Top 20 Best Dubbed Anime Streaming Sites

Top 20 Anime Streaming Sites to Watch AnimeTop 20 Anime Streaming Sites to Watch Anime

If you are a fan of Anime, which is undoubtedly the top trending animated genre in the world and wish to watch Anime for free online, then you are in luck. We will discuss the top 20 Anime streaming sites to watch your favorite series online for free. The list that we will share with you will include the names of the site that feature content in HD and different dubbed languages.

The Streaming Sites that will allow you to Watch Anime for Free

Anime is a genre of animation which features tv-series and movies from Japan. In its early days, the style generated a cult following all around the world. Thanks to the widespread advancement in technology, more and more people learned about Anime and became avid fans. Now, it is among the top-rated sub-genre of not just animation, but all forms in the world and people of all ages love it.

Various analytics sites report it that outside of Japan, people living in the United States and Canada searched more about Anime than individuals from any other region. It was also suggested that the majority of the people living in the top 10 Anime enthusiastic countries sought about the top 5 of the following Anime shows in particular:

  1. Naruto;
  2. Naruto: Shippuden;
  3. One Piece;
  4. My Hero Academia;
  5. Dragon Ball Z.

The common problem all of the Anime fans face is the inaccessibility of the content in good quality. It is challenging to locate streaming sites with Anime shows dubbed in English and HD quality. Luckily, after reading this article, that challenge will become a thing of the past. We will show you the top 20 Anime streaming sites that are not only free but also contain the latest content in the best quality possible.

1. Crunchyroll

Top 20 Best Dubbed Anime Streaming Sites

If you are looking for a site that is not only free but also legal, then Crunchyroll is the best site for you. The site contains hordes of episodes of all the best Anime series. Arguably the most familiar streaming site of the lot, we found the interface of Crunchyroll to be intuitive and straightforward.

The sub-categories of the site include video(for shows), manga(to read comics), and news(containing the latest information on every Anime series). Moreover, you will be able to avail of the English-dubbing feature from the platform to watch any Anime show you want, more conveniently.

It also offers users to utilize the premium features at a small price. The premium account includes the chance to watch new shows Ad-Free an hour after they broadcast in Japan.

2. Kissanime

Top 20 Best Dubbed Anime Streaming Sites

The KissAnime platform contains a vast library of Anime content with the Engish dubbing and subtitle utility. Once you enter the platform, you will see the following options that will make it easy for you to navigate and find your favorite content:

  • Anime List: All the Anime series are alphabetically lined up in this action, which makes it simple to see the show that you wish to stream for free;
  • Report/Request: When you click on this option, you will be led to the subreddit of KissAnime. You will have the chance to submit your concern regarding the website and its content. It is an effective and direct way to find out the concern of the user regarding the website;
  • Forum: KissAnime has a Discord server in the form of a community forum that has more than 70,000 members. The server allows the fans of Anime to interact with each other and share their common love for the genre;
  • Read Manga: Manga comics are the real inspiration behind Anime shows. Showrunners adopt the Manga comics frequently to make a quality show. KissAnime has the Manga section, which is updated continuously and contains every top-rated comic that is written;
  • Read Novel: After clicking this section, you will be led to a separate site called Novel Planet. The site is filled with underappreciated novels of the eastern culture that are being written for a few decades;
  • Watch Drama: If you want to see the soap operas of different countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, and South Korea, then this is the place where you should be.

KissAnime is entirely free, but there is an overlying problem with ad pop-ups, which makes the site a bit hard to manage. Other than, we surely recommend you take a look at the platform and see whether it contains the latest Anime shows or not.

3. 9anime

Top 20 Best Dubbed Anime Streaming Sites

9anime platform has both vintage and new Anime shows in HD for you to watch. It also presents the chance for you to access the movie version of your beloved Anime series for free. The gallery is listed both in the form of genre and alphabetically. It makes it easier to locate the thousands of episodes of a single series such as Pokemon and One Piece. The platform also offers dubbing and subtitles with the uploaded show, which is extremely convenient for the foreign viewers.

The whole interface of the website is extremely simple, with only a small number of ads popping up. The “Request” section that is accessible from the homepage offers you the chance to ask the administration of 9anime to upload the show you wish to watch if it is not already there.

4. Animefreak

Top 20 Best Dubbed Anime Streaming Sites

This website is definitely worth checking. It contains thousands of hours of pure Anime content reaching from old popular shows like One Piece to every latest episode of Pokemon. The most recent shows usually come with subtitles, but the dubbing feature isn’t available.

