How to unblock from Any Country? (2022)

How to Access Blocked from Any Country?How to Access Blocked from Any Country?

One of the most popular video streaming sites on the internet,[1], is either completely banned or blocked partially at offices, universities, and colleges, in some countries. Country specific laws also block mobile carriers from redirecting to these sites by implementing a wide-scale IP ban on all related websites and subdomains. Use NordVPN to block it now, otherwise read this article to know the oter ways.

In January 2017, several adult websites were blocked in many countries as a part of their breakdown on piracy and illegal distribution, sex traffic rackets. Thus, different countries keep updating their laws or blocking technology to block these sites in a big bundle where more than 1000 sites are blocked at one go.

Many countries have banned

In some other countries, there is an age restriction of 18 or 21 years, and in many countries, it is outright illegal. Most parts of Russia, India, Australia are the places where it is partially legal, while in the Middle-East, it is a criminal offense punishable by law. In other countries, several websites need to take special permission from the government to deliver their content in there. For example, you can often find a lot of YouTube videos not available in your country. Similar fate affects Netflix, BBC and other broadcasting companies. is one such adult website that has a vast audience and a loyal fan following. It has thousands of content creators who make money by uploading their content. It is a source of income for many.

Is it possible to unlock xvideos in your country?

But, the problem is individuals who wish to bypass these restrictions want ready-made solutions. Not all are computer experts. From the early days of the internet, when tricks like using the IP address instead of the domain name would bypass this to today's leading-edge VPNs[2], which bypass the entire traffic, people have figured a workaround.

A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, which is a remote server sitting in some other country. Anything that you do on your computer is securely transmitted to that remote computer and then released to the internet. It means, whenever you browse the World Wide Web, the world sees the remote computer, and not you. If you click on, your country's IP provider won't block it, because it will see the remote computer's address and that isn't blocked. But, which is a VPN and where to find it? Is it free, and if not, how much does it cost? You can learn as much as you can online, but we give a brief idea about 3 of the best VPNs here, which are ideal for browsing

The Best Methods of How to Access from anywhere

Several methods have been employed for years, with little upgrades when the technology behind the internet updates itself. When all websites upgraded to HTML5, many such ways went obsolete.

1. Access using a VPN

Today, the best method you can use to access from any country, without getting into trouble, is using a VPN.

Most VPNs come with a great variety of features, but a tradeoff between price and functionality is what we prefer. VPNs are fast, secure, and even free of cost. There are simply dozens of alternatives out there.


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You might have probably seen its ad on YouTube. It is a popular virtual traffic controller. As it claims, you can access any country's website. It comes with real encrypted tunneling protection and free trial for up to 30 days. So, if it doesn't work in your place, you don't have to buy it. With NordVPN, you can be assured to leave no tracks behind to connect you to the website later. There are absolutely no logs, and with this policy, privacy is the key to this VPN. Below are some of its best features.

  • Completely unrestricted internet, because the internet should be free
  • High-speed servers, because speed is productivity
  • Top-level data encryption because online security is vital
  • Affordable 3Euro/Month deal, because you need it for everything

NordVPN works with government agencies, homes, hotels, public WiFi hubs, as well. You can rely on this for online shopping.


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This VPN comes with a full-refund guarantee if unsatisfied. Tested in 2022 for the highest speed and unblocking some of the best video streaming sites like Netflix, BBC, Torrenting, and more. Of course, you can use it for as well. It is more costly than the above VPN, primarily because of its premium service and low scalability. It only offers the best possible, so that there is no downtime. But, for 15 months of purchase, you can get a deal for $5/month. Below are some of its features.

  • Audited for zero lags for any country
  • No log of entry and exit, total privacy
  • AES-256 bit encryption
  • Allows torrent files and downloads
  • Works on PC, Mac, iOS, Android with apps

The only drawback is that geeks on Linux can't use it, and it is costly.

