How to get Unbanned from Hypixel?

get unbanned from hypixelget unbanned from hypixel

Read this thorough guide to learn everything related to getting banned on Hypixel. We will also look into the possible method to get unbanned from Hypixel. If you don't have time to read the entire article, you can use a VPN to change your IP address and get unbanned from Hypixel fast and easy.

Hypixel is a Network of Minecraft Server

Launched in 2013, Hypixel is a Minecraft server that is controlled by Hypixel Inc. that contains a whole multitude of minigames for the users to play. It also possessed the Guinness world record of the most popular Minecraft server network with 60,000+ concurrent players and an extensive library of 43 games.

Most recently, the Hypixel server gained more than 15 million new logins with the most popular game on it, still being the Minecraft minigames. The popular minigames that are available on the Hypixel server IP are BedWars, SkyWars, Sky Block, Build Battle, and much more.

The Hypixel is strict on a person using illegal means to play the games. It initiates bans that are hard to avoid if the person is found guilty. In this article, we will look into the types of prohibitions on Hypixel. We will also try to answer the question of whether it is possible to get unbanned from Hypixel or not.

Why I was get banned on Hypixel?

banned on hypixelbanned on hypixel

Rude behavior should not be tolerated anywhere, nevertheless on community forums like Hypixel. It is the place where individuals come to relax and enjoy playing their favorite games, and to have someone ruin the experience with their inappropriate attitude should be dealt with accordingly. Fortunately, Hypixel implements bans on the players when they do not follow the stated terms and conditions or perform the following violations:

  • Cheating: Players may find cause to team up in one of the games available on Hypixel. This tactic falls under the category of cheating as it allows the players to increase their level to gain more enchantments and other utilities. If you end up applying such tactics during your gaming session, then you will end up with a ban from Hypixel;
  • Hacking: Some individuals use cheat codes or third-party emulators to hack the game and bully other players. This kind of action is frowned upon and causes an immediate ban from the server.
  • Using Obscene Language: Using profanities is not a welcomed act in the civilized world. Though a sudden rush of blood during one of the gaming sessions could prompt any one of us to swear, if it gets out of hand, then the person could get banned from the server altogether. If you use an inappropriate drawing or create an account with a malicious name, then it could also cause a ban. The action that could get out of hand also involves racism, using homophobic slurs, and xenophobia;
  • Using a blacklisted Mod: Some modifications are applied within the game to gain an unfair advantage over other players. These modifications are called blacklisted mods. Such action is strictly prohibited, and if a player is found applying the method, then they will get an instant ban, no questions asked.
  • Using a Compromised Account: The Hypixel server will consider the account compromised or under the control of a bot when it detects the following things:

    Irregular login activity
    : If you use a VPN to play games and continuously change the virtual location to a different country every time, then Hypixel will consider your account compromised and might ban you temporarily;

    Using the account on multiple devices: There is no harm in playing games from Hypixel on different devices. However, if you log into the server from two different devices simultaneously, then the server will consider that you are cheating to gain an advantage. It will set a ban into motion.

Other causes that are detected by Hypixel’s watchdog and could lead to a ban from Hypixel are as follows:

  • If you were found to be boosting your account to improve your game stats;
  • If the watchdog considers you to be bullying your fellow team members;
  • If you mislead someone with fake information or discuss cheating with fellow players;
  • If you attempt to gain personal information from another player that could cause them some harm in any way;
  • If you try to sell a product or Minecraft account within the premise of the Hypixel server.

How long does Hypixel ban last?

There isn’t any official word on the types of bans and their lengths implemented on the guilty party. However, according to the community forum of Hypixel, the types of bans that are applied on the server follow the three strikes, and you are out system. The details are as follows:

  • The Temporary Ban: It is said that the temporary sanctions that Hypixel applies on the game account of the player are for 7-30 days. It is also called the first strike, and it gets put into effect upon offenses like using blacklisted mods or using profanities within the game;
  • The Second Strike: Once your 7-day probationary period is done, the moderators of Hypixel will monitor your activities closely. If you repeat the above-stated offenses, then you will be kicked out of the Hypixel server IP for a duration of 30-60 days.;
  • The Permanent Strike(Out): This type of ban is implemented when the offense is severe or if the person has already been banned twice. The severe offenses include cheating using different codes, hacking, and similar techniques to gain an unfair advantage over other players. The offended will not receive another chance at playing games on the Hypixel server.

Though we collected the information from the different official community threads of the Hypixel server, it is still not official. It is because the administration working at Hypixel has chosen to keep the details a secret.

The Methods to avoid Bans from Hypixel in the First Place

It is necessary to remain civil, no matter you are playing a video game or interacting with someone face to face. Here are some of the things that you should apply not to get banned from the Hypixel server:

  • Do not Cheat or Hack: Hackers and cheaters ruin the fun of video games for others just to get the temporary thrill of winning a game. Such type of behavior is unethical and should not be encouraged or tolerated. It is wise to develop the skills to master the game by putting in the hours and practicing rather than using shortcuts;
  • Avoid Racism and Swearing: People use profanities or resort to things like racism and xenophobic comments when they are losing an argument. It is not pleasant to say such bad things to another person, and it put a permanent ban on your account into effect;
  • Do not Use Blacklisted Mods: It also falls under the same category of cheating. It is better to not use any modifications at all that you feel isn’t appropriate for the game. The disallowed mods involve using macros, sprint, and TCP edit;
  • Read the Community Guidelines and Rules: Hypixel’s official page has a separate “Rules” tab for the users to learn the necessary things for a safe gaming experience. It is essential to spare some time and read the rules for the sake of avoiding any inconvenience in the future.

