What is encrypted DNS and why do I need it?

Encrypted DNS is a security feature that helps protect your online privacy and enhance the security of your internet connections.More
News   June 08, 2023  

The Risks of Public Wi-Fi: Navigating Cybersecurity Threats on Campus

Stay protected on the web by following the recommendations for avoiding the dangers of public WiFi.More
News   June 08, 2023  

How to Promote Internet Safety Among Students?

Knowing how to stay safe online and protect your data is a crucial skill.More
News   June 08, 2023  

How to Understand and Prevent Cyberbullying at College?

Are you worried about falling victim to digital harassment? Or maybe your educational institution doesn’t have clear policies about cyberbullying in place?More
News   June 08, 2023  

Analysis Reveals Over Half of Stolen Credit Card Details Belong to US Residents

According to recent findings by NordVPN, approximately six million stolen credit card details were examined on the dark web, shedding light on a concerning revelation.More
News   June 07, 2023  

Comprehensive NordPass Review: Simplify and Secure Your Passwords

In today's digital age, managing passwords securely is crucial for maintaining online privacy and safeguarding sensitive information.More
News   June 07, 2023  

Are password managers safe to use?

Yes, password managers can be a safe and secure solution for managing your passwords.More
News   June 07, 2023  

What should you know about data leaks online and how to protect yourself?

What is data leak? A data leak, also known as a data breach or data spill, refers to the unauthorized disclosure or exposure of sensitive or confidential information to individuals, entities, or systems that should not have access to that data.More
News   June 07, 2023  

The Best VPNs for Ukraine

When it comes to choosing the best VPN for Ukraine, there are several factors to consider, including security, privacy features, server locations, speed, and user-friendly interfaces.More
News   June 06, 2023  

What Is the Best Cloud Storage Solution?

Cloud storage enables users to store their files on an online drive, granting them the ability to access their documents from anywhere with an internet connection.More
News   June 06, 2023  

The best password generators on the market

However, there are several reputable password generators available on the market that are highly regarded for their security and functionality.More
News   June 06, 2023  

What is password generator and why do I need it?

A password generator is a powerful tool designed to automatically generate robust and secure passwords, eliminating the need for users to create their own passwords.More
News   June 06, 2023  

North Korean Hackers Execute Massive Crypto Heist, Stealing $721 Million from Japan

In a stunning display of cybercriminal sophistication, North Korean hackers managed to orchestrate one of the largest cryptocurrency heists in history, siphoning off a staggering $721 million from Japan.More
News   June 05, 2023  

How to Use Office365 Backup Securely

Data security is paramount for both individual computer users and all kinds of organizations in today's digital age.More
News   May 24, 2023  

How to Buy USA Instagram Followers : Safety Tips for Newbies

If you are an Instagram influencer or plan to become one in the near future, you probably understand that the competition here is not weak.More
News   May 22, 2023  
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