How to Buy USA Instagram Followers : Safety Tips for Newbies

How to Buy USA Instagram Followers : Safety Tips for NewbiesHow to Buy USA Instagram Followers : Safety Tips for Newbies

If you are an Instagram influencer or plan to become one in the near future, you probably understand that the competition here is not weak. To stand out and attract a local audience from a certain region or country, you’ll have to sweat a lot. Fortunately, today the advertising services market is thriving, and specialists offer special incentives for influencers and entrepreneurs who seek to expand their audience and improve engagement/reach. 

For creators with pages of any size, there are a lot of different incentives available, including the opportunity to buy real USA Instagram followers. This is a great chance for influencers to expand their fan base with the right audience and stimulate the growth of the page's popularity in the region. However, any online purchases should be safe for you, including PR incentives. In this article, we’ll share a few safety tips. Read on!

How to choose the best company? 

Check website

How to understand that a company has a positive image and a high rating? Check out their website, of course! Excellent services are interested in attracting new customers, so their website will look presentable and professional. Nice if the company has made its contact details available to all visitors to the site – this is correct, you should know where to contact in case of problems.

Also, see if there is a chat with the manager. This will be a sign that the company has a real team of specialists, and are ready to answer all questions at any time.

Read reviews from previous customers

Reviews are the best opportunity to learn more about the company and their services. Any decent company that has been working for a long time has a lot of customer reviews and provides access to them. Most often, reviews are located directly on the service's website, but if you haven't found them, just type in a Google search query: “companyname reviews” and analyze the results.

It is important to know: no company has a 100% perfect reputation and thousands of ONLY positive reviews. Keep in mind that there is min. 1 negative feedback among hundreds, this is absolutely normal and natural. Read all the reviews, and especially negative ones, so you can find out what mistakes the service made and what their attitude towards customers is. If the representative of the company couldn’t work out  objections, it means that they aren’t interested in building good relations with their customers.

Check out prices

Service providers offering first-class services will never set a low cost of incentives. Compare the cost of subscribers on different sites to understand what the average price should be.

Ultra-high cost is also not good, as well as super-low, ideally – average. So, real USA fans should cost min. $4.99, because this is the average price, it consists of several parameters: remuneration of specialists, advertising, site optimization, etc.

By the way, a good PR company has several payment methods – pay attention to this when choosing.

How to make a purchase safely?

No personal information 

Under no circumstances should you cooperate with companies that ask for any personal information about you or your account, be it a password, username, your last name, address or anything else. The company doesn't need this information to deliver followers.

What information can you provide? Email and page address, nothing else. This will be enough to start the delivery process. Yes, you need to provide additional information for payment, but you provide it in a secure way (through special payment services) and the company won’t see it.

Specify all details in advance

Before making a purchase and clicking the Pay button, make sure that you’ve received all the necessary information and agree to the terms of use. If the company has a chat with the manager, be sure to write to him and ask all clarifying questions. 

Find out everything about the price change in order to avoid unexpected expenses, about the delivery time and the operation of the service. Before buying, be sure to ask who will start following you –  bots or real people. If they start delivering computer bots and “dead” pages to you, you’ll lose your rating, and maybe get banned. That's not what you need, right? Therefore, learn all information “on the shore”. Have a good safe shopping!

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