The Methods to get Unbanned from Hypixel

Hypixel applies different types of bans depending on the severity of the offense. You will receive bans from the following forums of Hypixel:

  1. Banned from the Hypixel Server for cheating, hacking, or misbehaving;
  2. Banned from Hypixel due to a compromised account;
  3. Getting muted from the Hypixel server;
  4. Banned from the Hypixel forum for not following the terms and conditions;
  5. Banned from Hypixel Store.

If you feel that you have been wrongly banned and that you deserve a second chance, then follow the methods to below to appeal to revert the ban. There is no other way to get your account unbanned other than appealing on the Hypixel forums.

1. Get UnBanned from the Hypixel Server by Contacting the forum moderators

Here is the method to appeal to get unbanned from Hypixel after the server had banned you for using cheat codes or using repeatedly obscene language:

  • Log into your Hypixel account.
  • From the homepage of Hypixel, locate and click on the “Forum” tab;
  • Under the “Contact Moderators” section, click on “Ban Appeal” option and proceed;
  • At the right side of your browser’s display, click on the black colored tab “submit a ban or mute appeal”, and you will be led to the appeals page of the site;
  • Now, from the appeals webpage Hypixel, enter your Minecraft account name;
  • After entering your Minecraft account, click on “Ban” available under the “Level of Punishment” section;
  • Enter your Ban ID after that to locate the level of your punishment from the database;
  • If there are multiple offenses, then select one related to hacking and exploiting the game and click on the “Yes” tab;
  • Fill out the questionnaire relevant to your punishment and then click on “Submit” to initiate the unbanning process/appeal.

Make sure to express in detail on why should you be unbanned from the server, which is available with a chatbox. The whole procedure will take a day, and if the appeal does get accepted, then you will able to play games on Hypixel instantly.

2. Get UnBanned from the Hypixel Store by contacting a store support team

You will get banned from the web store of Hypixel if you try to fraudulently or illegally purchase items from it. The watchdogs of Hypixel can also ban you due to some chargeback related to your credit card. Here is the method to attempt to get unbanned from the Hypixel store:

  • From the homepage of Hypixel, locate and enter the “Support” tab;
  • Sign in to your Hypixel Support account and proceed;
  • Available at the top of the display, click on the option “Click here to start a ticket with the Hypixel support team” and proceed to the next step;
  • Click on “Hypixel websites and forums” which is the second option from the list;
  • Enter the following information:
  • Subject: You can write “How to get unbanned from Hypixel web store” here;
  • Message: Try to elaborate on the issue that you are facing with the Hypixel store;
  • Upload File: You can enter the screenshot the Hypixel store from your computer;
  • Hypixel Account Username: This is optional. However, registering your Hypixel username will allow the support staff to fix your issue more quickly;
  • Minecraft Username: You will be required to enter your Minecraft user ID.
  • Click on “Send” to issue a support ticket. The support team of Hypixel will contact you within 48 hours and try to fix your problem quickly.

The Techniques to Remain Safe on the internet while using Hypixel

No matter how secure or famous the platform you are using, hackers and cheaters will find a way to ruin your day. There has been a significant increase in the player using various hacks to play the game. This is the sole reason where certain popular games like PUBG lost its player base as the people behind the game were not able to control the infestation of cheaters.

The in-game hackers are harmless, and they could only disrupt your gameplay for a small period of time. Other hackers could creep into your gaming server and steal your information. These hackers use different techniques such as DDoS attacks and others to cause you harm. Fortunately, there are some ways to beat the hackers and enjoy playing the video game at the same time. In this section of the article, we will discuss such methods:

A VPN Protects you from Hacking Attempts such as DDoS Attack

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A VPN can make miracles happen for you. It has the capability to hide your IP address and prevent anyone from knowing your real identity even if they try to hack the information. While playing games such as Minecraft, VPN will stop DDoS attack on your gaming account, which could disrupt your gaming experience or worse.

Furthermore, the comprehensive server coverage of a VPN will permit you to play your favorite game in your most favored gaming server with unlimited bandwidth and quality internet connection speed. After learning the reasons stated above, it is essential to possess a VPN enabled on the computer before accessing the internet.

Using Antivirus Software to Prevent Malware Infection

Community forum of Hypixel and other notable platforms are safe, and you will rarely find malicious links there. However, there is no harm in arranging for precautionary measures. Virus infection has been a constant threat to both the device and the personal information of the user. It was reported that last year, over 5 billion devices were infected with malware.

Antivirus software is capable of detecting and killing malware if it ever enters your device. This ability is made possible thanks to the real-time protection feature of reliable software. It makes the antivirus software proficient at dealing with even the zero-day malware.

More importantly, robust antivirus software has additional security protocols such as browser protection, parental control, data shredder, and device cleaner.

Final Thought on Getting Unbanned from Hypixel

The rules of Hypixel are strict, and there are no shortcuts that you could apply to bypass the bans implemented by them on your account. The best course of action to avoid any mishap is to access the facility and play games legally, which is both ethical and more enjoyable.

However, if you feel that you deserve a second chance and Hypixel falsely banned you from their platform, then you can form an appeal. Initiating an appeal will force the staff of Hypixel to look into your matter and unban you if you did nothing malicious.

In this article, we discussed the ways to get unbanned and to remain protected from DDoS attacks initiated by cheaters. Hope the article helps you in knowing more about Hypixel and getting unbanned from the platform. Feel free to share this article amongst your family and friends if they wish to know more about the topic.

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