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Heimdal Security[1] was founded in 2011 and is a relatively young company, compared to other names in the security industry. Heimdal Security aims to develop new technologies and provide users with intelligence in order to provide advanced protection against cybercriminal attacks and data security breaches.

Heimdal Pro Review

Heimdal Security provides users and companies solutions that provide protection from cybercriminal’s actions by keeping sensitive information and intellectual property safe.

The company offers home users free and Pro versions of Heimdal Security. Users also can try the premium version for 30 days for free. The premium version starts at about $40.[2]

Heimdal Security is compatible only with Windows PC and supports Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Microsoft .NET Framework. It requires 25 MB of free disk space, local administrator rights during installation, user rights during execution and Internet access.

Heimdal Security provides users with proactive online security by combining ease of use with reliable protection in order to protect data. The application protects users against ransomware by blocking cyber threats before they compromise the system, exploit kits by strengthening the security by closing security holes abused in cyber attacks, and financial malware and protects users’ financial data and resources from cybercriminal intrusion.

We decided to test the Heimdal Security application.

Welcome Heimdal Pro Security

The sign-up process was quick and easy. The setup process is simple. You can download Heimdal from the official website. The small executable Heimdal.DeliveryLauncher.msi is only 756 KG.

The free version scans the system for third-party applications that can have security flaws. If any of them are detected, Heimdal Free will automatically update these apps to their latest versions.

Test results

Antivirus protection

The free version of Heimdal does not provide antivirus protection, only the Heimdal Pro version does. However, the security application is not able to replace the full-featured antivirus program. Heimdal Pro not only keeps vulnerable software up-to-date but also blocks incoming attacks, ransomware, banking trojans, phishing attempts, as well as scans internet traffic. In addition, Heimdal Pro blocks the communications between malware and servers controlled by attackers.

Even though the application is tried and tested by many Internet users and industry professionals such as Softpedia and Digital Citizen, the independent AV-TEST testing lab[3] did not test the software. It is important to see how the product perform in bigger independent tests, as they have a variety of computers and thousands of samples of malware. As a result, we do not know how Heimdal Security would have been performed in bigger tests.

When it comes to Web protection, Heimdal Pro detected and blocked all malicious websites that we attempted to access.

Heimdal Pro Features

Additional features

Heimdal Free keeps your application up to date, hassle-free by automating them. The application also closes critical security vulnerabilities in the software and helps you to install new apps safely within a single click. Heimdal Free scans your computer every two hours in order to see if any updates are available.

Heimdal Pro is not a traditional antivirus application. The program includes Thor Foresight which closes vulnerabilities with multiple security layers. The layers include the Anti-Ransomware feature that filters all the Internet traffic and blocks ransomware[4] distribution sources, the Anti-Malware feature that blocks malicious software before it infects the system[5]; the Anti-Scam feature that protects users’ bank account. In addition, software updater which automatically updates applications without interruptions. Finally, Heimdal Pro also includes Web Protection that stops malicious websites.

The application will not be able to replace your traditional Internet security suite, it is designed to complement your security products. Heimdal Pro is a great tool which includes decent and reliable security features.

System-performance impact and scans

Heimdal Security is a very lightweight program which scans your applications every two hours. We could not feel any negative impact on a system, such as lags or interruptions. The apps were updated without restarting the PC, which is very convenient. The program immediately detects and updates old apps, thus, in only a couple minutes all of our application were patched up.

User interface

Heimdal Security has a very simple user interface. It uses different colors in order to indicate the PC’s health status. For instance, the green color indicates that your PC is healthy, yellow means that your PC must be updated, while the red color indicates that the page or app was blocked as malicious.

All in one, the interface is very easy to understand and navigate, ass all the features appears in the main window.

Customer review

When it comes to customer reviews, users note that the application is trustworthy and does not have a negative impact on the system. There is also noted that Heimdal Security is not designed to replace your antivirus program, thus it works well and adds an additional level of security while your browsing online. Even though the application is relatively young, it has good reviews on both, various Internet forums and Trust Pilot and software review pages such as Digital Citizen or Softpedia. 

Heimdal Pro health Status

The final verdict

Heimdal Security is not a traditional antivirus system, and it will not replace it. However, it is designed to work along with antivirus and Internet security applications and fulfill your system’s security and protection layers. There are not many products designed in order to monitor the flaws detected in the third party software that users might have installed or track and stop zero-day exploits and financial and banking data leakage, which gives Heimdal an advantage compared to traditional antivirus systems. 

Heimdal Free will detect and automatically update your vulnerable apps, while the premium version will fight malware and other cyber threats. We strongly recommend you to install Heimdal Security as an extra layer of protection to completely secure your device and personal data. 

Feature Score
Antivirus protection Pro version offers decent protection
Additional features Cannot replace a traditional antivirus application
System-performance impact Minimal
Scanning performance Quick scans with a low system hit.
User interface Simple and easy to use
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