How to Unblock Tamilrockers in 2022?

how to unblock tamilrockershow to unblock tamilrockers?

How can I unblock my access to the Tamilrockers’ website? I want to download a rare documentary from the famous peer to peer file sharing platform, but it is somehow restricted in my country. What are the quickest and convenient ways to unblock Tamilrockers?

There are countless platforms available on the internet that offer free means for the user to watch their favorite content or preferred file. However, only a few of them are reliable and prevent malware from entering into the computers of the respective users.

Tamilrockers is one of such platforms. Then again, a platform such as Tamilrockers is always considered a hub for piracy and copyrights violation. It is also the fact why these platforms are not available in some areas of the world. These regions are the ones that practice strong laws against piracy and illegal content sharing.

The best techniques for accessing TamilRockers in 2022

Have you ever wondered that one day you can freely access a platform, but the next day your browser and I.S.P. refuse to open that same platform or website for you? It happens because of the ever-changing internet laws all around the world the prevent user to use a particular type of content or website. These bans depend on the cultural significance and other similar things of the region you live in as well.

The Mail Culprit or Tech behind Content Ban is called Geo-Blocking

The technology the I.S.P. or the Government uses to restrict user access to content is known as geo-blocking or geo-restriction. These entities implement the technology by checking the user’s I.P. address from a specific database or different accounts. They also act upon such regulations by measuring the end-to-end delay of an internet connection. It allows the I.S.P. or the Government to estimate the physical location of the user, which makes it easier to implement the content ban on a general level.

If you still wondering how to bypass the tech of geo-blocking that is being implemented by entities as powerful as the Government and the I.S.P.s, then there is no need to panic. In this segment of the article, we will show you not one but five expedient ways to unblock Tamilrockers and similar P2P sites.

1. Tamilrockers can be unblocked with the help of a VPN:

The Government regulates everything related to the internet and telecommunication of its citizens through the national telecom authority. The agencies prompt the I.S.P.s and other service providers to enforce specific laws that could include banning specific sites and content. This technique is carried out by detecting the I.P.s of the user and manipulating it.

tamilrockers and vpntry to unblock tamilrockers with a vpn

Fortunately, a Virtual Private Network or VPN[1] ceases such a level of I.P. manipulation. It offers the common a vast library of servers and I.P.s to connect to the internet. These I.P.s and servers make the user completely anonymous online and bypass geo-blocking, which allows them to access any website, including Tamilrockers, without the fear of being caught or noticed by the I.S.P. Certain VPNs offer peer to peer support to enhance the experience of file sharing through platforms like Tamilrockers.

Moreover, these VPNs carry specific tools or utilities to detect malware from such websites before they could ever enter and damage the device of the user. The peer to peer support facility of the VPN permits stable internet connection speed so that the user can download their intended file like they usually do.

Though there are countless VPN service providers in the world, and almost all of them are capable of unlocking Tamilrockers, only a handful of VPNs ensure full security and privacy to the user while they download items from Tamilrockers. Here are the names and handy features of a few of them:

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2. Use the Proxy Server to open the restricted websites.

A proxy server[2] acts as an intermediary between you and the website you wish to access from your device. All you have to do is request to access a specific site such as Tamilrockers on the proxy server. The request prompts the proxy server to obtain the relevant website or any other file. After that, it will send the results back to the requesting computer, which will make it possible for the user to navigate the webpage.

accessing tamilrockers with proxyhow to access tamilrockers with the help of proxy

Here are some of the free proxy servers that you can use to open Tamilrocker which are also safer than most other proxies online:

  • AnonyMouse;
  • HideMyAss;

However, these proxy sites will only allow you to open the Tamilrockers’ URL and download the torrent file. After that, the I.S.P. will still be able to throttle your internet if you intend to download the complete file through a BitTorrent host. If you wish to avoid such an aggravation, then opting to purchase a VPN service could be your best bet for a hassle-free torrenting experience.

Proxy / Mirror Site Speed Online Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast

3. Try a Tor Browser for accessing blocked content

The Tor browser[3] is an exceptional tool in terms of giving users the ultimate experience of internet freedom for free. Its interface is nearly identical to the Mozilla Firefox browser’s interface for Windows. By hooking up with the browser’s relay server, you can access not only Tamilrockers but any other relevant/non-relevant website in the world.

torbrowser working schemahow tor browser can help you to access tamilrockers

The beauty of the tor browser is that if one server fails to provide a path towards your favorite, then you can easily change the server by option for the “New identity” option from the menu bar or simply typing “CTRL+SHIFT+U” from the browser. If you ever ponder on the working of the Tor browser, then we have the answer for you. It operates by bouncing the new I.P. address of the browser to several independent servers located around the world to serve the exact purpose. Such a method is instrumental in keeping the I.S.P. guessing of your online activities. It also allows you to open Tamilrockers and similar sites at peace. The Tor browser is compatible with all Windows P.C., macOS-based computers, Linux, and Android.

However, there is no such version of the Tor browser for iOS users.

