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Massive malware campaign infected 5 million Android devices

According to The Hacker News, massive rapidly increasing malware campaign infected almost 5 million Android devices across the globe.More
News   March 22, 2018

Top 7 Best Malware Removal tools 2018 (2)

Malware targeting Windows PCs remain on the top in 2018. So if you want to protect your system and information stored on your Windows PC, check out the best malware removal tools in 2018.  Defender Pro Total. More
News   March 21, 2018

Vulnerabilities detected in Hanwha Techwin Smart Cam security camera

The leader in global video surveillance Hanwha Techwin rushes to patch 13 critical security flaws detected in one of its most popular line of SmartCam security cameras.More
News   March 21, 2018

McAfee Total Protection 2018 VS F-Secure Internet Security 2018

Mid-priced Windows Antivirus products retail at about 60$ to 100$ per year.More
News   March 20, 2018

1.3 million customers' data is exposed

A Walmart jewelry partner that manages Amazon Simple Storage Service bucked, has exposed its 1.3 million customers’ personal data and contact information.More
News   March 20, 2018

Top 5 Best Premium Windows Security 2018

Premium Windows Security does more than just detect and stop viruses and other malware.More
News   March 19, 2018

Surveillance malware and crypto-miners are being injected by ISPs in several countries

Government institutions in Turkey and Syria have been found hijacking users’ connections in order to secretly inject spyware and cryptocurrency miners.More
News   March 19, 2018

Top 5 Best Internet Security Software 2018

. Kaspersky Internet Security 2018. Kaspersky Internet Security Suite is one of the best antivirus products on the market.More
News   March 16, 2018

Flaws detected in robots might lead to ransomware attacks

A vulnerability detected in Softbank Robotics’ NAO and Pepper robots can cause expensive ransomware attacks.More
News   March 16, 2018

Midrange security solutions: Kaspersky Internet Security 2018 VS Bitdefender Internet Security 2018

If you are looking for midrange security solution that usually cost from $60 to $80 per year, this article is for you.More
News   March 15, 2018

Data Incident at more than 160 Applebee’s Restaurants

Point of sales or POS malware was detected at more than 160 Applebee’s restaurant locations.More
News   March 15, 2018

11 critical Android vulnerabilities were patched by Google (1)

According to Android Security Bulletin, Google patched 11 critical bugs in Android mobile operating system in March.More
News   March 14, 2018

Top 7 Best Free Antivirus for Windows 2018 (1)

. Avast Free Antivirus. Avast is one of the biggest names in cybersecurity industry and provides users with a wide range of security products and services.More
News   March 14, 2018

APT attackers secretly inject Slingshot spyware by infecting routers (1)

Researchers at Kaspersky Lab announced that they have detected a complex APT hacking group.More
News   March 14, 2018

Free mobile security: Norton Mobile Security vs Avast Mobile Security (1)

As malware targeting Android devices still increases, a reliable mobile security application is essential.More
News   March 13, 2018
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