However, the platform is absolutely free and very easy to browse. The wide variety of Anime series are categorized as follows:

  • Ongoing: If you wish to learn which Anime is currently churning out new episodes, then this option is for you;
  • Browse by Genre: This category will instantly lead you to the list of all the Anime shows on the website based on their respective genres such as Supernatural, Adventure, and Action;
  • Search: If you know which episode or series you intend to watch on Animefreak, then head on its “Search page” and type in the necessary information to learn about the show;
  • Latest Episodes: You will find the most recently uploaded episode with English subtitles from this section;
  • Latest Anime: This section has categorized the Anime show based on the year they premiered in Japan. You will find the most recent series on the list first!
  • Popular Anime: Animefreak checks its stats ever so often and learns which Anime is being watched the most. It allows the new user to know which series is popular among bases so that they would be able to jump aboard the trend.

5. Anime Heaven

Top 20 Best Dubbed Anime Streaming Sites

If you want to watch free Anime content that both have subtitles and offer an English dubbing feature, then Anime Heaven is the literal paradise for you. The site has branded the Anime shows under the following categories:

  • Anime: Contains information regarding the latest shows;
  • Dubbed: Though most of the content uploaded on the platform is dubbed, some of the recently released episodes do not come with subtitles. It is why this section is created, which lets the user know on what series has subtitles and which one does not;
  • Series: This category has information regarding all the concluded Anime shows;
  • Ongoing: If you want to know some news on the current shows as when the latest episode is going to be released and similar things about it;

6. Gogoanime

Top 20 Best Dubbed Anime Streaming Sites

Gogoanime is the place to be If you wish to no ads and quality content in HD. It features Anime, both with subtitles and English dubbing, so that the avid international fans of the genre wouldn’t have to miss a single episode. The Anime shows are all listed alphabetically under the “Anime List” section of the website.

The platform also has a wide variety of animated movies of the Anime genre related to the most popular shows. Furthermore, if you wish to see what type of content or series is most prevalent at present, then all you have to do is head on to the “Popular” section and see the list for yourself.

Gogoanime also has a dedicated subreddit that works well as a community forum and a place to issue requests to the site’s admins. If you intend to keep up with all the latest episodes releases and news, then create an account for free on the platform and remain regularly updated with the content.

7. Anime Planet

Top 20 Best Dubbed Anime Streaming Sites

As the name suggests, the Anime-Planet platform is the literal place that contains every last Anime show there is. The best thing about it is that every bit of the content is dubbed in English for the convenience of the international Anime fans.

The platform has sorted out the animated shows based on their alphabets, the year of their initial release, and popularity. If you do not know much about the Anime, then its dedicated search bar allows you to filter particular details of the show to find it. You can find the content in HD quality, and you would not have to pay anything to watch it.

The “Community” section of Anime Plant contains the following facilities which make it easier for the new fan of the genre on which show to watch first:

  • Anime reviews: This part of the website allows the users to share their experience and views on specific Anime series and episodes;
  • Manga reviews: It is similar to the section we discussed above, but in place of Anime, the user has the opportunity to share their reviews on Manga comic;
  • Forum: Here the users get the chance to talk to each other more openly and share their enthusiasm based on certain shows and concerns regarding the intuitiveness of the website;
  • Site news: The admin of Anime-Planet share official news related to their platform under this section. It allows the user to get ahead of all the updates and information regarding the website;
  • Discord chat: The Discord server of the platform has over 7000 members and is an exciting place to be if you are a regular watcher of Anime shows.

8. Animeshow

Top 20 Best Dubbed Anime Streaming Sites

You wouldn’t forget the name once you open the Watchanime website to watch free Anime shows in HD. Though the site doesn’t have an extensive list of Anime, much like other platforms, it is still convenient. It offers content in English dubbing and contains full episodes of all the popular series.

The dedicated community forum of the platform offers the new user the chance to find out about the pertinent information on which show to watch first. It also provides its users to create an account to manage the watchlist much fittingly.

9. Kisscartoon

Top 20 Best Dubbed Anime Streaming Sites

Though the Kisscartoon is not a dedicated site for Anime shows, it still has a massive gallery of English dubbed Anime content. You can search your favorite Anime and non-anime episodes based on the following filter options:

  • Type: As the platform is not just for Anime you would have to pick Anime from the type list to get to your preferred content more quickly;
  • Genre: Every Anime series is based on a sub-genre such as crime, adventure, horror, and others. If you do not know the name of the series, then select the genre and search the series accordingly;
  • Year: If you want to search the latest shows then you can search them by year to access them easily;
  • Status: This section offers two categories: Ongoing and Finished. If you know the status of your favorite Anime, but do not know the name, then search the show with it, which will make the whole procedure more efficient.

10. Animeland

Top 20 Best Dubbed Anime Streaming Sites

Animeland is one of the most fitting places to watch English dubbed Anime in HD 1080p quality. Most importantly, it has all the episodes from start to most recent of the most searched Anime series that we mentioned earlier on in the article.

