What is 123vidz and how to remove it?

What is 123vidz and how to remove it?What is 123vidz and how to remove it?

123vidz acts like a real HD streaming service, which should allow users to watch various HD video files like movies or music video clips. At the first side, everything looks normal. Users should make a subscription, enter the credit card details, even 5 days trial is suggested.

Everybody will agree that we don’t have time to read the terms and conditions of the service while installing some software. The same situation is here. Many users didn’t read those terms and conditions of 123vidz and were tricked in this way. Users have to cancel this subscription manually, otherwise, the money from the credit card is being charged automatically every time.

Moreover, you will not get what you were expected, all the movies at this portal might be not genuine or in poor quality. Also, many users of 123vids have reported that browsing in their system is extremely annoying because of pop-ups, advertising, redirects to other website and slow performance.

Name of infection 123vidz.com
Type of malware Adware, PUP, Spyware
Description Shows unwanted adds, steals private data, money
Symptoms Unwanted adds, redirects, slower system performance
Distribution methods Infected software installation
Browsers affected Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer
Removal tools Malwarebytes

The methods of 123vidz virus distribution

When you want to watch a desired movie from the 123vidz streaming service, you will be asked to install a freeware – shareware software to your PC. It looks like a normal process and not suspicious from the first look.
After the successful installation of 123vidz, many users have noticed unwanted advertisements as pop-ups while browsing the internet, different home page and unwanted redirects to unknown websites.

Actually, you have installed malicious software to your PC and infected all your browsers with adware[1]. Moreover, this software collects user private data, browsing history[2] and all your saved passwords. All the collected data could be sent to cybercriminals. You just can imagine what harm could be done. You can lose all your money from the credit card and all your accounts like facebook, twitter and so on.

We would recommend being more careful when installing new software to your PC. When prompted, pick Advanced/Custom installation mode instead of Automatic/Recommended. In this way, you can decline the installation of any additional unwanted components and software to our PC.

123vidz virus can infect your browser and change their settings and permissions

This malware infects all common browsers like Mozzila Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer. This ugly malware can change your browsers setting without your any permissions and possibility to return settings. Action should be done immediately after you have infected your PC. Read this article and you will be introduced with the instructions and removal guide of 123vidz malware.

Be very careful and don’t enter your credit card details to unknown service providers.

At this moment this service is down, but it’s not the first time. It is changing its hosting locations, SSL certificates[3] and keeps trying to trick as many users as possible. There are many similar not a legitimate website like this. Be very careful and don’t enter your credit card details to unknown service providers like this. Also is known similar fake service websites like 247vidz, Pokki, 0123movies.

The ways how you can remove 123vidz virus

There are several ways how to remove this nasty threat. It can be done manually or it can be removed automatically. We have tried all the known ways and we would like to say that if you are not an experienced user, better not try it remove by yourself. This malware is kinda tricky and could be spread in many places on your PC.

Automatic removal of 123vids malware

If you are not very good on the computers, we would recommend you to use malware removal tools like Malwarebytes[4]: In this way, you will be sure for 100% that you have cleaned your PC and you are safe.

Manual removal of 123vids malware

If you are an experienced user, you can try to remove it manually.

  1. Use Windows control panel – First of all, you should check windows control panel -> add or remove software tab. There you should find a software 123vidz and remove it. Sometimes it is required to launch windows in safe mode to do that.
  2. Unhide hidden files and folders – This software hides its files, so you need to change Windows settings and unhide all the files and proceed further to cleaning all your browsers. What you need to do is clear all browsing files and cache and remove installed plugins from your browsers.
  3. Restore default search engine of the browser – Also, you will need to restore the home pages of all your browsers.
  4. Restore browser shortcuts – Locate the Browsers icons on the desktop. Press the right mouse button. Go to properties and check what is written in the target field. You need to replace whatever is there in the text box next to C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Google\\Chrome\\Application\\chrome.exe”. Check other browsers also in the same way.

The methods to avoid computer infections like 123vidz

• We would recommend you not to trust unknown websites like it is mentioned in this article. There are tons of known HD streaming services like “Netflix”;
• Most of the time it is not necessary to install any software if you want to watch a video online;
• Do not leave your credit card details to unknown websites, it might lead to huge financial loss;
• Use up to date Windows and Internet browser versions;
• Use up to date antivirus software.

If you will follow those rules, you are going to avoid many internet threats like viruses, adware, spyware PUPs[5] and so on. Please, don’t save your money on free antivirus software and protect your computer, money, and privacy now.

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