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Newly released tool is capable of recovering data from the GandCrab ransomware

A Europol press release has announced that the decryption tool for GandCrab ransomware had been developed. More
News   October 26, 2018

FireEye claims that TRITON malware is linked to Russian research institute

Cybersecurity company that offers security products and services, FireEye claims to find evidence that the development of the TRITON malware is directly linked to a Russian research institute. More
News   October 25, 2018

A serious code execution vulnerability detected in Streaming Media library

Recently, security researchers have discovered a critical vulnerability in the LIVE555 Streaming Media Library. More
News   October 23, 2018

A Tumblr security flaw could have exposed users’ accounts. Patch released

A security vulnerability in social media network Tumblr could have enabled malicious actors to steal users’ account details including login credentials and other private information.More
News   October 19, 2018

4-year-old LibSSH vulnerability allows attackers to take over servers

A security vulnerability detected in the Secure Shell SSH implementation library, also known as LibSSH could allow hackers to take over servers without a password. More
News   October 18, 2018

New security feature in Android protects users’ backups

Google has announced a new security measure for Android Backup Service - from now on, Google and Android protect its’ customers’ backups. More
News   October 17, 2018

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) discloses vulnerabilities detected in Medtronic Programmers

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration released the safety communication in order to inform users about the vulnerability detected in the software update process in two of the Medtronic Programmer models.More
News   October 16, 2018

Facebook data breach affected 30 million Facebook accounts

Just a few weeks ago, Facebook announced a massive data breach that impacted at least 50 millions of its users and allowed unidentified attackers to steal their accounts access tokens. More
News   October 15, 2018

Administrator of the largest Dark Web criminal marketplaces was sentenced to 20 years in prison

A French national who was arrested in the USA last year has been pleaded guilty and sentenced to 20 years in prison. More
News   October 12, 2018

Answering a video call on WhatsApp could hack your phone

A newly detected vulnerability in WhatsApp messaging app could allow hackers to hack a targeted smartphone and compromise users’ WhatsApp accounts. More
News   October 11, 2018

Increased level of security for Android devices: restricted Call Log & SMS permissions for Apps

Recently, Google had put the data of 500,000 people at risk because of a bug in a developer tool found in its Google+ social network.More
News   October 10, 2018

New hacking technique enables a root shell on MikroTik routers

A new exploit turned the ‘medium’ vulnerability into ‘critical’. More
News   October 9, 2018

Wi-Fi introduces the new version - Wi-Fi 6

Many of us probably are not aware of what is the latest version of Wi-Fi because it does not number its versions traditionally, well… until now. More
News   October 8, 2018

China spies on the U.S. companies using tiny chips

China reportedly infiltrated almost 30 U.S. companies tech companies including Apple and Amazon using pencil lead sized spying chips. More
News   October 5, 2018

Stolen Facebook access tokens were not used to connect third-party apps. So far

Last week Facebook announced a massive data breach which impacted at least 50 million user accounts, which access tokens were stolen. More
News   October 4, 2018
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