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Avast Security for Mac[1] is developed by one of the largest companies operating in cybersecurity industries called Avast Software. Avast is a Czech-based company headquartered in Prague. The company protects more than 400 million users and has the largest market share among cybersecurity software providers (2018). Avast applies next-gen technologies and aims to provide its customers with the best protection possible. The company protects users against various types of malware, cyber attacks and other threats in real time. Avast also develops privacy and performance solutions for home users and businesses.

Avast Security for Mac review

Avast Security for Mac offers users a free and a premium version of the application. It also offers users a 30-day money back guarantee.

A free version covers security essentials and provides antivirus features, web and email shields, and Wi-Fi security scans. Avast Security for Mac supports macOS 10.9 (Mavericks) or later with 128 MB of RAM and at least 500 MB of free disk space. An Internet connection is required for security updates.

Avast Security for Mac Scanning

Test Results

Antivirus protection

Just like many other antivirus applications, Avast Security for Mac uses a traditional signature-based detection in order to find already known malware samples. The application also applies heuristic monitoring that searches for suspicious behavior. In addition, all of the detected suspicious icons are sent to Avast cloud-based servers for further investigation.

The software identifies and quarantines not only Mac-based malicious icons but also Windows-based malware, to prevent them from spreading.

In order to deliver the best protection possible, Avast monitors the device and its network connections in the background, it also allows on-demand and scheduled scans.

According to the independent testing lab AV-TEST,[2] Avast Security for Mac has almost excellent malware detection results. The antivirus application detected and blocked 99.17% of macOS malware.

In order to protect users while browsing the web, Avast provides Online Security browser which notifies users about suspicious and dangerous sites.


Avast Security for Mac offers users a decent set of free features, including Online Security browser, allows users to block social network-based tracking, checks POP3 and IMAP emails. The Premium version includes real-time Wi-Fi Security Alerts and Anti-ransomware protection called Ransomware Shield.

Avast Security for Mac reports

System-performance impact and scans

A system-performance impact was tested by using OpenOffice benchmark. Avast Security for Mac has a relatively mediocre system-performance hit of approximately one percent. During the full system scan, the antivirus application had a system impact by about 10%.

Avast Security for Mac completed its full scan in about twenty minutes, which is faster than an average 


Avast offers users Avast Technical Support via its Support site. Users can find FAQ section, ask for help in Avast forums. In addition, customer support can be reached via phone and ask for help for installing, configuring, updating or removing Avast software. The paid support starts at $110.00 per year.

User interface

Avast Security for Mac has a very informative interface which provides users with informative data and useful options. All the features can be easily accessed and navigated. The interface is well-designed, looks modern and attractive.

Avast Security for Mac protected

The final verdict

Avast Free Security for Mac is a great solution for those, who look for simple, reliable and free antivirus application for their Macs. The free version includes some additional features and an excellent antivirus protection. In addition, if you want more features, you can upgrade the application and purchase the Pro version. 

Feature Score
Antivirus protection Excellent
Additional features Not many
System-performance impact Almost none while working in the background
Scanning performance Average speed scans with an average impact on a system
User interface Very informative and data-rich


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