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Google Chrome adds 5 security updates

Google Chrome has become more secure and transparent to its users by default Recently, Google has announced several new security updates for the Google Chrome Web Store. More
News   October 3, 2018

More than 100,000 routers hijacked by a new DNS Changer Botnet

Chinese-based security researchers have recently revealed a new DNS Changer Botnet.More
News   October 2, 2018

Facebook announces a massive data breach: at least 50 million accounts impacted

Facebook Newsroom revealed a security issue affecting almost 50 million users.More
News   October 1, 2018

Russian Election Hacker team Fancy Bear developed a new malware

Russian cyber-espionage hacker team dubbed Fancy Bear has developed and deployed a new malware which is capable of wiping a targeted computer’s hard drive. More
News   September 28, 2018

New integer overflow bug in the Linux Kernel ‘Mutagen Astronomy’

Security experts at Qualys have recently published the information and proof-of-concept also known as PoC exploits of an integer overflow bug in the Linux kernel. More
News   September 27, 2018

6.5 million users affected during the SHEIN data breach

A popular US-based online fashion retailer SHEIN has announced a serious data breach that affected almost 6.5 million customers.More
News   September 26, 2018

Unpatched zero-day vulnerability affects all versions of Windows OS

A security researcher at Trend Micro has publicly disclosed a new zero-day bug which affects all versions of Microsoft Windows OS. More
News   September 25, 2018

Latvian hacker behind malware-scanning service “Scan4You” sentenced to prison

A Latvian-based hacker responsible for the development and operation of VirusTotal like malware-scanning service Scan4You has been sentenced to 168 months in prison. More
News   September 24, 2018

Has someone hacked into your Twitter account?

Have you ever wonder if your Twitter account has been hacked? More
News   September 20, 2018

XBash - Ransomware, Cryptocurrency Mining and Botnet. All in one

Recently discovered malware combines ransomware, coin mining and botnet features in one.More
News   September 19, 2018

Pegasus spyware targets Android and iOS users in 45 countries

A new report from Citizen Lab revealed that the infamous Pegasus spyware has been discovered deployed against Android and iOS users across 45 countries worldwide over the last two years. More
News   September 18, 2018

New Web Exploit is able to crash and restart iOS devices

A developer, security researcher & privacy advocate at Wire, Sabri Haddouche, also known as @pwnsdx in Twitter, revealed a proof-of-concept, also known as PoC website that includes an exploit which is able to crash and restart iPhones, iPads or freeze a Mac device. More
News   September 17, 2018

Several Trend Micro apps removed from MacOS app store

Security researchers discovered that seven security apps developed by a popular security provider Trend Micro were collecting MacOS user data.More
News   September 12, 2018

New flaw detected in Android operating system leaks data through WiFi

A new vulnerability has been discovered in the Google’s mobile operating system Android. More
News   September 6, 2018

Instagram launches three new security layers

Facebook-owned photo-sharing network  Instagram has responded to a recently conducted widespread hacking campaign and introduced three new security tools. More
News   August 31, 2018
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