How To Block YouTube Advertising on iPhone with a VPN

How To Block YouTube Advertising on iPhone with a VPNHow To Block YouTube Advertising on iPhone with a VPN

As annoying as they are, YouTube has now started playing two ads at the start of the video and countless in-between. The platform is running more ads now than ever. And the worst part is you cannot skip these ads and just have to sit there and wait for them to end.

Everyone hates ads – they slow down your browser and are downright annoying. The ad revenue is important for creators, but pre, mid, and post-roll ads can feel like a bit too much, especially on a small 5-minutes video.

There are plenty of ad blockers out there that could help, but another effective tool for blocking YouTube and other ads on iPhones is a Virtual Private Network (VPN). You are most likely to see YouTube ads with an ad-blocker because most blockers don’t specialize in ad-blocking.

To get rid of the ads, we recommend using a VPN with an in-built ad-blocker. There are plenty of free VPNs as well that you can use without spending a penny. To get started, you can read this easy guide on how to set up a VPN on an iPhone for free.

Once you have set up a VPN on your iPhone, connect to any server of your choice. Now, go to YouTube and enjoy streaming without any ads.

A VPN not only helps you avoid annoying ads on YouTube but also helps you block ads on other websites. You can browse your iPhone without pop-up ads, banners, and ads.

How Does a VPN Help Block Ads on iPhone?

When you connect to a VPN server, it uses its own DNS server to redirect DNS requests to the advertisers’ servers. The browser doesn’t show ads once the DNS requests have been redirected or blocked.

VPNs also block ads by redirecting ad trackers to false or invalid IP addresses. This way, they cannot be resolved. Hence, you will not be shown any ads.

VPNs also block malicious sites, trackers embedded in ads, and cookies. In short, a VPN blocks an advertiser's IP address, and the result is no ads.

Which free VPNs Offer Ad-Blockers?

Not all VPN services offer ad-blocking features. Here are 2 VPNs that come with ad-blocking technology that you can try out:

1. SurfShark

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How To Block YouTube Advertising on iPhone with a VPN

Surfshark is our first recommendation for premium VPNs that offer ad-blockers. Its ad-blocker feature is called CleanWeb, and it can easily block banner and video ads on desktops, laptops, and even on handheld devices.

Surfshark’s database is filled with information regarding the infected websites with various malware. So, if you are about to click on a malicious website, it will immediately warn you and block the website from opening.

Surfshark’s CleanWeb feature is disabled by default, so don’t forget to enable it before connecting to the VPN.

2. NordVPN

NordVPN’s ad-blocker feature is called CyberSec. It also protects users from phishing and malware attacks. It is considered one of the best ad-blockers in the VPN industry.

Like Surfshark, NordVPN also maintains the data of malicious websites. If you visit a website already infected with malware, then the NordVPN CyberSec feature will issue a warning message and block your access to the website immediately.

Its ad-blocker efficiently and reliably works on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and even Linux devices. However, NordVPN’s CyberSec feature doesn’t block ads in the NordVPN Android application due to Google’s policies.

Other Ways to Block YouTube Ads on iPhones

Using a VPN isn’t the only way to block YouTube advertisements. While Redditors keep on discussing different methods, let’s look at a few easier ways to block these ads:

1. Get YouTube Premium on your iPhone:

Some methods to block YouTube ads are quite effective, but they cost you a bit. If advertisements are super-annoying for you, then it’s high time you get a subscription of YouTube Premium.

However, the only reason to get YouTube Premium is not just ad-free browsing. It has multiple other benefits including:

  1. You can enjoy videos using YouTube Premium without keeping the app open.
  2. Download YouTube videos and enjoy them while traveling.
  3. Enjoy the extra features of YouTube Premium.

2. Get an adblocker for your iPhone:

Another efficient method to block all YouTube ads is an ad-blocker for iPhone. The best thing about ad-blockers is that they can block advertisements on YouTube and multiple other websites.

There must be a vast variety of free and paid ad blockers that you can choose from on your iPhone. Some popular ad blockers include 1Blocker, KaBlock!, AdLock, AdGuard, and more.

You can get any of these popular ad blockers and enjoy YouTube without any ads.

Wrapping Up!

This ends our guide to getting a VPN to block all YouTube ads on iPhone. You can connect to any of the VPNs we listed on your iOS device and enjoy ad-free YouTube easily.

YouTube ads become more and more annoying each day. And blocking them is the only solution to enjoy the video-sharing service, YouTube, to its fullest capacity.

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