How to get Unbanned from Discord?

How to get Unbanned from Discord?How to get Unbanned from Discord?

So one day, you tried to log in through your Discord[1] credentials and realize that you are banned. Why does this happen? No answer. Will the problem get solved? No answer again as Discord is notorious for banning users for no reason. At times you know what rules you have broken, but most of the time, you have no idea. Your enjoyment might end up banned, and therefore, you must be extra cautious before using this excellent service.

If you don't have some time to read the entire article, here is the list of the best VPNs to get unbanned from Discord:

  • ExpressVPN – well-known VPN in the gaming market. Great solutions for gaming and other online activity. It offers Ultra-fast servers and excellent connection speed. Will unblock Twitch from any point in the world.
  • NordVPN – one of the best (if not the best) VPN on the market. Fast servers, high internet speed made it valuable among the video gamers of the world.
  • CyberGhostVPN – the best value for money you can get on the market. It fits perfect for gamers. It has a friendly user interface, good connection speed, and powerful encryption.

Discord will ban your IP address as there are specific servers which you can access by entering your IP addresses. If you have violated their terms of service, you will get banned. There are multiple reasons, and therefore, the only solution is to bypass the standard protocols by hiding identity, which is precisely what a VPN[2] does.

The best way to access Discord is to use a VPN

Many VPNs can be used to unban Discord. However, not all are regarded as of the same quality. There are free VPNs as well, which have highly dissatisfied results, so they are not recommended. The paid VPNs are the ones that should be used. Below is the list of high rated VPNs that you can use to make sure that the best outcome is generated and the Discord ban is lifted.

1. ExpressVPN – fast and secure VPN service that can change your IP and unblock Discord

expressvpn review
Official website
Rating  How to get Unbanned from Discord? (Excellent – 4.8/5)
Available applications  How to get Unbanned from Discord?
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Founded in 2009 the ExpressVPN is a British Virgin Island-based company. The service is highly rated due to its 30 days money-back guarantee and top-notch encryption that it provides. You will be stunned to learn that it offers torrent support over all channels. The multiplatform support is something for which this service is known, and therefore it is highly reliable and fast. The VPN offers AES encryption, 4096 SHA-512, together with CBC encryption. The VPN can be installed and run on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux. The extensions can be used with Chrome and Firefox. The platform support makes ExpressVPN as one of the most reliable platforms.

  • Coverage – The VPN has 160 servers all over the world, and it provides services in 96 countries in total.
  • Speed – The connection speed will vary within the five limits that are defined by the company. The lowest rate is 500 Kbps, and the highest one is 25000 Kbps.
  • Multi-Device Connections – On a single account, you can connect up to 5 devices at a time. For these connections, the OS on which the VPN is installed can be disregarded.
  • Customer Support – The best part of this VPN is that the customer services that are offered are state of the art. The experts hired by the service have the product knowledge to the fullest and are available 24/7.
  • Price – There are three plans offered by this VPN service. The per month plan costs $12.95, a six-month plan costs $9.99, and a 12-month plan costs $8.32

2. NordVPN – well-known service that can offer military-grade data encryption for secure presence on Discord

How to get Unbanned from Discord?
Official website
Our Rating How to get Unbanned from Discord? (Excellent – 4.9/5)
Available applications  How to get Unbanned from Discord?
Money-back guarantee 30-days
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More information NordVPN review

This VPN can be regarded as the largest in the world concerning the server locations and the coverage that it offers. Headquartered in Panama City, this VPN has been on the cover of many websites kudos to the secure encryption services that it provides. You can enjoy the discounted plans of NordVPN as it does not charge much. NordVPN offers the options of tunneling, TCP, UDP, and all OpenVPN protocols to protect your privacy. This VPN is regarded as too good to be accurate as it provides double tunneling. It allows data encryption twice before you access the servers. With additional features such as ad-block, this VPN is undoubtedly worth every penny.
  • Coverage – The VPN offers about 5600 high-speed servers over 58 countries to make your connection safe and secure.
  • Speed – The internet connection speed is not defined, and therefore, no such data for NordVPN is available. The OpenVPN UDP usage, however, drops the speed to a great extent.
  • Multi-Device Connection – You can connect six devices on one account when it comes to NordVPN. This is a bit tricky to understand. You can connect three devices to a single server using a single protocol. All six cannot be connected to the same server and on the same protocol.
  • Customer Support – NordVPN provides state of the art services to its customers. I have personally experienced their customer services, and they are exceptional. You will get all the info from configuration to general product explanation in simple words. If you encounter an issue, customer service is always there to help. The VPN comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • Price – NordVPN offers four plans. It consists of a 3-year plan which costs about $3.49 per month, a 2-year plan of $4.99 per month, a 1-year program at $6.99 per month, and a monthly plan that costs about $11.95 per month.

