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Avira review 

Avira Antivirus 2017 is a program manufactured by Avira Inc. in Germany [1]. This company celebrated its 30th anniversary last year, so you could say that they have a lot of experience in the market and that might be a big advantage compared to other developers.

Let’s see how the new Avira version looks in comparison to today’s market.

Pros Cons Verdict
 Doesn't disturb your PC performance  Some adware left unremoved  Quite a good program for the average PC user  
 Great customer service  Not many extra features
 Free virus removal by an Avira technician  The user interface might need some improvement

Avira download and installation

Avira Antivirus 2017 offers its anti-virus app to Windows, OS X, Android and iOS. We reviewed the version for Windows 10.

You can download Avira Antivirus from our website. The file is only 4.57 megabytes, so that won't take long.

To install the application, you have to click on the file you have downloaded. An installation window will appear, on which you will have to press “Yes”. Next, click “Accept and Install”. You will shortly be able to use the anti-malware application.

Avira test results

Firstly, we tried the new Avira antivirus version on a highly-infected PC. The results were far from ideal, but we couldn’t say that they were bad too. Avira managed to detect and remove about 65% of the malware and viruses[2], while it left 35% of the malicious software. In comparison to other current software, these are not the worst results, but they are not the best.

Another experiment was installing a full and updated version of Avira on a laptop and then trying to install samples of viruses, malware, Trojans, and adware.

The results were a bit better, as the program detected and removed 80% of the samples. The ones that still went through were mostly adware. It made us think that if you really want to be 100% safe from all the online threats, you should get an additional anti-spyware and anti-adware application along with the new Avira Antivirus, as it seems this software simply wasn't created to detect and remove adware[3].

One thing we noticed about the new Avira version is the number of windows that pop up each time a threat is detected. This might just be a positive feature, as you can always know when a malicious file appears onto your PC. 

One of the strongest sides of Avira Antivirus 2017 is the really low resource usage.

Firstly, when we were carrying out the full scan[4], the resources used were as low as 3%. That’s one of the best results in the competition right now. Using Avira actively, you can still easily browse the web, download very large files and do other multitasking stuff without any interruptions. That’s quite incredible.

However, it slowed down the boot of the system by three or four seconds, but the average user probably wouldn’t notice any difference.

The user interface is minimalistic and modern. However, the letters, text boxes and the buttons are quite small and some users might find them difficult to read. There are a lot of checkboxes for customization. 

The user interface doesn’t differ much from the same Avira Antivirus had last year. 

One thing we don’t usually get with antivirus software is easy-to-reach technical support and prompt answers from them. We couldn’t say that it is extremely easy to reach the customer support at Avira, because you still have to fill out a form and enter the registered email address to see their email or phone number, but once you do that, they will be quite helpful – they usually respond within a few hours, while competitors take much longer to respond.

Another great thing is that Avira antivirus technical help team may help you get rid of a virus totally for free – they do not implement any fees if you get a virus while using Avira Antivirus software. Another great thing is that they are very friendly and quick to solve your problem. We could definitely say that Avira Antivirus 2017 has one of the best customer services in the competition now.

Customer reviews

The information in user reviews on the Internet is similar to what we have already found out about the program. Many customers say that it is efficient and easy to use. A number of customers even claim that it is better than the rest [5].

However, some people note that the software does not detect all the threats on the computer. Because of this, an additional anti-spyware app might be recommended as a supplementary program.

The final verdict

All in all, we rate Avira Antivirus as quite a good program for the average PC user. It is a great application if you have a device that you want to keep running fast, because Avira doesn’t take up many resources. 

Even though the app didn't remove all the adware, its virus database is being constantly updated and some reviewers describe it as one of the best on the market. And let's not forget the friendly customer support!

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