CyberGhost VPN

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Somewhere between the above two, this VPN offers a lot to be happy about. CyberGhost allows unrestricted without worries. But, it also promises all security protocols, complete anonymity over the web, and free trial. It comes with over 5,600 servers in over 90 countries, making it the best in class for the price. It comes with unlimited bandwidth as well, so unrestricted downloads. And it also has 24×7 customer support, in case something goes wrong. Even for 4K and FHD videos on, you can rely on CyberGhost. The price is the cheapest, at $2.75.month right now.

  • Cheapest and the best price for value
  • Highest number of servers
  • Presence in most countries
  • 4K video streaming support
  • Unlimited downloads

2. Proxy Sites also is capable to unblock

Some proxy sites[3] act as VPNs but are not apps or any software that you have to install on your computer. Most of these are free of cost, but also come with serious limitations. They might work if you give it a try. And, suddenly, they might stop working too. Everything is based on backend technology. It has a URL space, where you type, and it takes you to that site. But, they don't always guarantee video streaming.

Proxy Name Domain Country Speed Popularity
MIH Proxy Site US & EU Fast 100%
Unblock Proxy US & EU Fast 100%
Free Proxy US & EU Fast 100%
Best Web Proxy US & EU Fast 100%
Unblock Websites US & EU Fast 100%
Proxy Site US & EU Fast 100%
Unblock Youtube US & EU Fast 100%
Multi-IP Web Proxy US & EU Fast 100%
Proxy Youtube US & EU Fast 100%
Unblock Videos United States Medium 100%
Video Unblocker United States Medium 96%
Proxypx United States Medium 92%
Proxy Site US & EU Medium 88%
KProxy US & EU Medium 88%
4everproxy US & EU Medium 88%
Proxfree US & EU Medium 88%
Genmirror US & EU Medium 88%
Croxyproxy Germany Medium 88%
Webproxy United States Medium 88%
Proxy Sites United States Slow 84%

3. Try to access by using special video unblocking sites

There are many sites on the internet that specializes for unblocking sites censored sites. One of this could be named as But, you have to check if is accessible. In some cases, those unblocking sites services restrict streaming to only 360p videos or load the website's mobile version. These also have the same UI, where you type the URL and hit enter. If it works, you can keep using it. But these are often very slow, and crash all the time. A VPN rarely crashes, even free ones.

4. Find a mirror sites

You can find the mirror websites[4] that have aliases. For example, or and so on. If you have noticed a website adopting such tricks, it is because they are creating quick proxy pages for redirecting to the same website. It means, if one domain is blocked, they will quickly release another domain, and you can continue browsing.

But, all proxy sites keep logs and are not secure like a VPN. Your IP provider knows what sites you visit and can trace you.

5. Tor browser also might be a solution for accessing restricted content

A famous proxy server configuration that comes with its free browser and the accessible server is Tor[5]. It comes from one of the most renowned institutes in collaboration with the United States Naval Research Lab. Called as Onion Routing, it was meant to fool the tracker and leave no trace online. It is still the best out there in terms of zero-trace routing. Tor was a famous name back when Torrents were all the rage, but Tor has resorted to VPN-like service after the global breakdown on these file-sharing sites.

6. Bypass blocked by changing DNS

One of the oldest methods that were hugely popular when the internet was in its nascent stage, and colleges were elementary domain-name blocking techniques, was DNS[6]. In case you looked into the settings, the domain name, domain name server or the DNS is automatically chosen for you. Using Google DNS or several other free unrestricted servers meant you could bypass the restriction in the early days. However, they were also not secure, easily blocked, and not useful in many places.


One of the best methods you can use online today to browse restricted sites like Disney or is using something up-to-date, uses secure communication, has active support for changing web technologies like HTML5, H.256 video codecs, and is lag-free. Customers want privacy, and they need speed.

A VPN or Virtual Private Network software is the only one that guarantees all these. The cost of the service of your choice may vary. VPNs today are tested and verified every month, and you can pick up something and give it a try for free for 30 days, in most cases.

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