3. CyberGhostVPN – access Discord fast and easy with the a cheaper solution

cyberghostvpn review
Official website
Rating  How to get Unbanned from Discord? (Great – 4.5/5)
Available applications  How to get Unbanned from Discord?
Money-back guarantee 45-days
Price from $2.75 (-80% deal)
Visit website How to get Unbanned from Discord?
More information CyberGhost review

With this VPN, you can use one of the best services when it comes to tunneling and encryption. The best part of this VPN is the coverage that it provides. The overall mechanism this VPN uses lies within the security protocols that it uses. It uses all OpenVPN protocols with L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, 3DES, AES, and RC5 for top-notch services. All major platforms can be used to install this VPN. It includes Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire, and Kodi Media Centers. It can also be used as a standalone protocol so that you can install it over portable devices as well.

  • Coverage – The VPN has over 5300 servers in 90 countries. Each server is encrypted with state of the art encryption services so that you have peace of mind all the time as you browse the internet.
  • Speed – If the conditions are ideal, the server speed rises to 1 Gbps. The service guarantees a minimum speed of 6 Mbps to ensure that flawless services are provided all the time.
  • Multi-Device Connection – You can enjoy this service over seven devices simultaneously without speed loss.
  • Customer Support – The VPN has one of the most viable options in the form of customer services. You can call them anytime you want to make sure that your issue is resolved. These highly trained professionals will make sure that you are provided with the best support and get a world-class experience.
  • Price – There are three different plans offered by this service. The monthly plan is $12.99; yearly plan $5.99 per month and 3-year plan at $2.75 per month.

Warning – Discord keeps gamers in view

Discord is a freeware that was developed, keeping in view the gamers. It supports all formats of communication i.e., text, video, audio, and image. The software has taken the players by storm and now has 250 million active members that send over 300+ million messages daily. For the past four years, the gaming community has thrived because of Discord. The features that it has added over time. It can be regarded as a gamer's favorite pastime. The servers are located all over the world to easy, fast, and reliable communication. With the best and most advanced features, you will not only enjoy but will become addicted to it.

what is discord?what is discord?
Discord supports all major OS platforms i.e., Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS. It can also be used as a browser-based application where no downloads are required. Most of the gaming streaming platforms such as Twitch users prefer Discord server as it is fast and reliable.

As for the servers, Discord does not follow the traditional hardware or software protocols. You can create servers on servers and can allow other gamers to connect. The service is user-friendly as it provides NSFW nodes for censorship. The internet relay chat example has been correctly applied to Discord, where a set of rules has been laid out for you to follow. There is software available and users, which make it possible for the users to communicate.

Fins out what gets you blocked on Discord and learn to avoid it

Every gamer uses Discord to communicate. There are many reasons for you getting banned. Someone might have reported you. The Discord admins might think that you are indulged in activities that are illegal on their platform. If you go through the terms of this service, you get to know the real reasons for which you have been banned. Most common reasons for the ban are listed as under:

  • Raids on servers which are also known as DDoS attacks[3].
  • If you are randomly sending friend requests or targeting any specific user.
  • Spamming[4] the servers or creating accounts for this purpose.
  • Pornographic content.
  • Copyright infringement which can be caused by sharing certain content not allowed
  • NSFW labeling[5] on the servers is not labeled at all. It can cause certain users to feel discontent due to several reasons.
  • Illegal content sharing or indulging in activities that are considered to be harmful to others.
  • Promoting self-harm or suicide.
  • Violation of any other Discord policy or term of use.

Above are the only known issues for which you get banned on Discord servers. It is important to note that this is not the complete list. Discord might ban you whenever they deem fit and for any reason.

