How To Unblock and access Reddit from any country?

how to unblock reddit?how to unblock reddit?

Do you wish to know what the fuss with the Reddit platform is all about on the internet? But you can’t do it because the site is restricted in your region? We will show the method to unblock Reddit through various secure methods that also make sure your browsing activity remains private.

1. Unblock Reddit with a VPN on your PC or Smartphone

There is no denying the impact of Reddit for users all across the globe. The extreme level of utility and information that it brings to the table is like none other. It includes sharing information regarding topics that are considered taboo in certain parts of the world, such as pornography and others. This prompts some authorities or entities to block the user’s access to the site.

A Virtual Private Network or VPN offers users from each region of the world a chance to unblock Reddit and roam around it without any worry. The VPN will randomize your IP address from its own ample gallery of servers and IPs and make your identity wholly hidden from the outside world. This IP masking ability allows the top VPNs of the world to bypass geo-restriction while keeping a firm grip on a stable internet connection.

Moreover, a VPN will keep no log whatsoever of your activities on Reddit so that no one would be able to learn about it. It specifically comes in handy when you or the VPN service you own operates from one of the countries that represent the five-eyes data-sharing alliance. Furthermore, the heavy-handed encryption protocols of a VPN service involving the 256-bit AES encryption, L2TP, and PPTP, will ensure that no one attempts at stealing your information. These protocols, along with the added features such as Kill switch, anti-phishing tool, and DNS leak prevention, ensure that you remain under the protection of the VPN at all times. It does not matter where you access the internet, you will remain safe, and no one will be able to penetrate your device with the VPN enabled.

This is not the end of the functions of a VPN, as its ability to bypass any level of geo-blocking with powerful servers can unblock not just Reddit but other more heavy-encrypted websites in the world, including Netflix USA and Hulu. Though VPNs have a bad reputation of causing latency issues, that is not the case with the top VPNs such as ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and CyberGhost VPN. With these services, you will be able to stream content from streaming services in HD with no disruption of any kind. Internet throttling could disrupt the entire VOD experience. Still, the VPN service will bypass any throttling attempts by the ISP to maintain the internet speed through and through.

Reddit is available across all platforms, both via browser and in the form of apps. It is why the need for the VPN service provider to issue native apps across every major platform, including Windows, macOS/iOS, Android, and Linux is also essential.

You can follow the steps stated below to learn how to enable the VPN app on your computer and unblock Reddit through your browser. First, you have to subscribe to the VPN service and download its native app for your particular device. Once you do that, install the software and then proceed by following the steps:

  • Launch the VPN app on your computer and enter your username and password against their respective spaces before hitting the sign-in button;
  • Click on any server from the interface and press the Connect button as it will unblock Reddit on your computer
  • Once you get connected to your intended server through the VPN, go to your browser and access the URL of Reddit or your favorite subreddit directly. You can also enter any website you want that is blocked in your country
  • You will be freely able to browse through Reddit without any additional hassle.

It is also worth noting that though a free VPN will unblock Reddit for you, it will do the job at a separate cost. You will not be able to open any streaming site such as Netflix and Hulu from any region. There will also be a significant drop in the speed of the internet, and streaming videos from platforms like YouTube and Twitch will take a lot of time.

Additionally, you will see a flurry of random ads popping up here and there on your computer, which will definitely ruin the entire browsing experience. These ad pop-ups could result in some kind of adware or malware infection on your device, which could cause catastrophic damages to your data and device.

It is why we recommend using the premium version of any VPN. The top VPNs are cost-effective as they allow you to share the account among a certain number of people. It will also allow you the much- needed safety on the internet.


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Among the most prominent VPNs available on the market, NordVPN will unblock Reddit and sites of similar genre within seconds. The VPN has more than 5600 servers spread across 59 countries. You will not feel vulnerable while browsing the internet with NordVPN enabled on your device. Features such as military-grade 256-bit encryption and kill switch ensure complete protection of your identity and data.

