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The usoclient.exe process. What is it and how to disable it

If every time when you start Windows 10, you notice a brief CMD popup in the unsoclient.exe process, you should read this article and find out more about this executable.More
News   April 12, 2018

SpyRemover Pro VS Defender Pro Total

Cyber attackers never sleep and malware targeting Windows devices increase rapidly, that is why a reliable anti-malware tool is relevant.More
News   April 11, 2018

Catalyst Control Center or the ccc.exe process

Some users detected the ccc.exe process in Task Manager takes up a huge amount of PC resources.More
News   April 11, 2018

Defender Pro Internet Security and Antivirus VS WiperSoft

Windows operating system remains to be the most targeted operating systems and malware targeting Windows devices still increase.More
News   April 10, 2018

The BtvStack.exe process on Skype

There are instances that the BtvStack.exe process request users’ permission to use their Skype.More
News   April 10, 2018

Bitdefender Total Security 2018 VS ESET Internet Security Premium 2018

An increasing number of malware targeting Windows devices are not a surprise.More
News   April 9, 2018

How to fix issues related to agent.exe

Agent.exe can originate from various different programs. Usually, the executable can be tracked to InstallShield software.More
News   April 9, 2018

ESET Internet Security Premium 2018 VS Panda Global Protection 2018

If you are looking for a reliable premium security suite, you have to check out this article.More
News   April 6, 2018

The consent.exe process. What is it and how to remove it

The Consent executable can cause freezes and hanging periods.More
News   April 6, 2018

FTC launches an investigation on Facebook’s Data Privacy practices

The Federal Trade Commission has announced the upcoming investigation into Facebook’s data privacy practices.More
News   April 5, 2018

Top 5 Best VPN 2018 review

A Virtual Private Network service, also known as VPN is a relevant and very useful piece of technology service which build an encrypted connection between a user and a server.  A VPN service is used to protect user privacy when browsing the internet.More
News   April 5, 2018

150 million MyFitnessPall account details exposed

American sports apparel company Under Armour has announced massive data breach of 150 million of its MyFitnessPal app users.More
News   April 5, 2018

The cpx.exe process. What is it and how to remove it

If you try to end the cpx.exe process in Task Manager, you will possibly fail.More
News   April 4, 2018

AVG Free AntiVirus 2018 for Mac VS Sophos Antivirus for Mac Home Edition 2018

Even though Mac users tend to think that their computers are way safer than Windows PCs and they do not need a security and antivirus application, it is not true.More
News   April 4, 2018

QR code vulnerability detected in Apple iOS 11 could redirect you to malicious sites

A new flaw discovered in Apple iOS Camera Application could be exploited in order to redirect consumers to malicious sites without their permission or knowledge.More
News   April 4, 2018
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