Can VPNs Help Protect Against the Log4j Zero-Day Security Flaw in 2022?

Can VPNs Help Protect Against the Log4j Zero-Day Security Flaw in 2022?Can VPNs Help Protect Against the Log4j Zero-Day Security Flaw in 2022?

At the moment, every network administrator, information technology, and security expert is working hard to contain the damages caused by the log4j vulnerability.

But, what exactly is this Log4j?

Without repeating the same thing that has been written about this security flaw everywhere, here are the main key components of log4j vulnerability. At the start of December 2021, a bug was uncovered in a repository used by the Apache server software.

Apache server software is regarded as one of the most widely used and popular of its kind. According to W3Techs, almost one-third of websites run Apache. Not only do a lot of websites use Apache, but many of them also use the defective library.

Unfortunately, it means that if your servers are using that library, you are most probably affected by this security flaw.

Many virtual private networks have also stepped up and offered frequent updates to their clients in order to protect themselves from various hackers while patching up the servers.

Even these best free VPNs for Australia have been regularly guiding their users with all the necessary security updates and guidelines against this security flaw.

Can virtual private networks offer protection against the Log4j Zero-Day Security Flaw in 2022?

The short answer is yes. Virtual private networks can help offer protection, especially on the servers that are left vulnerable after the Log4j Zero-Day Security Flaw.

But, we decided to look into it in detail as tech answers are not always as simple as they look.

How can a VPN protect you against the Log4j in 2022?

Ever since Log4j discovery, network administrators and security specialists worldwide have been continuously fixing the problem in the defective library and releasing updated security patches.

Unfortunately, even with the security patches released, the issue persists on many servers as not all of them are updated. Luckily, there are a few other ways by which you can keep the hackers from getting entry to your servers, intercepting your data transmission, and streaming your sensitive information. But the most reliable, effective, and popular method involves using a virtual private network. Let’s look at the science behind its protection against Log4j.

LDAP networking protocol is used for transmitting compromised communications. By using a virtual private network, you can block those specific ports from where the internet traffic comes out on the internet. This way, hackers and cybercriminals can be easily prevented from transmitting any traffic from a server.

Secmentis said this method could work, but the cybersecurity firm hasn’t tested it. However, they confirmed that this procedure might not be useful for corporate network environments as thwarting LDAP internet traffic isn’t suitable for their cause.

This fix will work best at an individual user level. Still, there’s always comfort in knowing that you can simply enable the virtual private network connection whenever you sense questionable activity on any of your devices.

Log4j zero-day security flaw working

Log4Shell, CVE-2021-44228, more commonly known as log4j vulnerability, occurs when a hacker inserts his string of code into the library that orders it to collect data from the server, which the hacker itself controls.

To get in-depth technical and advanced level information about the log4j vulnerability, read the Malwarebytes blog.
In short, almost every kind of meanness can be uploaded onto a server, from software that enables crypto miners to enslave procedures to programs that rob user data.
Also, since hackers uncovered it first, numerous systems were probably compromised before a patch was released. This is the reason it is also called zero-day vulnerability.

Who is impacted by Log4j zero-day security flaw

While this security flaw is a sensitive, critical mess, it is mainly an issue at the server.

If you aren’t operating a server, then the probabilities of your devices being affected by this security flaw are pretty slim. This is a good sign.

However, if your information is stored on a server and compromised/hijacked, it is a completely different story.
Nevertheless, many services are fully equipped to encrypt and protect your personal information so that you won’t suffer any negative effects yourself. ,

Final Thoughts

Keeping a virtual private network and using it is a very good idea. However, if you are not familiar with the concept of a server or aren’t using one, then you shouldn’t concern yourself much with the Log4j zero-day security flaw.

You can always block out the network ports yourself and protect your data from various cyber-attacks.

We would like to clarify that a virtual private network is not an authenticated, permanent, or official fix for the Log4j zero-day security flaw. So, use them wisely and keep looking for more information.


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