Nord also allows its users to open streaming sites like Netflix US and Disney+ in HD and unlimited bandwidth. The VPN is quite affordable as you can share it across 6 different devices for a price of $3.49 per month with a 30-day refund guarantee.


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ExpressVPN is widely considered the best among service providers among all the VPNs. It bypasses geo-restriction policies implemented by the ISP to unblock platforms like Reddit. Each of ExpressVPN’s 3000 servers spread across 94 countries offer unlimited bandwidth to stream content from every VOD platform like Netflix in 4K technology. As far as offering security during the browsing session goes, ExpressVPN hides your IP and provide military-grade encryption. It also shares no log of your internet activity to protect your identity online.

You can use your ExpressVPN account across 5 different devices at the same time. It is available for a cost of $8.32 per month with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

CyberGhost VPN

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Cyberghost VPN is one of our top picks that can bypass geo-restrictions implemented by the ISP or any other authority alike. The potent 5700 servers of CyberGhost in 89 countries can unblock platforms like Reddit and offer super-speed internet to stream content from Netflix and similar platforms in HD quality.

The VPN service has a stringent no-log policy that is protected by the privacy policies of Romania. Encryption protocols such as AES and L2TP make sure no one tries to steal any kind of information from the device of the user. You can use any of the CyberGhost VPN’s subscription plan on a maximum of 7 devices on the following platforms:

  • Windows/macOS/Linux;
  • Android/iOS;
  • SmartTVs;
  • Gaming Consoles and Routers.

All of CyberGhost’s subscription plans can be purchased via Credit Card, PayPal, and Bitcoin. Moreover, the most cost-effective package of the lot is available at $2.75 per month with a 45-day refund guarantee.

2. Access Reddit with the help of Tor Browser

Probably among the best options to unblock Reddit for free is by using the Tor browser, which will unblock any website restricted by your local ISP or state authority. The browsers users its own independent network to bounce your internet traffic to open sites like Reddit while keeping your identity utterly anonymous.

Once you download the browser, you will be immediately connected to one of the Tor servers. If that still doesn’t help in opening Reddit, then you can create a new connection on the browser until it leads you to the page of your preferred subreddit.

However, the Tor browser has its own set of shortcomings, mainly related to the not upholding a stable internet connection speed and not being able to unblock the path to Netflix or Hulu. Still, if you can not afford a VPN, using the Tor browser to unblock Reddit is the best bet.

3. Access Reddit with Proxy Servers

Using proxy servers can be a bit risky as the whole process of opening blocked websites will seem a bit slow. Besides, you will see a lot of ads while using them, it is cost-effective and does the work with complete efficacy. The proxy servers are rarely blocked by the ISP, and they come in handy when the VPN is not working, or you are unable to connect to one. The whole procedure is relatively simple. All you have to do is open one of the proxy servers through your browser. Once you do that, enter the URL of Reddit’s main page or any subreddit inside the address bar of the proxy server. Here are some of the most notable Proxy servers that are not only secure but effective in opening banned sites:

  • HMA(Hide my ass);
  • Hidester;
  • Anonymouse;
  • Megaproxy;
  • me.

4. Try to modify your DNS and Switch it to a Public DNS to to bypass restrictions on Reddit

Altering the ISP’s DNS to the one that offers to unblock sites like Reddit is among the faster and more secure methods available on the internet. Platforms like Cloudflare and Google offer the user a chance to use their public DNS to easily access any restricted website. If you intend to use any public DNS, then simply follow the list of instructions stated below to bypass geo-restrictions to access Reddit:

  • Open the Control Panel utility by typing in the name on the Windows search bar;
  • Once you see the new display window, click on “Network and Internet” and proceed further;
  • Now, click on the “Network and Sharing Center” option and click on your current internet connection, it doesn’t matter if the connection is wireless or Ethernet;
  • A new window will pop-up on the screen, click on “Properties” and under the networking tab, click on the “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” option;
  • Now type the following DNS addresses for the public DNS of your choice:

Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)

Google Public DNS

Cloudflare DNS

Preferred DNS server

Alternate DNS server

  • Once you had entered the new DNS server address, click on “OK,” and proceed to the next step;
  • Now you have to alter the Internet Protocol Version 6 settings. For that double-click on the “Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)” option and enter the DNS addresses for the public DNS of your choice and click on “OK” after entering the respective addresses:

Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)

Google Public DNS

Cloudflare DNS

Preferred DNS server



Alternate DNS server



  • Now click on “OK” to enable the public DNS. If you intend to check whether the technique worked or not, then go to your browser and enter the URL of Reddit. If the site opens without any delay, then you have successfully completed the procedure.

5. The Opera Browser’s VPN can help to unban you on Reddit

The OperaVPN is a built-in feature of the prevalent Opera browser that permits its users to open blocked content for free with an added layer of safety. Though the features of the OperaVPN are limited, and there are not many servers to connect the internet with, the VPN service is much better than other free VPN options. Much importantly, the OperaVPN gets the job done. The browser is capable of blocking useless ads all by itself, and you can easily download files from peer-to-peer support platforms. Here are the steps to enable the VPN function on the Opera browser. Still, first, you have to download the browser from Opera’s official site for your respective platform. The browser is readily available on Windows macOS, and Linux:

  • Launch the Opera browser after installing it and click on the “Menu” tab from the top-left corner of the front display;
  • Find the “Privacy and Security” section from the list of options and click on “Enable in Setting” in front of the VPN button;
  • A new tab will open once you perform the step mentioned above, locate the VPN section and toggle on the feature;
  • Now close the settings tab and open Reddit by typing its name from the address bar;
  • You will notice that Reddit will instantly open on the browser;

The Opera browser and its VPN function are more than capable of bypassing geo-restrictions implemented by the ISP. However, much like the Tor browser, its features are way limited. These small utilities include only three servers to bypass geo-blocking, not possessing the ability to open Netflix US and similar sites, and much more. For the above-stated facts, we recommend getting a premium VPN service, which will permit you to access whatever blocked content in the world.

6. The Method to Unblock a User to Interact with them again on Reddit

Reddit allows you to block certain users, specifically the ones who spam the subreddit with unauthorized advertisement and using profanities. However, Reddit also leaves out a room for you to unblock anyone if you think that the person has learned their lesson, and you intend to give them a second chance. Here is the method to unblock a user from Reddit:

  • Open Reddit on your browser and sign-in into your account;
  • Click on your username or profile picture, available at the top-right corner of the display;
  • From the list, click on “user settings” and proceed to the new page that will open up instantly;
  • Click on “Chat & Messaging” section from the page and locate the username of the person you wish to unblock on Reddit;
  • Click on the “Remove” button In front of the blocked user’s account name;
  • That’s it. You will be able to chat with the newly unblocked person soon after that.

Final Thoughts

Reddit is truly the face of the internet. The intensity of discussions is not matched by any other platform, and this is the reason it is among the most popular sites in the entire world.

If the site is blocked from where you live for some undisclosed reason, then you can follow any of the techniques mentioned in the article to unblock it within a few minutes. Feel free to share this guide with anyone who is having trouble accessing Reddit.

Some info about Redit.

Reddit was founded in 2005, and not it is among the most popular website in the world. Acording to Alexa stats it is the 18th most popular website in the world. It is a social news website that allows different users around the world to share their opinion on different topics and content. These topics include sports, diet, food, movies, and much more. The subreddits created by various users allow them to promote various business, products, and their interest in a much more civil and cost-effective way.

Reddit offers a level of freedom to an average user on the internet like none other. It is also the platform where topics such as pornography, and similar things are openly discussed. Given the popularity and familiarity of Reddit, it is blocked in some regions of the world. It is mainly due to prevent the people from such areas from accessing adult content and links that violate piracy laws of specific material.

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