Top shows such as One Piece, Naruto, and Dragon Ball Z all have their shortcut tabs available on the homepage. It makes the whole streaming process a lot faster as the user doesn’t have to put in much effort to search for their favorite show.

The Anime shows are listed alphabetically under the “Anime List” section of the webpage. Though there isn’t much to the website, its interface is quite simplistic, and you will not find spam ads popping up during your streaming session.

11. AnimeBam

Top 20 Best Dubbed Anime Streaming Sites

The website offers an intuitive experience to every type of user who wishes to watch Anime for free and in HD quality. The dubbed episodes of all the series are marked green, and the subbed ones are marked in red. It makes it easier for the streamer to access their favored content more quickly.

The site also has a separate section for the Anime series that the majority of the users are watching. Thanks to that section of AnimeBam, you will never miss out on the most popular shows ever again.


Top 20 Best Dubbed Anime Streaming Sites

We found the design of to be the best of the ones mentioned in the list. If you intend to know the recent happening of the Anime world, watch the trending shows, and interact with fellow Anime fans all in one go, then this is the website for you.

The site displays content in HD quality, and it is free of cost to access the content. You can quickly search the show you wish to stream by clicking on one of the tags displayed on the website. The site also recommends which shows to watch first if you are new to the genre and don’t know where to start.

The Forum section of the website allows Anime enthusiasts to discuss things like shows, video games, art & cosplay, and other likes & dislikes. You will also find a small ratio of ads than usual during the entire stream or browsing activity.

13. Anilinkz

Top 20 Best Dubbed Anime Streaming Sites

Almost all of the Anime uploaded on the Anilinkz platform are either dubbed or subbed in English. It makes the website worthy of all international users.

There isn’t much to the simple layout of Anilinkz other than the option to access the Anime list. The whole gallery of Anime shows is categorized alphabetically. The calendar section was a refreshing surprise as it showcases the weekly, monthly, and yearly schedule and release dates of all the ongoing Anime shows.

However, ads kept popping up while our team was checking the website, and it was quite distracting, to say the least.

14. Animerush

Top 20 Best Dubbed Anime Streaming Sites

The darkish background of Animerush was elegant, and we found the entire platform very simple to navigate. The Anime list section of the website has lined up every last series alphabetically with a separate section for every ongoing Anime show. The same is the case with the movie tab of the site, which contains an extensive gallery of Anime feature films categorized in the same manner as the Anime shows.

Though there is a separate tab for “Forum,” it was not functional, and the webpage was virtually dead. We also found ads related to adult content on the site, which could be off-putting for young viewers.

15. Soul-Anime

Soul-Anime has done its research, and the admin of the site knows that which shows are generally popular among the international audience. It is why, when you access the website, you will find separate tabs for all the popular Anime series such as One Piece, Naruto, and others. It makes the whole streaming experience more quick and worthwhile, and it is entirely free.

Here is some information on the other tabs that you will find on Soul-Anime:

  • Anime list: After accessing this tab, you will be able to search your favorite Anime shows based on their genre and alphabet. It also has a separate search bar, to bypass the whole list and reach the favored show more quickly. All shows are English subbed, no matter how recent;
  • Anime movies: The movies of the top Anime shows are listed in this section which is also alphabetically lined up;
  • Completed Anime: There are so many Anime shows that it gets hard sometimes to keep up with it. The section will ease your worry as it shows which of your beloved show has concluded and which one is not;
  • Random: If you intend to become a fan of the Anime genre and do not know where to start, then this is the section to go. The website’s AI will randomly give you an option on which series to watch, especially if you do not have any clue.

16. Chia-anime

Top 20 Best Dubbed Anime Streaming Sites

Chia-Anime is the place that contains Anime (shows & movies), manga comics, Anime soundtracks, and Korean soap operas, all in one. Though there is a bombardment of annoying ads, the entire layout of the website is user-friendly, and it was easy to find even the rarest of Anime shows.

The Anime shows and movies are listed in letter-wise. The platform offers a tag list to quickly access the hottest Anime shows of the season if you wish to keep up with the trend.

Other than Anime, Chia-Anime also contains a vast gallery of new and old cartoon shows and movies that are hard to find for free online.

17. Wonderfulsubs

It is the alternative link to the now dysfluent website Master Anime. Even though it is not as good as its predecessor, it still offers all of the features of the Master Anime. The homepage of the site displays a list of most famous and recently uploaded shows that are both dubbed and subbed. The shows are free to watch and come in HD quality.

The site also has a subreddit that allows the Redditors to share their experience with the community. The admin of the website also regularly interact with the community and reveal their plans regarding the website.


