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Why do you need a VPN?

If you have never used a VPN (Virtual Private Network), you might consider using one after you read all about the advantages of AirVPN.

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To put it simply, a VPN is like a virtual tunnel that connects your personal computer, a smartphone, or any other device, with a server located anywhere in the world. This allows you to safely browse the Internet without anyone tracking your online activity, whether it would be the government, your ISP (Internet Service Provider), or any hacker that tries to steal your private information.

Once you buy a subscription to a VPN, you can choose from a lot of different servers all over the world to access the pages that are banned in your own country, for example, Netflix. This gives you the freedom that should be the right of every Internet user.

What is more, a VPN offers added security to the unprotected WiFi networks that are often offered in public places, like coffee shops, malls, and restaurants. As most VPN providers cover not one, but several devices with one subscription, you can usually be safe while browsing everywhere you go.

The features of AirVPN

Pros Cons Verdict
High level of security Lack of customer support A really great deal to those who would like to try the services of a VPN
Strong encryption A bit too techy

The creators of AirVPN come from Italy, and the company is a bit smaller than your average VPN business. However, they managed to create something that rivals the market leaders.

AirVPN is one of the more basic VPN providers based on open-source software, but it offers all the features a user needs. It differs from other VPN services in its subscription options – you can try AirVPN for as little as €1 for three days. A monthly subscription costs €7, which is not considered a high price for this type of services.

You can also consider buying a long-term plan, which makes the monthly fee lower. For example, subscribing for one year will result in the price being €4.50 for one month.

This VPN provider offers quite a lot of features. This is what you will get if you buy the subscription for AirVPN:


With AirVPN, your surfing is 100% anonymous because the service gives you a different IP address, which will be displayed as your own, for example, when you comment or post something. You can also connect to any WiFi network knowing that nobody will be able to spy on your activity.

The encryption is very strong (256-bit), making it an extremely secure Virtual Private Network. It is better than what many other VPN providers offer, making it a great deal if privacy is your main goal. Only OpenVPN protocol is supported by AirVPN because it is thought to be one of the most secure protocols. The developers state that PPTP and L2TP are too insecure, so they chose the best option.


Once you buy the subscription, you can use it for 3 devices simultaneously – your phone, your personal computer, or any other device. However, many VPN providers offer a similar feature (like Nord VPN or ExpressVPN), and having 3 devices is nothing special because some providers offer 5 or even more.


OpenVPN protocol is supported by AirVPN because it is thought to be one of the most secure protocols. The developers state that PPTP and L2TP are too insecure, so they chose the best option.

However, it supports SSL and SSH tunneling in countries, in which OpenVPN is not supported.

AirVPN also uses DNS Leak Protection, which adds an additional layer between the Internet and encrypted data.

Another aspect worth mentioning is that this Virtual Private Network offers VPN through Tor. This really raises the level of privacy, as Tor itself is a free piece of software designed to protect users' anonymity on the Web.


If you have any questions regarding the services, the first thing you can do is visiting the online forum featured on the official AirVPN website. You can read some threads and see, what other users think about it and what problems they encounter.

When you already have the VPN, you can go there first in case you have any questions – they might have already been answered. You can also create posts and ask the community for help. 

Unfortunately, AirVPN does not have customer support via chat or phone, so the forum is all you have.


This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. There are a lot of options to configure your AirVPN. The user interface might be confusing if you are a beginner with VPNs, and this can discourage some not-so-technical users. After buying the subscription, you have to configure your application and there are simply too many options to choose from.

The final verdict

To sum up, even though it is not as widely known as the market giants, AirVPN does a pretty good job at protecting its users and creating a secure environment to browse in. However, you should keep in mind that there are some technical details when setting it up, so it would be recommended to read on it before the installation. If you are a total beginner, you can also consider trying ZenMate and VyprVPN.

One of the best things about this service is that you can try it for as low as 1 euro for 3 days, so you can buy this subscription right away and check it out for yourself.

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