The Best Kickass Torrent Alternatives

The Best Kickass Torrent AlternativesThe Best Kickass Torrent Alternatives

Before 2016, Kickass was arguably the best torrent site in the world. The website was a haven of torrent files where many surfers across the world would seamlessly access and download the latest movies, TV shows, software, and music, etc. However, its story turned inside out in July 2016 when the owner was arrested by the US government and charged on the grounds of copyright and money laundering schemes. This inevitably pulled down the original Kickass Torrent.

A few remaining staff and dedicated uploaders tried to resuscitate the website via mirror links, but it wasn’t going to replicate what the original site offered. The new Kickass Torrent is still miles away from the original version in terms of reliability, content, and uptime. Although the original adored Kickass Torrent is no more, it doesn’t imply that torrent is dead! There are many top alternatives you can use as a substitute for the original Kickass Torrents. Before we delve in deeper, remember that torrents are banned in several countries. So, use a trusted VPN and avoid downloading copyrighted content. With that said, let us dig into some of the best kickass Torrent alternatives on the web.

1. Extra Torrent

Extra Torrent is no doubt one of the largest BitTorrent websites used by many web users worldwide. The recent relaunch that saw a shift to a new URL signaled a positive turnaround for the website. In a statement, the website chiefs promised that the new version would be marked by numerous improvements from the predecessor Critics are pointing fingers to the clumsy interface, but generally, the website is amazing. Users can download from a pool of latest content like movies, games, music, software, and TV shows. Unlike several other websites, Extra Torrent doesn’t have lots of annoying pop-up ads. It will only keep reminding you on torrenting and internet privacy to keep you safe! The other plus is that Extra Torrent lists the most popular torrents in every category and furnishes users with crucial information about the health of individual torrents.

2. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay popularity across the world never wanes. Irrespective of multiple blocking and shutdown attempts, mirrors websites have managed to come up thanks to rapid changes in the domain and offline strategies. Users can still access the site through the Always-Online technology or via the website proxy. The reason why this site garnered innumerable devotees across the globe is due to a large collection of content. There are over a million torrents of diverse categories.  Its nice interface makes navigation quite seamless, and users can find their target content with ease. Although The Pirate Bay has been blocked by several ISPs, you still can bypass these restrictions via a good VPN.


Just as the name suggests Internet Archive is a huge library that hosts books, movies, software, music and tons of other multimedia files. You will also find torrents via this Archive torrent link and use a torrent client to download your content. Some of the best clients for this are the likes of uTorrent, Vuze, Transmission, etc.

4. Zooqle

Zooqle is another great Kickass Torrent alternative site. This torrenting site is majorly known for gaming software. It also offers a wide range of torrent content, including movies and TV shows. It’s over 3.5 million content database contains over 40, 000 movies and more than 600 TV shows to download.  Zooqle is still an infant torrenting website, but its momentum is encouraging. With an impressive fan base, expect seeders and content to skyrocket in the future. Another hit with Zooqle is the user-friendly interface. Whether you are a newbie or expert, expect no navigation hurdles. It has an advanced search option that makes it easy to find torrents that fit your size, category, and language.

5. TorLock

When you access TorLock, the pretty interface will likely steal your glance. It is well organized and easy to navigate. The website offers thousands of well-indexed torrents. Whether you are looking for movies, music, games, or software, among others, TorLock will treat you with a huge portion of these contents. Now, one of the major reasons TorLock finds a place in the heart of many fans is that it only lists verified torrents.

6. 1337X.TO

This is another excellent Kickass Torrent alternative worth trying out. Well, 1337X offers plenty of ways to access the content you need. You can search via the search bar or go to the “Explore categories” option and explore the target content. Also, there is the “Top 100” section that furnishes users with the top 100 most trending torrents. With 1337X, you will receive weekly updates on the most popular and trending torrents in each category. Recently, 1337X triggered an overhaul that saw the elimination of several security risks and layout improvement. When using 1337X, don’t be surprised to see a few ads or pop-ups on your page.


RARBG has established itself over the past decade as one of the most reliable torrent websites. This Kickass Torrent alternative has a huge and active community alongside seeders. RARBG offers high-quality content of huge variety ranging from the old to new torrents. This alone has helped it strike a good reputation amongst scores of fans. The rich content is organized into several useful categories to make it painless for users to locate the torrents they are curating. The user-friendly interface is another positive in an already colourful basket of RARBG goodies. Although this popularity has seen RARBG blocked in some countries like the UK, Portugal, Bulgaria, and Denmark, using a VPN will guarantee you access even if you are from the affected region.

8. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents might not be the best torrenting website but is fairly a good Kickass Torrent alternative. Maybe because it is still new and hasn’t garnered much presence. This is majorly a community torrenting site with a large number of seeders. In this website, you will only come across torrents that have been approved by the scores of users. One of the positives about LimeTorrents is the user-friendly interface and fast speeds. On the other side, inconsistencies and downtimes are some of the major drawbacks of LimeTorrents. If you are curating for older content, LimeTorrents will not serve you best. You should perhaps try other torrenting websites on this list.

9. Torrentz2

This is another excellent torrent site that cropped up as an alternative to what was known as Torrentz. It is essentially a search engine that indexes 50+ domains for active torrents. You will find a lot of free and copyrighted content on the engine, but many users are also using it for illegal torrenting.


This torrenting website is a clone of the famous NYAA torrenting website. The frequent hunt by the law enforcers resulted in the demise of NYAA and the pop up of that has since received loyal fans from Japan and other countries. has an intuitive interface, and all torrents are organized by date on the homepage. You can change how the torrents can be sorted by either size, seeds, date, comments, or peers, among other options.

11. YTS

YTS is another good Kickass Torrent alternative but is majorly suited for movies. If you have hit a snag looking for classic movies, then YTS is the best place to look. It is a good option if you have limited bandwidth because it is known to compress torrents. This means you can watch HD movies without stressing your bandwidth to the limit. YTS is focused on movies. In other words, if your interest is on games, TV shows, and music, then it can be a disappointment to you.

12. Demonoid.IS

This is a community site that’s dedicated to torrenting. It is a great site for movie lovers although it is usually closed for new signups. That said, the site will usually accept new users to the community. You can check out and find out if they are accepting new users.

FAQs about Torrenting

Now that you know about the best Kickass Torrent Alternatives let us answer a few FAQs you might have about torrenting.

Is it illegal to download content from torrents?

There is a huge misconception surrounding torrenting and its legal side. Well, torrenting in itself isn’t technically illegal but downloading copyrighted content from the site is against the law. Frankly, torrenting tends to lean more into pirating content even though most often argue that they are just search engines.

Law enforcement agencies have been fighting against illegal torrenting for the past decade or so. That’s why the KAT was taken down and the owner, Artem Vaulin arrested in 2016. The site was also taken down, and US authorities requested extradition so that he can face criminal copyright infringement charges in the American courts.

The case is quite similar to that of The Pirate Bay founders who were arrested, prosecuted and jailed in 2009. These two scenarios just show that using torrent to access copyrighted content is a risk, and you should beware that you are likely downloading illegally.

What happens if you get caught Torrenting?

In most countries, law enforcement agencies will tend to ‘fry the big fish’ rather than go for average torrent users. That said, you can still get caught torrenting often via your ISP. Yes, your ISP might be subpoenaed by the law enforcement agencies or they might be compelled by a court order to hand over your key information if you are suspected of copyright infringement.  

How Safe is Torrenting?

Generally speaking, torrenting is safe, but you need to take precautions. You need to use what is known as a Virtual Private Network (VPN) as a way to protect your privacy. It is a tool that can route your traffic via a secure private network over a public network like the Internet. You should also know that some torrent sites and users are rogue. They might spread malicious files via the network. So, ensure you have a robust antimalware tool installed on your device. Moreover, be careful on what you download and use from these torrent sites.

Are VPNs Legal?

VPNs are often perfectly legal as long as you don’t use it to execute criminal activities on the web. The laws on VPN use might depend on where you are. In the US, for example, it is legal to use a VPN to secure your privacy online. In other words, you can use VPN for torrenting safely.

How do I choose a VPN for Torrenting?

There are many VPN tools in the market, but not every tool is good for torrenting. For starters, you should go for a VPN that has a strict No-Logs Policy. What this essentially means is that the VPN service shouldn’t be keeping tabs and storing your data on the backend. Most VPN services will promise you that they keep no logs-most still do. Some VPNs have in the past been used to break cybercrime cases, obviously because some will still keep your logs!

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You should also go for a that offers what’s known as IP & DNS leak protection. Again, your primary goal is to mask your identity online, and a proper tool should be able to shut down your connections if there is any leak.

Other than these two core privacy features, you should also pick a service that delivers top draw Download Speeds & Unlimited Bandwidth. It will come in handy when you are downloading big files from the torrent sites.

It is also better to pick VPN services that are based in countries with relaxed laws on torrenting. Some of the torrent friendly countries in the world include Spain, Netherlands, Mexico, Switzerland, etc.

Wrap up

That’s it! We have covered some of the best Kickass Torrent alternative websites you can explore but remember your privacy is crucial when accessing these sites. It is, therefore, advisable to always use a top-grade VPN while accessing these torrenting websites to browse and download torrents safely. We also recommend that you avoid downloading illegal content via these sites to stay on the right side of the law.

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The Best Kickass Torrent Alternatives

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The Best Kickass Torrent Alternatives
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