hall

BullGuard Free Mobile Security for Android

As Google’s operating system Android leads the global mobile market and its popularity is still increasing, the volume of malware and hackers targeting Android devices increase too.  In order to safeguard Android users’ privacy, device and all the information in it, BullGuard has developed Free Mobile Security. More
News   January 18, 2018  

McAfee WebAdvisor

Malicious URLs, phishing attacks, adware, and other threats on the Internet are not only annoying but can cause serious damage, including financial and privacy threats. More
News   January 12, 2018  

Emsisoft Mobile Security

Android malware can cause you a lot of troubles, including stealing your personal data, credit card information, cause ID theft and even more. More
News   January 11, 2018  

Avast AntiVirus VS AVG AntiVirus

Are looking for reliable and effective antivirus software that is able to protect your PC from unwanted malicious programs? More
News   January 10, 2018  

Avira Phantom VPN

VPN is a very useful tool for those who want to increase their security and privacy online. More
News   December 26, 2017  

Claims about Keylogger in HP laptops are false?

Keyloggers that are able to record user keystrokes pose privacy and security threats. More
News   December 20, 2017  

20-year-old hacker was responsible for Uber breach

A young 20-year-old hacker from Florida, USA, who still lives with his mother hacked Uber. More
News   December 18, 2017  

Zemana AntiMalware VS Bitdefender Antivirus

This article will provide you with information and a comparison of Zemana AntiMalware and Bitdefender Antivirus security packages. More
News   December 16, 2017  

Mining Bitcoin takes more electricity than Ireland uses for a year

This week bitcoin increased the value and now it is worth $1,500 per coin, it has never been so high and passed $5,00 mark in European trade. More
News   December 10, 2017  

Cybercriminals change their phishing tactics

Cybercriminals get more and more creative over the years, especially when it comes to phishing. More
News   December 07, 2017  

Business owners expose sensitive company data on dating sites

Dating sites are popular among consumers. According to the report results, one in three people is dating online. More
News   November 28, 2017  

‘High severity’ browser bug patched by Google

Google encourages consumers to get the latest Chrome browser update in order to prevent security problems related to high severity vulnerability. More
News   November 20, 2017  
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