4. OperaVPN – free but slow VPN for savvy users

While some companies allow third-party VPN services to host their extensions on their browsers, the Opera browser has a default VPN service of its own. The service offers dedicated users of the Opera browser to enable the built-in VPN facility to bypass geo-blocking and access any website like Tamilrockers in the world. According to the developers at Opera themselves, the VPN service is not only free but completely unlimited. Furthermore, the user does not have to subscribe to the service.

does operavpn work with tamilrockershow operavpn can help you to access blocked tamilrockers

The OperaVPN[4] does not permit anyone to track your online activities, so much so that it blocks all the tracking cookies too. Nonetheless, we still only recommend OperaVPN to access sites like Tamilrockers for the sake of browsing as the VPN’s speed is not sufficient to stream videos. You also can not unblock highly protected sites like Netflix U.S. to view your favorite content. It would be wise to stick with Tamilrockers or similar sites instead.

5. Modifying DNS Servers and Using Google’s Public DNS can bypass geoblocking algorithms for free

I.S.P.s, online platforms such as Netflix, and the Government implement geo-restrictions by learning your I.P. address and the Domain Name System(D.N.S). You can quickly turn the tables against such unfair circumstances by modifying your default D.N.S.[5] and return to opening Tamilrockers with ease. Here is the method to alter the D.N.S. on your computer by using Google’s public D.N.S.

modifying dns servershow to modify dns servers

  1. Click on “Network and Internet” settings;
  2. From the interface, click on “Change Adapted Settings;”
  3. Right-click on your internet connection from the list and click on “Properties;”
  4. Double-click on the “Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4)” option from the newly formed dialogue box;
  5. Check the option “Use the following D.N.S. server addresses” and enter the following addresses:
    – Preferred DNS server:
    – Alternate DNS server:
  6. Click on “OK” to confirm the settings.

6. Use the alternative websites if you still can not access TamilRockers

Launched in 2011, Tamilrockers is a website that allows several users around the world to distribute copyrighted content, including T.V. shows, music, movies, software, and other types of files.

use alternative websites to tamilrockersUse alternative websites instead of tamilrockers

After accessing the site with the help of any of the methods as mentioned in the previous section, the standard user could download such copyrighted content by downloading torrent files or initiating a magnet link. It is the tenth most used torrent site in 2020, according to TorrentFreak’s survey.

If, for some odd reason, you still are not able to open the Tamilrockers’ website, then here are some alternatives to the service. Most of these substitutes are accessible under normal circumstances:

Alternative torrent websites to Tamilrockers:

  • EZTV RuTracker
  • YTS Monova
  • ExtraTorrent Toorgle
  • SkyTorrents RARBG
  • TorrentFunk
  • BTScene LimeTorrents
  • 1337x TorrentDownloads

Frequently Asked Questions about Tamilrockers

In this part of the article, we will answer some of the commonly occurring questions related to the VPN and similar things.

  1. What else can I do with a VPN? Opening restricted or limited torrent sites like Tamilrockers is not the only thing a reliable VPN service can do. It is a whole facility to enhance user’s security in the world of the internet, where nothing is too safe. Other than masking the I.P. address, the VPN also blocks malware, protect your payment information, and even saves your device from all sorts of hacking and DDoS attack. Moreover, with a VPN, you can play your favorite game on the preferred server and avail facilities that are limited to people living in specific regions of the globe.
  2. How to Start Using a New VPN Connection and Unblock Tamilrockers? Enabling a VPN service on the computer is one of the simplest activities in the tech world, and we will show you how to do it in. It is crucial to purchase the service and establish a secure username and password before using the service:
    • Go to the official URL of your newly purchased VPN and locate the download section;
    • Download the application for your preferred computer system to a safe location and install it immediately;
    • After installing the software, click on its icon from the desktop and access the interface;
    • Enter your login credentials and enter the “Sign-in” tab;
    • From a sea of servers, click on your preferred location(country or city) and click on “Connect” to initiate the anonymity;
    • Open your default browser and enter the official URL of Tamilrockers;
    • You will be able to reaccess the site without any fear!
  3. Can I Unblock Tamilrockers by using a free VPN Service? As discussed in one of the sections of the article above, you can easily open Tamilrockers and download content at will with a free VPN service. The issue with a free VPN is that the internet connection speed is not entirely reliable, and it would take a lifetime to download a single file. Moreover, your safety and anonymity online aren’t guaranteed as most free VPNs do not facilitate the user with high-end encryption. It is why it is best to purchase a more reliable VPN service rather than using a free one.

Final Thoughts on Unblocking Tamilrockers

If you live in that specific part of the world and have trouble accessing Tamilrockers and most importantly wish to know the means to unblock it in 2020, then stay and read our article, as we have the answers to such query. We will show you the way to unblock Tamilrockers that are not only fast but incredibly secure. Such means will prevent your I.S.P.s from noticing that you have had accessed Tamilrockers.

NordVPN can help you to unlock Tamilrockers

How to Unblock Tamilrockers?
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This segment is for our tech-savvy readers who are aware of the workings of every possible technique to bypass geo-blocking. If you wish to know the titles of the methods a bit more quickly, then check out the list stated below. The list contains the names of every possible way to unblock the Tamilrockers website.

  • Opening Tamilrockers with the Tor Browser;
  • Using Free Proxy Servers to request access to Tamilrockers;
  • Unblock Tamilrockers with OperaVPN;
  • Modifying the DNS server to unblock Tamilrockers.

Though the online world is unfair, and the majority of the populace has no means to access content through the legal channels, we would still advise you not to use torrent sites unless it is necessary. It is essential to respect the creators and their content and pay for the services to encourage their skills.

Not only that, these torrent sites mostly contain malware and viruses. Besides, there is no way of knowing which file is infected and which one is not. Which is why it is best to avoid using such platforms altogether.

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