Getting a ban from Discord server for those users that know how to get this ban lifted. Some users have created multiple accounts as they get banned time and again. Kudos to the VPN server, you can now access the Discord service without any hassle even if you get banned.

The major types of Discord Bans

There are two types of bans that can lock out the user. The first is the server-based ban. It will only get you kicked out of the server if you are not friendly to the server community. The second one is the IP ban, which is system based. It will lock you out from the entire Discord service, and you will lose access to the games purchased. I strongly recommend to always backup the games on an external drive to prevent this type of loss.

banned on twitch?

Discord uses a unique approach to ban you. It not only tracks the IP but also makes sure that the username is also added to the list. The process has been made very easy by the Discord management, and even a slight hint of any unwanted activity will get you banned. You can overcome the username banning, but the IP banning cannot be cracked at all.

There is a way out of the problem. Using the VPN will make sure that your internet connection is wholly routed with IP change. The VPN is a single most reliable tool that can be used to get to the websites that are banned using the IP addresses, and Discord is no exception. A VPN server will completely hide your identity and will bypass any discord bans whatsoever.

The best part about the VPNs is that you can again create an account if you get banned twice or no matter how many times. This is because every time you connect through VPN, you get a new IP address. Irrespective of the reasons, the

Discord servers will allow you access entirely, and you will use the service as a regular user. VPN service is a viable method to get to your favorite Discord server once again.

The manual on how to bypass the blockade of Discord on Mac

The instructions are as follows:

  1. Close the Discord application on your Mac.
  2. Head over to ~/Library/Application Support/Discord and delete the folder.
    In the application, folder finds Discord and drag it to Trash. This will also uninstall the application from Mac.
  3. Empty the Trash or delete the Discord application and the related folder.
  4. Restart the system.
  5. Install the Discord app once again.
  6. Start the VPN service and connect. This will mask our real IP, and you get a new one.
  7. Install and launch the Discord app and create a new account. Use a new email for the new account creation.
  8. Login to the new account.
  9. Join the server you are banned from as a new user.
  10. If you wish to disconnect the VPN, you can as it is only required to create a new account.
  11. Enjoy!

 A short guide for unlock Discord on Windows

The process to unblock Discord on Windows is mentioned as follows:

  1. Close the Discord client application.
  2. Head over to “%appdata%” in the C:\\ drive and find the [username] folder. Depending upon the windows configuration, this might be hidden. To unhide it click “View”> “Hidden Items”.
  3. Once the App Data folder is visible, head over to the “Local” folder.
  4. In the folder, look for and delete the Discord folder.
  5. To get a new IP address, you need to purchase, download, install, and connect a VPN.
  6. Reinstall the Discord application.
  7. Create a new account with a new email address.
  8. Login to the new account and join the server you were previously a member of. This time you will join as a new user.
  9. Once the process has been finished, you can disconnect from the VPN service as it is only required to create the new account.
  10. Enjoy

How a VPN Protects your session on Discord

In the wake of advancement in technology, it is not a hard job to snoop on anyone. The governments and security agencies from all over the world gather data for national security. For this purpose, they not only snoop on their countrymen but the nationals of other countries as well. A VPN ensures that such snooping is prevented. VPN software is top-notch when it comes to online safety and security. The connection encryption is done, and the hackers can only see that you are connected to the internet. It does not reveal which sites you have visited. It is also used to unban the geo-restricted content. For instance, Netflix and ABC Go can easily be watched from abroad using this software.

I would always recommend you to connect your VPN connections while browsing the internet to remain safe and secure. The free Wi-Fi connections are offered all over the town, and these can be regarded as hacker's playground. Turning on your Wi-Fi at such places will make sure that you get the best security that is top-notch. In addition to this, as your data is tunneled, your identity remains anon all the time. VPN is the need of this advanced tech world as it protects you from misadventures and unwanted dangers.

Final thoughts

To unblock the discord server, the paid VPNs are the only option. It is because they are fast, reliable, and offer support all the time. These VPNs are highly secured as they provide state of the art encryption to protect you from any snooping. Protecting your online presence is your right, and VPNs help you to achieve this in a highly secure manner. The VPN will not only make it possible to secure your discord connection but will also make sure that you browse the web anonymously.

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