Top 7 KissCartoon Alternatives For Streaming Free Cartoons Online

Top 7 Kiss Cartoon Alternatives For Streaming Free Cartoons OnlineTop 7 Kiss Cartoon Alternatives For Streaming Free Cartoons Online

Best 7 KissCartoon Alternatives for Streaming Free Cartoons Online that still works in 2020
KissCartoons is one of the most prominent hubs where you can watch online cartoons. Unfortunately, some of the users cannot access it from their country or cannot find the cartons they would like to watch. In this article, we are going to walk through the best alternatives to the KissCartoon and teach you how to access them safely from any country.

Some information about KissCartoon

If you don't know what KissCartoon is, we will introduce you briefly. KissCartoon is a well-known brand where you can watch cartoons, anime, and series in high definition quality.
KissCartoon provides a waste library of well-categorized cartoons accessible from any device such as mobile, tablet or PC. Due to this, you can watch cartoons wherever you go.

Unfortunately, KissCartoon is not the official website, and it is not accessible or even banned in many countries. If it is not forbidden in your country, there are many chances that many of the content will not be available as well. Due to copyright laws, many free cartoons can be accessed only in the United States. Also, we would like to emphasize that the server of KissCartoon is located in Vietnam.

Two years ago, in late 2017, the platform was suspended by the US ambassador in Vietnam because of the copyright laws. Despite that, KissCartoon didn't go down, even more, it started to operate as mirror sites with different domain names.

So, If you want to stream cartoons on KissCartoon, you should know that it is an illegal activity in many countries and you are breaking the law. Also, there you can find various malware or advertisements on it. To prevent yourself from breaking the law and protect your computer, you should use a reliable virtual private network service (VPN).

How to access KissCartoon safely?

As it was mentioned before, it is not safe to stream videos on KissCartoon, so you need a VPN. There are so many various VPN services on the market, and it isn't easy to choose the best one for KissCartoon. Keep on reading and will introduce you with the information on how VPN works and how it can help you to access KissCartoon safely.

Virtual Private Network is a service that can change your IP by routing your online traffic via a third server which might be located in any country you like. You can select in a VPN application what country server to use. In the end, your IP will be changed to the connected server's IP. The government agencies or your internet service provider won't see what websites you are browsing, because all the traffic is routed via VPN.

Moreover, VPN encrypts the browsing data, and it becomes hard candy to the hackers and third parties that might snoop around.

Tested VPN for streaming cartoons

Top 7 Kiss Cartoon Alternatives For Streaming Free Cartoons Online

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Top 7 Kiss Cartoon Alternatives For Streaming Free Cartoons Online
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How to watch KissCartoon with a VPN?

It is straightforward to access KissCartoon with a reliable VPN because it can mask your IP and encrypt all data. Also, a reliable VPN does not slow the connection speed. It is essential while streaming online videos.
We consider NordVPN as one of the best VPNs on the market, and it suits perfectly for streaming videos on KissCartoon.

Moreover, it provides double data encryption that makes this service bulletproof for hackers, ISP and government.

The process of installation a VPN is super easy. Follow the steps, and you will start watching KissCartoons fast and safely:

  1. Go to the official NordVPN website
  2. Browse the plans and selected the most suitable for your needs (1, 6, 12 or 36 months). The more extended period of a service you will choose, the lower price per month will be.
  3. Register to your account and pay the bill.
  4. After the payment is made, you will be able to download the executable file NordVPN.EXE
  5. Double click on the NordVPN.exe file and the installation process will begin.
  6. After the installation is completed, choose the country server you want to connect to and stream KissCartoon anonymously and safely.

Top 7 Kisscartoon alternatives


Kiss Cartoon AlternativeKiss Cartoon Alternative Toonova considers being the biggest competitor to KissCartoon and one of the best alternative to it. Maybe it doesn't have such an extended media library as KissCartoon, but it provides high-quality videos that others don't do. Also, here you can find scarce anime movies. The interface of the website is well made and easy to navigate.


Kiss Cartoon AlternativeKiss Cartoon Alternative

Another excellent alternative to KissCartoon is Anime Toon. Here you can also find a massive index of various anime and cartoons library. The website design is outdated and not responsive for mobile devices, but still, you can use it on the go.


Kiss Cartoon AlternativeKiss Cartoon Alternative

We have selected carton extra to our list because we found here many famous cartoons, anime and other exciting content this website. The design of the website is compatible with mobile devices, so it is very comfy to use it while travelling. The large carton library ensures that you will definitely will find what you are looking for.


Kiss Cartoon AlternativeKiss Cartoon Alternative

One more excellent website where you can find the tons of cartons for you and your kids. Moreover, there you can find and cartoons in HD quality. The design of the website is also compatible with mobile devices. Easy navigation and a vast content library make this website as one of our top 10 list items.


Kiss Cartoon AlternativeKiss Cartoon Alternative

Kiss Anime like KissCartoon is very similar websites and you can find similar content in it. Despite the massive library of the cartoon and anime movies, we did not like advertisements on every click, but still, we place it in our top 10 list of KissCartoon alternatives.


Kiss Cartoon AlternativeKiss Cartoon Alternative

Cartoon Crazy offers wide range of dubbed anime cartoons, series and anime shows. It also provides a great library of content for every taste and age. We did find on it all series of “American Dad”, “Spyder man” and many other popular cartoon series.

KissCartoon Info

Kiss Cartoon AlternativeKiss Cartoon Alternative

This website provides daily episodes, full movies, comics and cartoons for every range of age. We found here such series as “The Simpsons”, “SpongeBob SquarePants”, “Adventure times” and much more popular series. Also, Cartoon Extra provides a wide range of anime movies and cartoons. As in every free cartoon movie website, there are many advertisements, and a VPN with an ad blocker would be a right solution.

Final thoughts

At the end of this article, we would like to emphasize, that every time you connect to the KissCartoon or other similar website, you are risking to get fined for accessing illegal content. The copyright laws are stringent in some countries and can get a massive fine for doing it. So don't put yourself in risk and protect your privacy. VPN is a great tool that can hide your IP and encrypt your browsing data.

Also, we recommend using NordVPN, as one of the safest and fastest VPN on the market that fits great for streaming online movies, cartoons and other content. Moreover, it will block all the unwanted ads and malware from infecting your computer.

Top 7 Kiss Cartoon Alternatives For Streaming Free Cartoons Online
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