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Kaspersky Labs hits back: Pirated MS Office software responsible for NSA exploit leak

The NSA has alleged that Russian hackers penetrated one of their contractor’s personal computers by exploiting Kaspersky’s anti-virus software, which the contractor had installed on his computer.More
News   November 6, 2017

Your smart-home devices can potentially be used as cryptocurrency miners

Cybercriminals are very well-known for illegal attempts at encrypting files for ransom and steal personal information or data.More
News   November 3, 2017

CRU3LTY ransom attack: 2 million Tarte Cosmetics’ users’ exposure

Well-known cruelty-free cosmetics brand Tarte, distributed online and at beauty retailers such as Sephora, has misconfigured its two databases.More
News   November 3, 2017

Malware exploits unpatched Microsoft Office Word DDE

A recently discovered hacking technique is being used in a range of widespread malware attacks.More
News   November 3, 2017

Tomorrow’s Internet – the preparation

Blade Runner 2049 was introduced in early October. It is the continuation of the 1982 sci-fi creation and combines many elements of the older version.More
News   November 3, 2017

Google Play Bounty – a new security reward program by Google

Google promises $1,000 rewards according to their public bug bounty program which focuses on protection and detecting vulnerabilities in mobile applications available at Google Play store. More
News   November 3, 2017

Blu smartphones temporarily removed from Amazon

Amazon recently removed Blu smartphones from its online store because of a potential malware case.More
News   November 2, 2017

HomeHack! Pay attention to your Vacuum Robot

A vulnerability detected in LG Electronics smart-home series devices provides an open access and control of every network-connected appliance.More
News   November 2, 2017

Brand new IoT Botnet threatens the Internet

Do you remember Mirai? Mirai is the largest IoT malware which launched DDoS attacks and caused massive Internet blackouts just a year ago.More
News   November 2, 2017

Judge announced: users can sue Yahoo over the 1B data breach

A US district judge Lucy Hoh has recently ruled that victims of Yahoo’s 1B data breach can sue the company.More
News   November 2, 2017

Bronze Butler targets Japanese businesses

A cyberespionage group called Bronze Butler has been targeting Japanese firms since 2012.More
News   November 2, 2017

Ursnif banking Trojan targets Japan

Ursnif, also known as Gozi, financial malware set its new target – Japan.More
News   November 2, 2017

Malicious Adobe Flash flaw is used to infect victims with infamous spyware

It was reported that the attack of infamous espionage malware was carried out through the Microsoft Office file.The users of Adobe Systems should keep in mind that a pretty serious exposure was found on Adobe Flash Player. More
News   October 31, 2017

There is a possibility that your Wi-Fi belongs to attackers

Bad news for Android and Linux users: the WPA2 encryption protocol has potentially been hacked, according to rumors. More
News   October 26, 2017

200,000 WordPress sites were attacked by a plug-in

A total of 200,000 WordPress sites have been infected by a recent malware attack from the Display Widgets plug-in.More
News   October 26, 2017
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