The Anime content available on the 4Anime website is subbed and free. It offers the user a chance to view the top-rated series while enjoying an intuitive layout of the site. The browse section of 4Anime will allow you to find your favorite Anime based on the following filter settings:

  • Sort By: You will have the choice to sort the gallery the Anime shows alphabetically(A-Z or Z-A);
  • Genre: If you know the genre of the Anime, then search the Anime based on options like Crime, Adventure, Horror, and much more;
  • Season: If you know the season of release of the Anime series, then you can access this feature, or you can skip it altogether;
  • Status: Most of the popular Anime series have concluded. This feature will allow you to narrow your search on whether you intend to check the ongoing series or the completed ones.
  • Year: If you know the year of release of the series, then select the year from this section and hit the search button;
  • Type: 4anime not just offers the viewers a complete HD experience of Anime shows but movies as well. This section will allow you to choose whether you wish to watch Anime shows or movies.

19. Animephahe

Top 20 Best Dubbed Anime Streaming Sites

You will find every top-rated and rarest of Anime show on this underrated platform that offers the chance to stream Anime both for free and in HD. Once you access the “Anime” section from the site’s homepage, you will find the series queued up alphabetically from A to Z. The site is ultimately ad-free, and the interface was accessible to the eye and easy to navigate.

20. SideReel

Top 20 Best Dubbed Anime Streaming Sites

Sidereel is basically the Netflix of free content. This site is not just dedicated to the genre of Anime. It has a comprehensive library of both live-action and animated tv shows. It also keeps up with the schedule of the new releases and notifies the users based on their preferences.

Anime is accessible under the “Cartoons and Animations” option of the “Genre” section available at the home page of the site. Your favorite shows are not only dubbed/subbed, but Sidereel’s links for the series offers you to watch the show in 1080p quality to enhance your streaming experience.

A Safer Approach to Stream Anime for Free

Sometimes everything may not seem what they appear to be. Platforms that offer the user a chance to access content for free have to earn their money from someplace. Google usually does not endorse such platforms that facilitate content viewing by violating any sort of copyrights. These platforms resort to other mediums to gain ad money, and there is no guarantee on the legitimacy of those ads. They might be authentic, or they could also be a breeding point for malware to infect your device.

In this section of the article, we will show you the methods to maintain your security/privacy while keeping to stream Anime for free in HD.

A VPN will keep you Safe and Private during the Anime Streaming Session

ISPs or the local communication authority have a habit of blocking sites that feature free content and may contain viruses. A VPN not only bypasses such geo-restrictions but offers additional features to prevent malware from entering into your device.

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The whole library of servers of a top VPN makes sure that no level of restriction disrupts your browsing experience. A VPN not only facilitates streaming Anime for free on the sites as mentioned above, but you can also unblock high-level sites like Netflix US & Hulu. Unblocking these platforms ensure that you could watch Anime like Castlevania for free and that too in 4K quality.

The encryption protocols such as OpenVPN, AES 256-bit protection, and others make sure that your data doesn’t fall on to the hands of the hacker. Constant ad pop-ups ruin the whole streaming experience. It is why some VPNs also offer features like Ad-Blocker ensure that nothing comes between you and your beloved Anime.

If you do not have the budget to purchase a secure VPN, check out these options below that are free and possess the ability to unblock restricted Anime sites:

Tor Browser

The browser is completely free and provides the path to access any limited or banned platform in the world, thanks to its network of independent tor servers. If you intend to remain anonymous and watch Anime for free, then consider using the Tor browser. It is important to remember that though the Tor browser is free, it doesn’t guarantee a stable internet connection. You would find a visible drop in quality in the stream with the Tor browser. It is why we would still recommend opting for a more reliable VPN vendor;


The Opera browser is the only such application in the world that has a built-in VPN capable of unblocking platforms like the free Anime websites. It is completely free, as well. However, it possesses the same issue that we found with the Tor browser, which was there was a sudden drop in the internet connection speed. At the same time, the VPN was enabled on the browser. Such shortcomings are not ideal for streaming videos in HD quality.

Antivirus will protect you from Ads and Viruses after you Stream Anime for Free

The makers of malware and similar viruses are smart, and they some time design the bug with any software signatures. It allows the virus to sneak quietly into your device, infect the files stored in it. An antivirus program can detect such zero-day malware and have the full potential to kill it before it causes some damage to your device.

Other features of antivirus software include the parental control function that allows parents to regulate the content their child should be watching. This utility is most important as such free Anime sites could contain ads with inappropriate adult content. It is why we strongly recommend getting antivirus software for your computer as one can never be too safe on the internet.

Final Thoughts on Streaming Anime for Free in HD

In this article, we have revealed the top 20 websites to stream Anime for free that are active and offer to watch the content in HD. We have also discussed the methods to enhance your internet security while performing the action.

Watching content such as Anime for free could seem lucrative to some, but it is not an ideal way to perform such an activity. It is because these platforms are a hub for hackers to run your device through with viruses, thus, allowing them a path to steal your data. It is why we recommend accessing legal and more secure websites to watch Anime in HD.

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